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Buy Original DAYUN Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

If we want to talk about the rising motorcycle market in Bangladesh then we must talk about the rising motorcycle brands also. Along with trusted motorcycle brands like Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Bajaj, etc we must put in the Chinese motorcycle manufacturers who are getting popular for their products. Among those rising manufacturers, DAYUN is included. This motorcycle manufacturing company from china offers 100-125 cc commuter bikes for our country and their prices are also reasonable according to their features. So let’s check out the up to date prices of those bikes and the some of their important features as well.


With simple design and graphics, this motorcycle is built with a 95cc engine which can produce good power and torque. As 100cc bike this bike can offer 80 KM/H top speed and pleasant mileage as well.

Alloy rims, long seats, good braking and suspension all are there for a comfortable ride. The recent price of this bike is TK 84900.

DAYUN Sprout

This bike is also a 100cc creation of DAYUN and a little bit stylish than the DY100. Features and color combinations are also updated on this bike. Single Cylinder, Air Cooled, 4-Stroke Engine, larger size fuel tank, wide tire, 80 KM/H top speed, 60 KM/L mileage these are the other attractive features of this 100 cc bike. This small size bike can take up to 150 KG max load onto it which is good indeed. The current price of this bike is TK 92900.

DAYUN Plight 110

As 110 cc commuter, this bike is built with very standard design and features by DAYUN. 108cc Single Cylinder, Air Cooled, 4-Stroke Engine is placed at this bike and that can produce 4.9 KW max power and good torque as well. This bike can give approx 90 KM/H top speed and approx 60 KM/L mileage as the engine performance output. For better comfort, this bike has telescopic and twin-shock suspensions and good braking for safety. The latest price of this bike is TK 95900.

DAYUN Deviser

Deviser motorbike is powered with 121 cc Single Cylinder, Air Cooled, 4-Stroke Engine which can create 10 KW max power and the torque ratio is better as well. For this kind of power and torque, this bike can give 100+ KM/H speed and approx 60 KM/L mileage. Without that this bike contains stylish design and good color combinations for improved outlooks. This bike contains the combination of Disc and Drum brakes and better quality suspensions. Up to date price of this bike is TK 98900.

DAYUN Roebuck

This is the last available product of DAYUN at the local market and as 125cc commuter, this bike is well created. Overall performance and the configurations are almost the same as Deviser motorbike but the outlooks are different. This motorbike is built with more aggressive looks and stylish design. Tires are wider than before and the overall graphics are changed as well. Few updated features are also added to this bike and for this reason, this bike contains a little bit higher price tag. The latest price of this bike is TK 114900.


At present, I am using Dayun Sprout 100cc. I like it so much. The bike is a very important vehicle for me for developing my business. But I couldn't buy one. And now when I realize that a bike can help me with business purposes and can improve my business at twice speed so I bought Dayun Sprout 100cc. This is my first bike. I have been using this bike for almost 5 months and I have experienced some good and bad sides to this bike. Today I am going to share my riding experiences with you.

The design is very beautiful and the engine is also supportive and doesn't heat up early. I like the design so much and almost everyone likes this bike as the bike is so modern. I think the build quality is hard enough. Besides the sitting position is comfortable and even on long ride I don't feel back pain. The sitting position and the handlebar is well combined and that's why I don't face any problems. 

I am satisfied with the mileage of the bike. The bike is providing good mileage. At present, I am getting 65 KMPL. I enjoy the bike so much and at the long ride, I don't take any stretch. The best part of the bike is an awesome outlook and provides me an enjoyable ride. The behave of the servicing center is good enough. 

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