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Casio Edifice Chronograph date Blue belt White Dial Mens Gift Watch EFR-539L7CV৳ 2500
Casio edifice gents wrist watch- replica ৳ 3501
Casio edifice gents wrist watch৳ 3659
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Buy EDIFICE Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh


Watches are the most traditional style accessories for men. It’s also a piece of common jewelry for a man. A smart and stylish watch can be treated as a part of your dress code. So, it’s better to choose wisely. Wearing a matching wristwatch can boost up your personality in a better way. So that analog and digital both can be a perfect choice for you. Also, you can choose either a beautiful leather strap watch or a stainless steel chain for your wrist. Brands like EDIFICE can be your ideal choice to match your personality and needs. So, let’s check about the EDIFICE watch and its price.


You might hear the electronic brand CASIO (Casio Computer Co. Ltd.). Some of you might wonder to hear that EDIFICE is a brand by CASIO. Yes, it is one of the beautiful watch brands created by the Japanese electronic company. 

CASIO company brings EDIFICE for the professionals but not for everyone. Because it comes up with specific and unique features. So that the company wants to capture the professional’s attention with their beautiful watches. 

EDIFICE watches have a lot of variation in its functions and dials to become a timekeeper for the mastermind people. You can get your local time beside the world's time. At the same time, you can set multiple alarms on your EDIFICE watch. 

Watches by EDIFICE

EDIFICE is a beautiful brand by CASIO that manufactures world-class watches for professional people. They bring beautiful watches with the smartest function for the oriented mindset. They manufacture varieties of the watch with the orientation of technology.

EDIFICE watches are different in their style, function, and technology. Also, they manufacture some special limited edition watches for top class people.

  • Smart Watch
  • Analog Watch
  • Limited Edition Watch
  • Standard Chronograph Watch
  • Slim Line with Sapphire Crystal
  • Analog-Digital Combined Watch

EDIFICE Technology

EDIFICE also manufactures watches based on different technology and they are also enriched in technology. Some of their techno watches are-

  • Tough Solar
  • Smart Access
  • Smartphone Link
  • Dual Dial World Time
  • Radio Controlling System
  • Temperature Measurement
  • LED Light Super Illuminator

Where to Buy EDIFICE?

As we mentioned earlier that EDIFICE watches are very much professional watches and not for the very common people. So that you may not find EDIFICE watches on every watch store. So that you have to look at luxury watch shops to get an EDIFICE watch.

However, in that case, online stores like can help to find EDIFICE watches. With a large collection of watches, is a Bangladeshi online store. You can find almost all models and different types of various brands alongside the EDIFICE watch. So that you will face no hassle and buying a watch will be easier for you.

Both Replica and Original watches available on So that you can find a suitable one based on your demand and budget.

How Much Can EDIFICE Watch cost on

You can buy an original watch at a high cost. At the same time, you can get replica products within a lower range. So that EDIFICE is a high-end brand and original watch costs so high with its function and advanced technology.  

However, you can get EDIFICE watches at a different price range. From 500Tk to 5000Tk you can buy an EDIFICE watch from You can buy leather straps or stainless EDIFICE watches. At the same time, you will get variation in dials and coated materials. So that these watches are very much different in quality at the same time different in prices.    

The cheapest EDIFICE watch you can buy is within 500TK to 1000 TK.

You can buy a better copy of EDIFICE within 3000 TK.

Also, within 5000 TK you will be able to buy the finest original replica by EDIFICE.

To prevent the confusion between replica and original, always confirms the replica product by mentioning the word ‘COPY’ on every product’s title. So that you get to know either you are buying a replica watch or original.

All that price may vary based on the merchant/seller’s offer and pricing policy. 

Why You Should Wear EDIFICE Watches?

EDIFICE watches are not for all. It's only for professional minded people who are career-oriented and focus on their professional life. So that EDIFICE watches come with special features and functions to save your time and enforce your professionalism.

However, consider these 5 features to wear EDIFICE watch for your professionalism.  

  1. Dual Dial Duel Time
  2. Advanced Technology
  3. Smart Chronograph Style
  4. Control Smart Accessories
  5. Temperature and Solar Power


Watches are important and common accessories for our daily life. At the same time, your watch can be way handier if you choose the right one with the right features. So that you can save your time with your timekeeper watch. Based on all factors EDIFICE watches are way more professional to use. So that you can maintain your professionalism with the EDIFICE watch. Besides you can get updated technology and access on your EDIFICE watch so that you can focus on your work more swiftly than before. Also, EDIFICE special additional watches will make you unique in your professional sector.