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900 ML Big Tiffin Box৳ 392
Econo DX Teen Ball Pen ( 30 Pens)৳ 145
Econo DX Teen Ball Pen ( 30 Pens)৳ 145
Econo Castle Black & Multi Color Body Pen Combo Offer (40 pcs)৳ 200
Econo Castle Black & Multi Color Body Pen Combo Offer (40 pcs)৳ 190
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Econo Pen Online in Bangladesh

A pen or stylus or pen is mainly a tool used for writing. Ink is applied to paper or ink on a surface. Among the many types of pens are Ballpoint Pens, Fountain Pens, Felt-Tip Pens, Gel Pens, Feather Pens (Quill), Khagar Pens. 

The modern pen

Ballpoint pen - The tip of this pen will be 0.7-1.2 mm Shaped brass, steel, or tungsten carbide, is a small hard ball or sphere that helps ink the pen in the paper or on top of it. The ink used in the ballpoint pen is of a slightly thicker nature and dries without coming in contact with the paper. The price of these reliable pens is also very low. As a result, ballpoint pens have become one of the most popular tools for easy day-to-day writing.

Rollerball or gel pen - This pen also has a ballpoint pen-like ballpoint pen. But the ink in this pen is thinner or less dense than the ballpoint pen ink. This less dense ink can easily absorb paper, and the pen can move much smoother. The gel pen was introduced to combine the benefits of ballpoint pens and the ink of the fountain pen. Gel ink is available in various colors, even in metallic paint and shimmering gel ink.

Fountain pen - This pen is written using a nib with water-based liquid ink. The ink inside the pen comes out through the nib through the capillary circulation process and with the help of gravity. This nib has no moving parts, ink comes out with a smooth crack. When the ink is finished in the inner ink, the ink is again filled with the ink. Many people think Rabindranath Tagore has given the name of the fountain pen's Bengali translation Jharna Kalam.

Felt-tip pens or marker pens - This pen contains a sponge made of fiberglass. The smallest dagger markers are written on the paper with a pen. Medium-sized tip-rich markers are used to draw children. Large dagger markers are used for writing by means of another (such as a cardboard box or whiteboard). Wide dagger markers with bright and transparent ink are used for writing stains. They are also called "highlighters". Ink for markers that are made for children or for writing on whiteboards are usually temporary. Some markers that are used for packaging and writing on the shipment box have ink. 

Ancient pen

Nib Pen - This pen is usually made by placing a metal nib with a wooden handle. The nib is the same as the nib of the fountain pen, but this pen does not have any ink deposits and has to be submerged ink repeatedly at the time of writing. Compared to the fountain pen, the advantage of this pen is that it uses thick ink (such as pigments) and metal ink which can be clipped to the fountain pen or stuck to rust. Nib pens are now used mainly for decoration, calligraphy, and comics.

Ink pen - East Asian scriptwriters traditionally used this type of pen. They are also called brushes or brushes. The main body of the pen was usually made of bamboo. Some rare materials like red sandalwood trees, glass, ivory, gold, silver, etc. were also used in special cases. The top of the pen was made of various types of animals (such as beige, pork, tiger, rooster), fan and hair. At one time in both China and Japan, it was customary to make such a pen with newborn baby hair, which is seen as a memorial for a lifetime. 

Econo is a legendary brand. This ball pen industry became the center of attention. Econo won the hearts of millions because of its great writing experience and affordable prices. The largest online shop provides  Econo pen at a very affordable price because of its high and long-lasting quality.   

Econo Exam Ball Pen:

Econo Exam Ball Pen is a refillable ball pen. It has a soft grip for extra effort. It has a 0.5 mm tip ball for smooth writing. It has a 7.5 mm tip length for better control. The ink color is black. 12 pieces are available in one packet. Buy your favorite ball pen at a very reasonable price from Hurry!!! 


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