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  • ৳ 990 - 1992
  • ৳ 1992 - 2994
  • ৳ 2994 - 3996
  • ৳ 3996 - 4998
  • ৳ 4998 - 6000
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Digital X X-F981BT 2:1 Bluetooth Black Speaker System৳ 4900
Digital-X778 Sound System৳ 3900
Multimedia Speaker with Bluetooth৳ 990
Digital X-S8 Sound Bar৳ 5300
DigitalX X-L248DBT Speaker - Black৳ 3890
DigitalX X-L276DBT Speaker - Black৳ 4700
DigitalX XS6 Bluetooth Single Soundbar Black (24w)৳ 3000
DigitalX XS8 Single Bluetooth Soundbar৳ 3700
Digital X-S8 Rectangular Single TV Sound Bar৳ 6000
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Buy Original Digital X Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

Digital X Bangladesh is one of the most revolutionary versions of the modern audio industry, giving you the best audio experience since the 5th. The brand is solely committed to the research and development, innovation, production, and perfect synthesis of advanced digital audio technology.

With the richest technology behind the home and perfectly integrated in China, Digital X proudly presents the first Bangladeshi brand to deliver world-class sound quality with its first credited products and impeccable audio solutions. We have more than 100 models in different categories; Wired speakers, Bluetooth speakers, soundbars, wired or Bluetooth headsets, microSD card slots and FM connections that meet everyone's needs in the user's home or workplace or even at work or even in the workplace and provide a great music experience and choices.

The cutting edge design makes all the models more spectacular, fit any space, any room. You can get a sleek or matte black design or a wooden body sound speaker, keep speakers low in profile and pump out loud sound.

Digital X is one of the most successful audio system brands in Bangladesh with the lowest cost available right now on the market.

Enjoy the music story

When it comes to the dedicated audio experience, Digital X is a name that has made a difference in the entire industry and in Bangladesh. Multimedia Sound Speaker Systems and Sound Bars You need to have the right professional music experience to make the right decision about what is definitely needed. With each speaker and sound bar you will find satellite speakers, wafers and other sound tailoring features to provide maximum comfort.

DigitalX Sound Speaker 2.0; X-F259BT

2.2 Sound system

The DigitalX X-F259BT, 2.1 sound system has 2 high-resolution satellite speakers made with powerful speakers for loud and amplified sound quality and 1 powerful wafer for authentic and accurate sound. It gives you the performance to enjoy a more realistic and more immersive sound.

DigitalX X-L7738

The L7738BT portable ultra-compact speaker is amazingly powerful, enhancing your audio experience with room-filling sound. The Digital X L7738BT is made with the best technology to give you the best sound system. Bluetooth technology provides easy control around the home. It connects to any mobile device, laptop, PC or any other sound system. Carry your portable speaker as a suitcase anywhere. Integrated with any device, the unique design fits any size space, comes with built-in features including Digital XL7738BT USB / SD card support, FM streaming and remote control.

DigitalX V8

DigitalX V8 2.0 BT Loud Bass and Quality Sound Professional Speaker A 2.0 higher-performing speaker for enhanced sound quality. The 240W amplifier power output brings powerful and surprising sound systems around the house. With the built-in sub-wafer 2, there is practically no need for an external wafer. Two integrated tweeters provide the best sound frequency with a deep trench. Compatible with any sound system and easily connectable, the DigitalX V8 2.0 BT Loud Bus and Quality Sound Professional Speaker designed with Bluetooth technology for easy streaming from any device and lets you enjoy wireless music around the house. The impressive design fits with the decor and set up for free in any size space. The shape of the exterior wood gives your home a great look.

DigitalX X-S1

The Digital XX-S1 Multimedia Sound Bar Speaker is the latest hot product to be marketed by Digital X with Bluetooth and has many great features for your TV's never-before-heard sound system. This round soundbar fits perfectly with your TV, providing room to fill the room without taking up too much space from your living room. Digital XX-S1 Multimedia Sound Bar is a beautiful soundbar that is easy and great for your TV audio without all the cables and noise and

  • Wonderful design
  • Compatible with any TV
  • Wire and wireless connection.
  • Upgraded sound technology
  • 3D sound effects

Digitallax Alpha X1 Wireless Headphones


The Digitallax Alpha X1 headphones make wireless music easy. Simply connect the speaker to your Bluetooth and listen to anything on your playlist. Enjoy wireless freedom with DigitalX Alpha X1 headphones.

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