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Arla Foods is a Scandinavian international cooperative institution. The headquarters is established at Viby, Denmark, in 1880. And the largest dairy farm is situated in Scandinavia. Now Dano products are available in Bangladesh also.

History of Arla Dano

On 17 April 2000, Arla Foods was established from the merging of the companies, Danish dairy farm MD Foods and  Swedish dairy farm named Arla. The name Arla derives from the same English word and the Swedish word “Early”.

Arla’s Goals towards Better Future

More Attachments with Nature

Arla has proposed to grow up more attachments with Mother Nature in order to protect it.

Fresh and Pure Water and Air

They estimated to keep the air as well as water to be fresh and pure. It is one of the most challenging projects of all.

Targets of Arla

Climate ambition of Arla has been outlined by the research reports from the university as well as NGO’s of the UK, Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. They aimed to decrease the carbon emission minimum of 2°C. Arla has a collaboration with the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), World Resources Institute (WRI), CDP, and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Measuring Co2 in Arla Farms

At the farm level, the internationally recognized methodology for carbon footprint calculations is followed by Arla company. This method is developed by the International dairy Federation. Also, they have developed a ‘Farm Carbon Assessment Tool’ and it's been used over 5000 times on Arla farms to get the assessment of Carbon emission.

Current Activities of Arla

Of all the dairy farms, Arla has been ranked 4th largest dairy farm in the world with relevance to milk volume. Approximately 12,500 farmers from Scandinavia and Western Europe owned the cooperative at the beginning of 2016.

Arla Foods is the parent of three brands named Castello Arla and Lurpak cheese. These cheeses are sold worldwide. The brand Arla is a brand across all product categories and also co-operative brand at a time. The Castello cheese brand produces blue and yellow cheese. The Danish Dairy Board owns the Lurpak brand of spread and butter.

About Arla Foods Ingredients

‘Arla Foods Ingredients’ is an independent subsidiary division, which was formed in 2011. The headquarters is established in Denmark. This company now manufactures and produces bioactive phospholipids, permeate, primarily functional and nutritional milk proteins, milk-based ingredients, etc for the food making organizations.

In March 2011, to produce whey proteins for the food industry, DMK and Arla Foods formed a joint venture company named ArNoCo GmbH and Co. Arla Foods has invested an estimated 50 million in a cheese production site in Bahrain In October 2019. Arla has taken a target to increase the annual production in Bahrain to more than 100,000 tons under its Dano, Kraft, Puck, Arla, and other private brands by 2025.

The Aim of Arla

The quality assurance program for Arla is called ‘Arla Farm’. This is an important part of Arla Foods’ strategy. The requirements for milk production on farms that supply milk has been specified by Arla carefully so that the quality of milk can be good as well as pure in quality. The aim of ensuring the high quality of the products is to provide healthy food for the customers of Arla.

Some Popular Products from Arla Foods in Bangladesh

  • Arla Dano (Dano Fit),
  • Arla Dano (Dano Powder),
  • Arla Dano (Dano Captain),
  • Arla Dano (Daily Pushti),
  • Arla Dano (Dano Mom),
  • Arla Dano (Sterilized Cream).

Arla Dano (Dano Fit)

DANO FIT is a re-formation of fresh milk to powder. It extracts most of the fat from milk to make the fat content ultra-low.


Arla Dano (Dano Powder)

Dano Powder is one of the healthy drinks for people of all ages. It is a full cream milk powder that includes all-natural sources of milk and it is a natural strength for the whole family.


Arla Dano (Dano Captain)

Dano Captain is powdered chocolate milk that should be mix with milk and sugar before eating. It can also be eaten with hot milk or cold milk.


Arla Dano (Daily Pushti)

Dano Daily Pushti is a good and healthy nutritious solution for a family. It is produced from high-quality milk ingredients. Dano Daily Pushti contains Protein, Calcium, and important Vitamins as well as minerals that are necessary for a family’s day-to-day nutrition. It can also be used to produce coffee, tea & other milk-based foods.


Arla Dano (Dano Mom)

Dano Mom is a kind of milk-based nutritional supplement. It contains minerals and essential vitamins for those women who want to be a mother, who is already pregnant and also for them who breastfeed their babies. It is prescribed to drink twice a day to the mom’s to fulfill the requirements of their daily need. The ingredients of Dano Mom are 70% Zinc, 94% Calcium, Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Iron, and other necessary nutrients. This drink meets the international and government standards of nutritional and hygiene quality so that it can provide the required nutrients for the mom and baby both.


Arla Dano (Sterilized Cream)

Dano Sterilized cream is imported from Europe. It is a

Sterilized Cream that enriches the flavor of any dish. It’s smooth and creamy texture helps to make delicious dishes. Moreover, it never curdles, so it is suitable for any kind of recipe. It is also helpful to make a cake’s creams or toppings of any creamy food. 


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