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DEXE Black Hair Shampoo -25ml UK৳ 230
DEXE Hair Shampoo Anti-Hair Loss-200ml China৳ 420
dexe Hair Color Shampoo - 10 PCS UK৳ 248
Dexe Hair Shampo Anti Hair Loss / sc 200ml Japan ৳ 2000
Subaru Black Hair Shampoo 400ml UK৳ 1200
DEXE Hair Color Shampoo - 10 PCS UK৳ 248
Dexe Black Hair Shampoo -10pcs 25ml India৳ 252
Dexe Instant Hair Dye Black Hair Coloring Shampo / sc 10 ??? 25 ml India ৳ 410
DEXE Hair Color Shampoo - 10 PCS UK৳ 275
DEXE BLACK Hair Shampoo-25ml*10-China ৳ 365
DEXE Hair Color Shampoo - 10 PCS UK৳ 275
Dexe Black Hair Shampoo Net Wg- 25ml*10৳ 455
Dexe Black Hair Shampoo(1 box-10 pis)-25ml-UK৳ 455
Dexe Black Hair Shampoo 25 ML - Indian ৳ 320
Dexe Black Hair Shampoo৳ 240
Dexe Hair Building Fibers৳ 1499
Dexe Black Hair Shampoo-25ml-UK৳ 320
DEXE Hair Building Fiber৳ 1900
Dexe Hair Building Fibers৳ 899
Dexe ??????? ????? ????? ????????৳ 500
Dexe Black Hair Shampoo (75ML)৳ 550
Dexe Black hair shampoo- UK৳ 783
Dexe black hair color shampoo ৳ 580
Dexe Black Hair Shampoo (India)৳ 600
Dexe black hair color shampoo 25ml x 10 - UK৳ 580
Dexe Black Hair Shampoo৳ 599
Dexe Hair Lotion Anti Hair Loss UK৳ 1299
Dexe black hair color shampoo ৳ 634
Dexe black hair color shampoo 25ml x 10 - UK৳ 510
Dexe Black Hair Shampoo৳ 299
Dexe 10 Pcs Black Hair Shampoo for Men - 25ml*10-China৳ 297
Dexe Black Hair Shampoo India ৳ 299
Dexe Black hair shampoo- UK৳ 320
Dexe Black Hair Shampoo 10 Sachets৳ 600
Dexe Black Hair Shampoo৳ 623
Dexe Black Hair Color Shampoo৳ 665
DEXE Black Hair Shampoo 10pcs box - Dubai ৳ 288
DEXE C1 Hair Fall Control Shampoo-200ml-Uk৳ 1090
10Pcs Dexe Instant Hair Dye Black Hair Coloring Shampoo / sc৳ 333
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Dexe Hair & Beauty Cosmeceutical Care Brand Online in Bangladesh  

Dexe Brand's Group Is Committed to Achieving Their Goals

The Dexe brand's concern is not only to satisfy customer requests but also to observe their reflection in detail. So, the Dexe Group has always been able to expand its services to the point of creating their graphic line, strategically participating in marketing activities that will bring the brand's product to the end customer name, brand and packaging standards.

Dexe Brings Hair Care & Problem Solving Brand Products to The Market

New Sensation Hair Care Products in the Cosmetics Market. These products are growing day by day and are becoming a global certified trend. Naturally consumers are leaning towards natural and organic products. 

Natural and organic hair care is proven to be quite effective for various problems like baldness, hair loss and dandruff. So Dexe branded products are providing their products in the international market with the solution of this problem.

Dexe Brand's Group Is Committed to Making Products Marketable

In addition to gaining Dexe brands experience, the design team is able to provide advice from plans for supervision at each implementation stage by good quality in the case of this highest product. Their included brands, images and packaging must be able to identify any company's products without hesitation. 

For this reason the Dexe brand and in order to enable proper and convincing final communication of customer characteristics, product and reference goals for each project, the realities of the market and trends are taken into consideration.

Which Brands Are Included in Dexe Group?

The DEXE Group of Companies includes a number of brands with the base on business units. The main products in DEXE brand are Hair Building Fibers, Hair color tong, Hair color rub products in Beauty Gaga brand, Super Billion Hair brand, Hair Factory brand, Awash Black brand, Subaru Hair Color brands. Hair specialists and beauticians are also emphasizing on the use of these hair products as there are no artificial chemical products in such products.

Dexe Hair Care Brand Products

Dexe hair & beauty cosmeceutical brand products that are available for customers. Mainly hair care products such as hair thicken products, Hair Building Fiber, Black Hair Shampoo, Hair Color Shampoo, Hair Color Cream, Root Cover Up, Anti-hair Loss Series, Hair Color Chalk (color rub), Argan Oil Series Products, Hair thickening shampoo, Hair Color Spray, Chocolate series products, Lip Care Balm and Face Mask.

Dexe Hair Products for Boys Awareness in Hair Care

Young people are now more interested in eco-friendly, soft and vegan products. This change in their attitude is a big reason for the increase in demand for hair care in the market. Hair care can increase the market's awareness of boys. Hair care products on the market include shampoo, conditioner, hair color, hair vitamins, coconut oil, organ oil, serum and more.

DEXE Black Hair Shampoo 25ML U.K.

No more hassle of combing mature hair! If you use only one shampoo, your white, mature hair will be normal black and dandruff free for 25-30 days. The products of this brand come with 100% guarantee for both boys and girls. There are no side effects to using black hair shampoo. No scars or marks on the skin of the hands / head. Completely halal and herbal products remove dandruff and strengthen the hair follicles. Quantity about : 25ml Made in U.K.

Dexa Brand Is An Essential for Professional Hair

Dexe is a brand with a wide collection of salon products including research and development, design, production, OEM and sales. These brands typically aim for these benefits such as preventing hair loss, being quite effective in resolving baldness, helping to increase hair volume, eliminating dandruff, providing vitamins to hair and scalp, preserving hair freshness, preventing scalp inflammation; Increases hair shine, removes dryness and brittleness of hair, helps to keep hair moisturized.

DEXE Hair Building Fibers 

In the far north-east of Britain, for the sake of courage, truth and justice, there is a professional hair and beauty cosmetic supplier called Lion-headed Dex Group in Union Jack colors as their logo. This brand offers a unique instant hair enhancement where you can get back your previous hairstyle by spraying with hair building fibers. This Hair Building Fibers about 10g which is cotton fibers type hair locking spray function will work as an Instant Hair Thickener.

Shop For Dexe Black Mask From

In addition to Permanent Hair Color Cream, Anti-Hair Loss Series, Hair Style Series, No-Lye Hair Relaxer, Whitening Fair Cream, Silk Facial Mask, the brand has 5 more beauty series including Fragrance Secret Series, Pin-UP Garden Girl Series, Functional series, argan oil series, hair make up series which are gaining popularity in the market! And if you want, you can browse online site and get interesting products of this DEXE brand at your convenience.