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Durex Extra Dots Condom - 10pcs Pack৳ 580
Durex Mutual Climax Condoms - 10Pcs Pack৳ 1280
Durex Extra Ribbed Condoms - 10Pcs Pack৳ 580
Durex pleasure me condom 18 pic৳ 234
255৳ 319
Durex Extra Thin Condoms - 10 Pcs Pack৳ 319
Durex Extra Time Condoms - 10 Pieces৳ 319
Durex Air Ultra Thin Love Sex Condoms 10pcs (Indian)৳ 1285
Durex Air Ultra Thin Love Sex Condoms 10pcs (Indian)৳ 1028
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Durex Condoms-the Best Condoms in Bangladesh!

A condom is a very important accessory for a risk-free & healthy sexual life. It is also a necessary thing for family planning. It keeps a woman free from the risk of unwanted pregnancy; at the same time, it keeps both the man & woman participating in the sexual intercourse, free from any risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, hepatitis B, and HIV/AIDS etc.

As the most effective means for birth control, the condom is popular all over the world since long. Condoms are typically made from latex and sometimes from polyurethane or lamb intestine. Nowadays, a variety of condoms are available all over the world! Now, you will get so many types of condoms in the market-ribbed, dotted, flavored, extra thin, lambskin & many more! These condoms will not only ensure your safety but also add more pleasure & satisfaction to your intercourse.

Durex, world's no.1 condom brand, is the most widely used condom in Bangladesh. Durex condoms are manufactured in a way that not only ensures safe sex, but also add a lot more fun to your love making. Durex produces many types of condoms including ribbed, flavored, extra safe & so on.  Each type of condoms has 2 types of packs-3-pc pack & 12-pc pack.


Durex Flavored Condoms

If a condom is flavored, the love-making becomes fragrant! For exotic sexual experience, use Durex flavored condoms. Its strawberry fragrance must turn your intercourse into a very special one. The flavored condom is a wonderful addition to your love-making. Buy 3-pc pack of Durex flavored condoms online in Bangladesh from

Durex  Extra Safe Condoms

Durex Extra Safe condoms are transparent & natural rubber latex condoms those are slightly thicker with extra lubrication for extra protection. With this special kind of condoms, keep your intercourse 100% safe & healthy. Each pack contains 3 condoms. You can find Durex  Extra Safe Condoms online in Bangladesh on AjkerDeal provides home delivery of condoms all over the country.

If you want to use the best condoms in Bangladesh, try Durex condoms now! A number of varieties of Durex condoms will ensure versatility & maximum satisfaction in your lovemaking. Now Durex condoms are available on a few online shopping websites in Bangladesh; you can buy the authentic  Durex products with home delivery from AjkerDeal provides a good collection of family planning products including the best quality condoms online in Bangladesh.