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Davidoff Expresso 57 Coffee 100 gm৳ 473
Davidoff Expresso 57 Coffee 100 gm:Switzerland৳ 482
Davidoff Coll Water Wave Perfume For Men - 6ml (French)৳ 249
David Off Cool Water Deodorant 150 ml for Men৳ 1550
Davidoff Cool Water EDT 100 ml for Women৳ 2500
Davidoff Zino 125 ml EDT for Men৳ 2050
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DAVIDOFF Brand Products Online Shop In Bangladesh - Buy at Cheap Price 

Generally, people are just looking for something about high-standard internationally recognized personal care and consumer goods products that covered with such allurements. Every person is picking out one pleasant scent of personal care products from various brands to manifest the impression around it.  

Ajkerdeal is one of the largest online shops in Bangladesh where everyone finds an extensive collection of brands product, you will also find the great smell of fragrances brand of DAVIDOFF Brand products from website. Let’s check out the prices in Bangladesh of DAVIDOFF products.


Generally, the DAVIDOFF Group is the private manufacturing product design industry of a swiss-based family business. The DAVIDOFF Brand established 40 years ago as the Zino Davidoff Group which founded by Zino Davidoff in Switzerland.    

Since 1980, DAVIDOFF Brand thrive the natural elegance, style, authenticity, and good living throughout the appreciation of fine quality products. They have manufactured the huge category products of exclusive watches, writing instruments and leather goods, prestige fragrances, bracelets, eyewear, cognac, and café.   

DAVIDOFF Brand based on the target of providing ultimate quality and reliability in products with the notions of perfections. DAVIDOFF Group spins out with diversified luxury segmented products business. And Davidoff’s brand is licensed for the fragrance business to the French-American Company of Coty Inc. 

"Passion for excellence, pleasure in life."

Since the launch of Davidoff’s brand fragrances with the motto of excellence of life in 1984, it is now becoming the most iconic fragrances brand with a unique sense of quality and standing with the most successful fragrances ever.  

Products of DAVIDOFF Brand in Bangladesh

DAVIDOFF Brand is based on the representation of style, finest quality, and value of a positive lifestyle with international originality. Their products including DAVIDOFF fragrances, Fashion accessories wear, watches, cufflinks, eyewear, wallets are also found over worldwide. DAVIDOFF Brand Products listed below-

  • DAVIDOFF Watches, Writing Instruments in Rollerball & Ball Point Pen, Leather in wallet & Cardholder, Cufflinks & Bracelets in the Essentials, Zino, Paris, Venice, Crossroads.  
  • Eyewear in modern, get the look, favorite, sunglasses, optical frame, perfect styling, summer, statement piece, Urban coolness & Twist also collection with the Essentials, Zino, Paris, Venice, Crossroads.  
  • DAVIDOFF  Fragrances Collection based on the blend of wood, agar, amber & leather. 
  • Fragrances For men & women category in Cool Water, Cool Water Intense, Cool water Wave, & Run wild.
  • DAVIDOFF Coffe types products with the capsules, Instant, Roasted ground, Whole Beans, Cafe cream, Aroma in Fine & Rich, Esspresso 57 

Our AjkerDeal sites also creating a thought to accept lifestyle luxurious branded products to the customers who are eagerly accepted or what to become in the future iconic figure and providing exclusive products. 

DAVIDOFF Branded Fragrances Products Buy From in BD

Ajkerdeal started functioning with the manufacturers, traders, suppliers, wholesalers and distributors of a very wide variety of product categories, our offerings are highly varied, thus offering our customers the convenience of shopping at once go for all their needs. 

DAVIDOFF Essential Watch

DAVIDOFF Brand maintain valued simplicity throughout the products and produced useable lifestyle products. And Essential watch makes the understated style and unpretentious design. It also based on a simple and classy style quality. 


DAVIDOFF Cool Water Perfume For Women

AjkerDeal provides the DAVIDOFF Cool water perfume for both men & women. DAVIDOFF Cool Water Perfume scent is very calm and refreshing to remind us of the woody and mostly cool seawater sense. This perfume is preferred for women and consists of aquatic cool notes. 

You will find this UAE imported DAVIDOFF Cool water Perfume in 110 ml size at a suitable price range. 

DAVIDOFF Cool Water Perfume For Men

DAVIDOFF Cool Water fragrances launched in 1988 by the renowned male classic fragrances. It also included the DAVIDOFF Cool Water Woman, DAVIDOFF Cool Water Woman Sensual Essence, DAVIDOFF Hot Water, DAVIDOFF Adventure, DAVIDOFF Champion, DAVIDOFF The Game and DAVIDOFF Horizon.

Our site provides France made DAVIDOFF Cool water male perfumes with 125ml size.  It can be used as a natural spray and also gives a modern, fresh, unique long-lasting fragrance.


DAVIDOFF Leather Blend Perfume

DAVIDOFF Leather Blend Perfume is the most unique product of DAVIDOFF fragrances. These perfumes designed by the best perfumer of Christophe Raynaud. Leather Blend perfume is launched in 2014 and comes with a luxurious container of glass flacon with the cords of rose & amber,

Our site offers this leather blend Davidoff perfume at an acceptable price. It gives the sensual and seductive touch. It also considers as Virile notes of a fragrance that brings the masculine dimensions.

DAVIDOFF Cool Water Wave Perfume For Men      

Designer DAVIDOFF fragrance has 91 perfumes base with so many collaboration perfumes. There are such names of DAVIDOFF fragrances name that made in collaboration with perfumers Antoine Lie, Aurelien Guichard, Nathalie Lorson, Philippe Bousseton, Beatrice Piquet, Pierre Wargnye, Annick Menardo, Christophe Raynaud, Jean Jacques, Benoist Lapouza, Francis Kurkdjian, Alain Astori, Francoise Caron, Calice Becker, Michel Almairac, Alienor Massenet, Olivier Pescheux, Alexandra Carlin, Bernard Ellena, Lucas Sieuzac and Nathalie Feisthauer and so many more. 

We offer the French made of DAVIDOFF Cool water wave Perfume but it packaging in Bangladeshi. This perfume found in alcohol-free, 6ml mini pack size for men at a suitable price. 

DAVIDOFF Hot Water Eau De Toilette For Men 

Everything has two faces that are opposite from one another. So, DAVIDOFF Cool & Hot Water Eau De Toilette makes these types of thoughts. In the Davidoff fragrance, Hot Water perfume comes with a fresh spicy aroma included with vegetal top notes of wormwood and basil. 

If you are looking for warm and dark of masculine scent perfume then visit our site and get the original Dubai imported, 110ml sizes of DAVIDOFF Hot Water Eau De Toilette with convenient purchase.