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Enchanteur Romantic Body Lotion, 500ml, malaysia৳ 950
Enchanteur Perfumed sath smooth Body Lotion 500ml malaysia৳ 950
Enchanteur Perfumed sath smooth Body Lotion 500ml 50/255 malaysia৳ 950
Enchanteur Perfumed sath smooth Body Lotion 500ml- malaysia৳ 950
Lotion Aloe Vera & Olive Butter 500m malaysia৳ 950
Enchanteur Charming Roll-On Deodorant 50 ml - MALAYSIA৳ 320
Enchanteur Charming Body Mist MALAYSIA৳ 999
Enchanteur Perfumed Talc 125 gm Malaysia৳ 275
Enchanteur romantic body lotion 250ml Malaysia৳ 550
Enchanteur Perfumed Body Lotion 500ml Malaysia৳ 640
Enchanteur Roll On Deodorant Charming 50ml (UAE)৳ 299
Enchanteur Talcum powder-125g-Malaysia৳ 409
Enchanteur Charming Body Mist MALAYSIA + Enchanteur Charming Roll-On Deodorant 50 ml - MALAYSIA৳ 550
Enchanteur Romantic Talcom powder-200g-Malaysia৳ 409
enchanteur lotion 250 ml Malaysia৳ 590
Enchanteur enticing body lotion 250ml Malaysia৳ 550
Enchanteur Roll On Deodorant Charming 50ml (UAE)৳ 306
Enchanteur alluring body lotion 250ml Malaysia৳ 550
Enchanteur charming body lotion 250ml Malaysia৳ 550
Enchanteur charming body lotion 500ml Malaysia৳ 950
Enchanteur alluring body lotion 500ml Malaysia৳ 950
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Enchanteur Products Online in Bangladesh


The Enchanteur is a fine and renounced brand in the mass market fragrances category in Malaysia. A wide range of quality and French-inspired fragrance and fragrance enhanced toiletries is for the young, romantic and the very modern woman. The Enchanteur can offer you the finest and best quality of fragrances. You can easily choose what you want from lots of products and variety. If you are very specifically looking and searching for something very specific in scent, body lotion, perfume and perfumed moisturizing cream then Enchanteur is the right choice. The Enchanteur products has the ability can fill an entire heart satisfied very quickly. A very fine and unique blend of moisturizer and special ingredient use to make Enchanteur body lotion, perfume and perfumed moisturizing cream. It is very much enriched with the fine natural ingredients extract which contains different vitamins, that makes your skin feel very smooth, lovely and very soft. They primarily have products like the perfumed hand and body lotion, perfumed shower gel and cream, the roll-on deodorant, the deodorant stick, fine body mist and more. Enchanteur now specially brings to you, the Enchanteur Perfumed Soap 100 gm Romantic.

Now, you must be very excited to buy the Enchanteur cosmetics, body lotion, and perfume. So, if you want to buy or give a gift to someone Enchanteur cosmetics and products and you are searching for the best site to buy cosmetics in online in Bangladesh then you are at the right and specific place. is the best website to buy Enchanteur cosmetics, perfumes and products online in BD at a low price.

The Story of Enchanteur Brand  

Their tale begins over almost 30 years ago, with a fine spark of romance and a very dash of the Parisian elegance. The Enchanteur was designed for the romantic in every modern woman. It allowed her to embrace her fine feminine side, and indulge in the very dizzying joy of a very good romance. A unique romance that would make her very blushes, make her smile and make her heart way a beat. With this excellent dream, they created a wide range of perfumes using the classic French techniques. They infused them with timeless fine floral aromas like fine Bulgarian Roses, Passionfruit blossoms, the White Jasmine, beautiful Lillies, Tuberoses, to name a few and fine ones. Thus, their signature fragrances were born very uniquely. Today, the Enchanteur, the flagship brand of the Wipro-Unza, is available in over more than 50 countries, including India. Step into their world, and explore their perfumes through our fine website They are subtle, yet very refreshing, long-lasting and utterly very feminine. Discover the one that captures your unique essence, and your excellent idea of romance, the best.

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Benefits of Enchanteur Exclusive Soap for Women

As a brand, Enchanteur is excellent and also sophisticated. They are always very innovating. Any time they can create a fine, new product and they raise the bar and make sure that whatever they are creating will fill a gap in the beauty industry. The benefit of Enchanteur exclusive soaps are-

  • The soap has a very soft scent and which leaves you very fresh and vibrant after your bath.
  • It s moisturizes your fine skin leaving it well-nourished and the buttery soft.
  • Cleanses your body by removing impurities rejuvenating you to your perfection.
  • Removes the oil from your fine skin and making your skin smooth and non-greasy.

Enchanteur Exclusive Products for Women in Bangladesh

The Enchanteur now brings to you Enchanteur Perfumed Soap, scent, perfume, lotion and lots more. Get a soft feather touch feel with the enticing fragrance of this very romantic perfumed soap. The Enchanteur introduces a very variety of select skin care products to provide dermatological solutions to your very sensitive skin. The Enchanteur Perfumed Soap enriches your skin with the very richness of these skin-friendly ingredients. Some exclusive Huda Beauty cosmetics are- 

Romantic Perfume: Love is in the air around you. Take a whiff of it as you embrace the very fine fragrance of Romantic. To create this fine perfume, they have combined the delicate fragrance of Bulgarian Rose with the sensual notes of the White Jasmine and the sweet aroma of Violets. The Classic notes from Vanilla infuse a dash of elegance to this chic bouquet and fineness.

Romantic Shower Gel: Soak yourself in the very luxury of the roses with the Enchanteur Romantic Shower Gel. It is enriched with silk proteins. This shower gel is very designed to soften and deeply moisturize your fine skin. So use it with a loofah and it gently exfoliates to your skin, leaving it radiant, lush and very smooth.

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