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Diploma Full Cream Milk Powder 1000 gm৳ 650
Diploma Full Cream Milk Powder 500 gm৳ 330
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Buy Diploma - Authentic Milk Powder Brand Online in BD

Diploma Instant Full Cream Milk Powder Brand

Diploma is Bangladesh's favorite full cream milk powder brand which is a sweet and dessert specialist, much appreciated by industry professionals. Whatever the occasion in our country, Diploma covers the rich delicious sweets made of enriched milk wonderfully. The milk powder of this brand comes together with vitamins and minerals in the softness of milk and a beautiful creamy texture making it a perfect delicious dessert for any occasion.

Nutrition And Taste of Diploma Powdered Milk

According to various studies, powdered milk can easily replace liquid milk. Because it contains the same type of vitamins and minerals. At the same time any kind of drink and shake can be made very easily by powdered milk. However, there are differences in taste. Diploma milk also has a taste of criminess flavor which is used in making other delicious foods and dairy recipes.

Diploma Instant Full Cream Milk Powder

Many people now choose powdered milk to make any sweet food because its use enhances the taste of the food and adds extra creaminess. As a result, everyone uses powdered milk to make any kind of sweet food. And many Diploma brand's instant full cream milk powder is chosen by many to make great sweet and savory food.

Diploma Milk Brand Is An Essential Food for Children and Adults

Powdered milk of various brands including foreign SMA, Lactogen, Nido, Nan, Aptamil, Dano, Quality, Diploma and Marks are imported. It is a must-have food for children and adults in middle and lower middle class families with a rich creamy taste. And so the good flow characteristics of the diploma product add a different dimension to its demand. Extended physical features with enhanced functional features. It contains safe soy lecithin, vitamin A and vitamin D ingredients.

Diploma Powdered Milk Is Very Useful for Use and Storage

Powdered milk is made from dairy products by evaporating liquid milk. Since liquid milk has a very short shelf life, most people choose powdered milk instead of liquid milk for consumption and drinks. At the same time, many people feel comfortable using powdered milk as it is very useful for use and storage.

Powdered Milk Is More Nutritious Than Liquid Milk! Is That Really So?

Many people prefer to drink powdered milk instead of liquid milk. Because they think powdered milk is more nutritious than liquid milk. Although all the nutrients like liquid milk are also present in powdered milk, there are some problems with powdered milk. Powdered milk contains high cholesterol and sugar. At the same time, due to lack of proper storage, bacteria can be infected. But before using powdered milk, you must buy it based on your needs and wants.

Some More Detailed Information About Powdered Milk Should be Known

Powdered milk contains oxidized cholesterol, yes it is true. Oxidized cholesterol is a waxy substance that sticks to the duct wall. As a result, the blood vessels are damaged. Artificial ingredients like natural liquid milk are used to make powdered milk. Which can lead to various heart diseases.

Is Powdered Milk Healthy?

Many people dislike the taste of powdered milk with natural liquid milk. The simple fact is that powdered milk is by no means more nutritious than liquid milk. Rather harmful in some cases, such as the presence of oxidized cholesterol.

How Is The Diploma Powdered Milk?


No matter which brand of milk is fed, it is often harmful for people of any age. Because powdered milk contains oxidized cholesterol, it damages the blood vessels. Artificial ingredients like natural liquid milk are used to make powdered milk. Which can lead to various heart diseases. Therefore, it is better to avoid powdered milk as much as possible. If you want to eat, you can eat any one of Diploma Dairy Milk Powder. Diploma milk has been and is being widely consumed in this country.

Diploma Powdered Milk Is The Most Affordable Value at

One of the most tempting aspects of using powdered milk is that it is very affordable. Powdered milk can be bought at a much lower price than liquid natural milk or packaged milk. And so with exceptional shaking, dispersion and solubility for fast, easy reconstitution, Diploma Brands will help you create products with a market-beating edge at a very affordable price you will find on our online site.