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EKEN H9R - 4K Wifi Action Camera with Remote - Black৳ 4550
SJCAM SJ4000 AIR 4K 30fps Action Camera Allwinner Chipset 1080P 60FPS WiFi Sport DV 2.0" Mini Helmet Camera Waterproof Sports DV৳ 4600
EKEN H9R 4K Sports Action Camera - Black৳ 5100
EKEN H9R 4K 25fps Wifi Action Camera With 2.4G Wireless Remote Control - Black৳ 3990
YN 50mm f/1.8 Lens for Canon-Black৳ 6500
Eken H9r 4k Wifi Waterproof Sports Action Camera With Remote Latest Version৳ 5550
SJCAM SJ4000 AIR 4K 30fps Action Camera Allwinner Chipset 1080P 60FPS WiFi Sport DV 2.0" Mini Helmet Camera Waterproof Sports DV৳ 3650
Zhiyun Smooth X 2-Axis Extendable Foldable Cell Phone Vlogging Kit৳ 5800
Zhiyun Smooth X Combo Kit with Mini Tripod and Pouch and Gimbal Stabilizer Extendable Foldable Cell Phone Vlogging Kit৳ 6300
EKEN H9R 4K 25fps Wifi Action Camera With 2.4G Wireless Remote Control - Black৳ 3900
EKEN H9 Wfi Action Camera H9R Ultra HD 4K৳ 7000
Eken H9R - 4K Wifi Action Camera with Remote - Black৳ 3900
EKEN H9R Action Camera 4K Wifi Waterproof Sports Camera Full HD 4K 25fps 2.7K 30fps 1080P 60fps 720P 120fps Video Camera 12MP Photo and 170 Wide Angle Lens includes 11 Mountings Kit 2 Batteries Black৳ 4000
EKEN H9R-4K Wifi Action Camera with Remote৳ 4999
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Eken Action Cameras Buy Online | AjkerDeal


Eken is an imaging technologies and services brand. It was established in 2006 and based in Shenzhen, China. They bring imaging technology to the outdoor and sports market with more than 500 associates around the world. Eken specially creates and designs action cameras that inspire people to capture the beauty of life. It also helps to seize the moment and capture every memory.

There is no better camera option for taking pictures. Everyone knows about the popularity of DSLR cameras nowadays. Apart from this, many types of cameras are available in the market including digital cameras, SLR cameras, CCTV cameras, IP cameras, video cameras. However, now a new type of camera called action camera has come into the market. Action cameras are becoming very popular in recent times for many reasons.

All people want to capture the happy, exciting, thrilling, or emotional memories of their lives. In this case, everyone wants to capture these moments in a camera frame or video. But that is not always possible. If one wants to videotape moments like underwater diving, hiking, biking, high heel cycling, sky diving, etc., it is almost impossible to capture using a normal camera or mobile camera. Action Camera is an incomparable gadget for capturing photos or videos of all these special moments.

Action Camera

Action cameras are very different from ordinary cameras. Action cameras are also called sports cameras. Action cameras are designed to attach to a bicycle, helmet, car, surfboard, or any moving object or vehicle. This is because action cameras are used to capture various actions or work videos. Action cameras are much smaller in size than ordinary cameras. Action cameras capable of high resolution even 4K videos are available at a much lower price than other cameras.

Features of Action Camera

The main feature of the action camera is the special ability to make any dynamic movement at high resolution. Although action cameras are actually made specifically for capturing video, they can also be called experts in still shooting. Action cameras are different when it comes to capturing high-resolution video. Due to its compact design, good recording system, waterproof, and some other components, it can be easily taken for photography or video by setting it on a helmet, straps on different parts of the body, on the handlebar of the bicycle or any other convenient place. As a result of the waterproof case, the Action Camera can also be used arbitrarily in Under Water. Having a gyroscope does not damage the image quality due to movement. Due to the wide-angle lens of these cameras, pictures can be taken across a large area.

These cameras are capable of recording video in difficult environmental conditions, even underwater. So whether it's skiing in the icy environment or scuba diving under the water, the scorching heat of the desert, or the moment of conquering the rugged mountains, this thrilling experience can be captured on this camera. These are so durable and strong that even if you fall from a height of 10 feet, it will not do anything and at the same time, this camera is dust-resistant. Not only is it possible to take a dive and swim with an action camera, but it is also free from the hassle of falling into a difficult place and getting damaged or injured.

Advantages of an Action Camera

Small in Size

Action cameras are very small in size and extremely light. So that these cameras can be taken anywhere. Helmets, bicycle front bars, bike front bars, hands, and even selfie sticks can be attached to the video.

Water and Dustproof

All action cameras are usually water and dustproof. As a result, there is no need to take the camera anywhere for fear of water or dirt. Even underwater video can be done very nicely with action cameras. So with action cameras, you can jump into swimming pools, ponds, any water in the sea and make videos.

Short Description of Eken Action Cameras are Given Below -

Eken H9R 4K Action Camera With Remote

The Eken H9R waterproof camera is a very good action camera with a 2-inch LCD display. It can record 4K videos and 20MP photos in a 170-degree wide-angle. The camera can record 4K Ultra HD video shooting and it built-in WiFi 802.11 b/g/n. The camera is very easy to use and easy to carry. A live preview is available while shooting. The camera has a 2-inch TFT LCD. to provide stunning video quality with 1080p at 60 fps also. Sunplus 6350 chipsets and the OV4689 image sensor can be used with this camera. The battery of this camera is 1050mAh, which can record 1080 p 30 for 1.5 hours and 4K 25 or 1080 p 60 for 50 minutes. It has input and output of Micro USB or HDMI.

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