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DR.MAUCH Mens Shoe by Apex৳ 4990
DR.MAUCH Mens Sandal by Apex৳ 2690
DR-MAUCH Mens Sandal by Apex৳ 2690
DR.MAUCH Mens Toe Post Sandal by Apex৳ 2490
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Dr. Mauch Brand in Bangladesh

Dr. Walter Mauch is a German Professional doctor. He is a specialist in sports medicine, orthopedics, and naturopathy. He worked in various senior roles all across Europe before. Also, Dr. Mauch was the director of the Instituto de Medicina Naturista in Javea, Spain. His concept was to exercise the body through the foot using the reflex footbed. Generally, the human foot bears the entire weight of the body, the same as the foundation of the building. So he inculcated the features thus required in the footwear by his patented invention of total Reflex Zones Bed.

‘Dr. Mauch’ is a specially developed therapeutic footwear brand created by Dr. Mauch himself. The aim of this footwear is to ensure better foot health for both men and women of all ages. Dr. Mauch uses its trademark ‘5 Zones’ technology to stimulate the reflex zones and activate the self-healing & regulatory systems of certain parts of the body by using these shoes.

Apex is currently one of the most sought after shoe brands in Bangladesh. Apex is now one of the most successful brands in the Bangladeshi marketplace. In addition to being successful in marketing boys' shoes in the country's local marketplace, Apex has now been able to maintain its reputation in the country's online marketplace as well. 

The Special Features of Dr. Mauch Footwear

Dr. Mauch shoes have some special features such as flexibility, long counters, positive heel height, and anti-microbial treatment that make them complete a healthy shoe.

Beneficial To The Body

Human feet have nerve endings of all the organs of the body. The elevated Five Zones of Dr. Mauch’s footwear provide soft massage all day. They also stimulate nerve endings in the feet that increase blood and oxygen flow and balance muscle tension, strengthens muscles, correcting foot, and also the body posture. It also acts as a spring absorbing hard surface’s shocks. This shoe helps the feet exercise, corrects foot and body posture, provides relief to the knee, feet, and back, and protects joints and muscles.

About Apex Footwear

Apex Footwear Limited is considered as one of the leading shoemaking brands in Bangladesh. This company started its journey on January 4, 1990. From the inspiration of the leather business, Apex started the shoemaking operation. To fulfill the footwear needs of Bangladeshi consumers, Apex started its retail chain in 1997. Apex has sought to make use of their expertise in shoemaking and gathered through serving major shoe retailers across the world to provide high quality and fashionable footwear to everyone since the beginning of the company.


Apex is highly committed to its customers to achieve the highest level of trust and respect by adding value to the products and enhancing the customer experience by ensuring a central distribution center, world-class environment. Apex ensures that they are always with their customers. Apex follows the motto, “Service with a Smile.”

Some Shoes From Dr. Mauch Are Given Below-

Dr.Mauch Men’s Sandal

The sizes are available -41, 42, 43. It is a mule sandal with a round toe. The sole is made of PU and the upper part is made of leather.

Dr.Mauch Men’s Sandal

The sizes are available -41. Dr. Muach suggested sandal with a 5 Zones special system. It is a slipper type sandal with a round toe. The upper part is made of leather. The sole is made of PU. 

Dr.Mauch Men’s Toe Post Sandal

The sandal has Reflex zone insoles to protect the body. Sizes available - 44. It is a slipper type sandal with a round toe. There is embossed done on the upper part. The sole is made of PU and the upper part is made of leather.


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