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Dior ladies magnet watch-blue৳ 200
Dior Ladies Quartz Watch Starry Sky Wrist Watch Female Wristwatch৳ 184
Gorgious Dior magnet Analog Watch For Women Gold৳ 365
magnetic Ladies watch Golden colour.৳ 274
Dior ladies magnet watch-black৳ 200
Dior Ladies Magnet Watch DR04৳ 275
Ledies watch golden Colour.৳ 265
magnetic Ladies watch Black color.৳ 274
DIOR Magnet Chain Ladies Wrist Watch - BLUE৳ 230
Luxurious Dior Elegant Lady Analog Wrist Watch with Magnetic Closure Milanese Magnet Buckle Quartz Chain Watch BD৳ 382
Gorgious Dior high quality magnet Analog Watch For Women Black৳ 275
Dior Metal Ladies Wrist Watch৳ 360
Dior ladies magnet watch-Silver৳ 320
Dior Ladies Magnet Watch DR03৳ 275
Ledies watch purpilish colour.৳ 265
Dior mens wrist watch৳ 340
Dior Magnet Ladies Watch-Purple ৳ 229
Dior Ladies Magnet Watch DR02৳ 275
Gorgious Dior high quality magnet Analog Watch For Women Purple৳ 275
Dior Ladies magnetic watch৳ 239
DIOR Magnet Ladies Watch-Purple ৳ 229
Dior Ladies Magnet Watch DR01৳ 275
Dior Magnet Ladies Watch৳ 248
Dior Magnet Ladies Watch-Blue ৳ 229
Dior Ladies Watch DR08৳ 284
Magnatic Ledies watch Black Colour.৳ 265
Dior Ladies Watch DR06৳ 284
DIOR Magnet Ladies Watch-Blue ৳ 229
Dior Ladies Watch DR05৳ 284
Dior Magnet Ladies Watch৳ 248
Dior Watch For men৳ 370
Dior Elegant Lady Digital Wrist Watch with Magnetic LED Touch৳ 499
Ladies Watch৳ 190
Gorgious Dior high quality magnet Analog Watch For Women Black৳ 500
Smart Ladies Watch৳ 190
DIOR Magnet Ladies Watch-Golden ৳ 229
Dior Analogue Metal Wristwatch for Women (copy)৳ 250
Magnetic Starry Sky Clock Diamond Female Quartz Wrist watch৳ 311
Dior Magnet Ladies Watch - Purple ৳ 199
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Dior Brand Online Shop BD:  Best Quality Watches, Sunglasses

Dior is one of the top luxury brands of the vouge world in the way of expressing fashion style and trend. Dior brand is known as Cristian Dior SE luxury goods company. It’s renowned for its products across the mass retail channel. They also knew for traditional as well as modern designs and retails leather goods, jewelry, fragrance, timepieces, makeup, skincare, footwear and mostly fashion accessories. 

History of Dior

Since 1946, Dior has developed a long-standing reputation as a trendsetter in the world. Their vision is to provide the best fashion glamour through popular products that enhance the lifestyle. It is a French luxury goods industry established in 73 years ago based in Societas Europaea type of company founded by world top fashion designer, Christian Dior. Dior Brand divided into the division of Christian Dior cosmetics, Dior Homme of Men’s accessories, Parfums Christian Dior of perfume & cosmetics line. 

Ajkerdeal is one of the largest online shops in Bangladesh where everyone finds a huge collection of brands product, you will also find the Dior Brand products from website. Let’s check out the prices in Bangladesh of Dior products. 

Dior Products

Dior slowly began to create new products throughout the 1946s in a fashion house. Dior Brand is divided into every category of Women’s fashion, Men’s fashion, Fragrance, Makeups & beauty cosmetics, Skincare cosmetics, Multidimensional Maison collection, Beauty tools, other kid’s fashion, jewelry, footwear and also timepiece accessories.

Dior Branded products categorized in many fashion trends but most of the collection concerned with women’s’ fashion and based on many products of ladies’ fashion and accessories of apparel, makeup cosmetics, jewelry even timepieces. 

Their products are merchandise on the retail store markets as well as online stores throughout the world. For their famous branded products our website also gives you a branded taste according to your sense of choice and taste.  


Dior Products Buy from

Ajkerdeal start of our operations with the manufacturers, traders, suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors of a very wide range of product categories our offerings are highly varied, thus offering our customers the convenience of shopping at once go for all their needs. Dior branded products are famous for their luxurious quality products. You can find it on various product lists. 


Dior Skincare Products

Dior Brand has many categories of fashion styles and a skincare category based on various products of Dior extraordinary regeneration and perfection, Dior brightening and glows, Creams, Lotion,  Cleansers, Purifying Foam, Toners, Serums, Eye & lip care, UV protection, Dior Capture, Dior Youth, One essential, Global age-defying and so many skincare products. 


You will find the best serum of age-defying serum that smoothed, plumed, toned, firmed even-toned your skin health. This capture totally serum gives sell energy and bright your skin. You will find it from Ajkerdeal at a reasonable price. 

Dior Makeup Cosmetics 

Ajkerdeal provides quality and luxurious products for respective customers who have a sense of trends as well as aesthetic beauty. Dior Cosmetics is also famous on our site that gives you various products of Face, eye and lips.


Foundations, Concealers, Essentials & Palettes, Powder, Eyeshades, Essentials & palettes, Eyeliner, Mascara, Lipsticks, glows, Lip Plumper & contour, Brushes & other accessories are listed on Dior makeup category. Dior extraordinary forever foundation is also available on our site which gives the best finishes, texture and unique skin look with glamourous feedback.   


Dior Timepieces

Dior Brand is mostly famous for its timepieces, several types of categorized and designed watches are available in our Ajkerdeal website for fashionable ladies.

Dior watches are constructed on the various unique theme and inspired cultural things that create the best timepieces, especially for women. Dior watches have various designs, colour combinations and must be rich materials that absolutely make exquisite timepieces. 


You can also hold an incomparable fashion style from our site and buy a watch that stands with a person’s personalities and creates a feminine appearance. So, let’s check out our site for the details and price range of Dior Watches. 


Dior Sunglasses

Dior brand sunglasses be formed a multitude of reflected modernism and sophistication through the men’s sunglasses and draw the gaze and admiration through the creativity of women’s sunglasses collection. website offers a quality based Dior brand Sunglasses at a suitable price range for our customers. You will find Dior men sunglasses of aviator shape with an ultra-flat metal frame to create an elegant fashion look in the face.        


Dior Ladies sunglasses come with various design and shape among all type piolet shape with flat gold metal frame sunglasses gives you a vintage look to the eyewear style with prescribed lens and UV protection.  


Dior Fragrances

Dior fragrances are based on Perfumes Christian Dior division where will found every fragrance and perfume for both men and women. Sauvage, Dior Homme, Eau Sauvage, Higher, Jules, Dune pour Homme etc famous for men’s fragrances. 

There has famous J’adore, Miss Dior, Joy by Dior, Poison, Dior addict, Dune, Dolce Vita for women. Ajkerdeal offers the famous Dior Addict fragrances for a female that creates the addiction and gives the sensational fragrances around the people. 


Dior Ladies Hand Bags

Dior Brand has popularity on the collection of lady’s handbags with diverse designs, colors, exotic leather, canvas, denim, embroidered, materials and styles. 

They have various types of belt bags, pouches, exotic bags, backpacks, flap bags, handbags, wallet type, shoulder strap, and many other types. We also offer our customer Dior branded party handbags with various colors and styles at a reasonable price range.