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Buy DORCO razors at Cheap Price in Bangladesh


Shaving, trimming, and grooming is regular work for men. So that you need to choose an ideal shaver or trimmer for your perfect shaving. Unless it will make your saving difficult as well as painful. On the other hand, a handy shaver or trimmer can be helpful for you to get perfect shaving on your every shaving. So that you can get a handsome look for any occasion. Besides a suitable shaver can save your time with a quick shave. So that you have to find comfort on various brands available in the market. DORCO is one of them. So, let's know about the DORCO brand and its pricing and availability in Bangladesh.


DORCO is a global shaving company with originality of Korean. Since 1955 they have been pioneering the market. They are the innovator and world firsts for developing various shavers and blades. They developed and innovated curved shaving blades. They are also famous for their six-blade razor and seven-blade razors. With various innovations the is highly recognized as a global shaving company.At present they have business in over 130 countries over the 195 countries in the world.  

DO R CO comes with an interesting meaning for their brand. While the first two letters ‘DO’ refer to their original company Dongyang Light Metal Industries. ‘R’ means razor and ‘Co’ means the company. That’s how they explain DO R CO.

Products by DORCO

DORCO is a world-class brand with very popular shaving razors and blades. They have a very unique product line for various razors and stainless blades. They produce all types of shaving razors, blades for men and women.

For Men

DORCO have unique types of shaving razors and blades especially for men.

  • 1 Blade Razor
  • 2 Blade Razor
  • 3 Blade Razor
  • 4 Blade Razor
  • 5 Blade Razor
  • 6 Blade Razor
  • 7 Blade Razor
  • DORCO Titan Blade  
  • DORCO Prime Blade
  • DORCO Stainless Steel Blade

For Women

Like men, DORCO also have different types of ladies’ shavers.

  • 2 Blade Razor
  • 3 Blade Razor
  • 4 Blade Razor
  • 5 Blade Razor
  • 6 Blade Razor
  • DORCO Foot Care
  • DORCO Bikini Razor
  • DORCO Eyebrow Razor

Where to Buy DORCO

DORCO is a world-class brand and famous for its shavers and accessories. So that you can buy DORCO products anywhere you like. Super shops near you will be suitable to buy DORCO shavers. You can trust this brand for its quality and comfortless.  

Again, you can buy DORCO products from online stores. As it’s an international brand you can easily buy from any trustworthy online sites. is one of the trustworthy and the largest e-commerce sites in Bangladesh. So that you can find almost all of your necessary products from here without any hassle.  

You will get different types of products with price and quality variation. So that you can choose the perfect one for you. Besides you can get various offers and discounts from the site.

Price on is a collection of lots of necessity products. Where you can find your favorite products within a second. You won’t face any hassle to find any of your products. Just use the search button to find your product.

Thousands of merchants/ sellers work with And offer various types of products at various price ranges. So that you can find the best one by choosing for you.

You can use the website of or use the apps from the play store. Then you can buy easily without any hassle. Shopping is very easy now by always offers the best product from the market. So that you can compare the price and buy within your budget. You will find all types of DORCO shaving blades form

DORCO shaving razor’s price starts from 500 TK on Within 800Tk to 1,000Tk you can get 6 blade razors. Also, you can find the combo packages offered by various merchants and sellers.

You can also get a discount from From the versatile price range, you can choose any suitable. Depending on promotional offer and pricing policies this price range varies from merchant to merchant. Similarly, you can get home deliveries from without facing any hassle.


DORCO is a global brand with an international brand reputation. They are very popular for their shaving razors and blade. They are the market innovator and as well as a market leader in the industry. With various types of razor blades and shaving technology, they gained people's trust. At present they are operating their business over 130 countries all over the world. That is quite impossible without their brand value. So that they are leading the industry with premium products and these are effective to the end users like us. Once you use the DORCO blades and razor you will love their products for comfortable use.