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Danish Condensed Milk, Food & Groceries Products In Bangladesh 

There is a lot of private company limiteds brand exists all over the world, but the name of Danish Condensed Milk (BD) Ltd, Danish Foods Limited, Danish Milk Bangladesh Limited the brand is quite popular around every corner of our country people who actually know the products of them and accepted on their quality products.

Danish Milk Bangladesh Limited & Danish Foods Limited are differing from each other by the provides of foods, groceries and beverages accessories. Danish Condensed Milk Bd. Ltd. is the most rewarding unit of Partex Group of the company was established in 1962 in Bangladesh, it is a private-industry owned by eminent industrialist Mr. MA Hashem. 

Danish is Food Division Company Of PSG

“Living a legacy, Presenting a new face forward.”

Partex Star Group (PSG) is one of the largest Bangladeshi Private sectors with diversified enterprises by the founder and chairman of Partex Group, Mr. M.A Hashem. This company comprises of two different areas in consumer durables like different types of boards of a particle, veneer, melamine faced chipboard, plywood, PVC sheet, doors and door frames & furniture and other to FMCG like dairy products, cookies, spices, etc.

PSG Private industry operates twenty manufacturing, service and trading concerns to deliver the best values to customers through its products and services. Their Mission is to deliver customer-centric quality products and services through continuous innovation and efficiency. Now, this company conglomerate runs its business with different brands in food and beverages, steel, real estate, furniture, agribusiness, plastics, and etc. sectors. 

PARTEX Group of company based with some companies of Partex Cables Limited, Star Particle Board Mills Limited, Partex Furniture, Partex Builders Limited, Star Gypsum Board Mills Limited, Partex Laminates Limited, Partex Impregnation Limited, Partex PVC Industries Limited, Partex Agro Limited, Partex Limited, Partex Housing Limited, Danish Condensed Milk (BD) Ltd, Danish Foods Limited, Danish Distribution Network Limited, Danish Milk Bangladesh Limited.

So, here we know that Danish is the Food Division Company and a major part of the Partex Star Group of the company. Danish Company started with the vision of “To be the country’s most preferred manufacturer of packaged foods and beverages providing tastier, healthier and lifestyle products for all stages and ages.” 

Products of Danish Condensed Milk, Food & Grocery in Bangladesh

  • Danish Condensed Milk
  • Aryan Soar & Sweet Yogurt, Aryan Pasteurized Milk
  • Danish Full Cream & Greenland Full Cream Milk Powder 
  • Danish Malted Barley Drink in Ovaltine Malted & Chocolate Milk 
  • Danish Biscuits in Florida Orange Biscuits in a tin, 320gm & 240gm, Danish Lexus Tin & 65gm of Lexus Biscuits,
  • Danish Kheer Cookies, Malai Coolies, Dry Cake, Max Milk, Milk Marie, Sweat, Special & Lemon Toast   
  • Danish Doreo Cream, Roll Cream & Stripe Cream Biscuits
  • Nutri Rich Diabetics & 70gm Biscuits, Top Nut, Magic Cream, Energy, Glucose, Pineapple Cream
  • Danish Candy Flavour In Milk, Green Mango, Litchi, Orange, Pineapple, Rich Milky Caramel, Teutul, 2 Fun Centre Full Masala Mango & Tamarind Candy and Lollipop
  • Danish Hot Chanachur
  • Edible Mustard Oil, Premium Ghee
  • Danish Herbs in Basil Seeds & Sat Isabgol
  • Instant Powder Drink in Garden Fresh Of Lemon, Mango, Orange & Mixed Fruits. Garden Fresh Fruit Drink in Lemon, Mango, Litchi & Mixed Fruits
  • 2 Fun Instant Noodles flavor in Masala & Chicken
  • Laccha Semai & Vermicelli
  • Snacks Products in Fried Peas, Puffed Rice & Jhal Muri
  • Danish Spice products in Chilli, Turmeric, Coriander, Cumin Powder and Masala in Beef Curry & Chicken Curry   
  • Danish Tea Products consists of Any time, Classic, Shimla, Diamond Leaf & Tea Bag, PD, Bop, Dust,  
  • Wafer Products 2Fun In Milk, Banana, Doreo & Strawberry flavors.        


Danish Milk Bangladesh’s limited Company is leading and possessed in the standard market and focusing on excellence in execution. Our AjkerDeal sites also accept excellence branded products to the customers who are eagerly accepted or that will be figured into productive products. 

Buy Danish Condensed Milk, Food & Groceries Products From 


In Bangladesh, Ajkerdeal is one of the leading e-commerce online sites where you will find every category of Global as usual Local brands like  Danish Condensed Milk & Food Groceries products. Let’s take a look at the website for available product details and prices in Bangladesh.


Danish Condensed Milk 397gm Cans

Danish Condensed Milk is one of the first products in the Condensed Milk Industry, it started during the year 1991 in Bangladesh and possessing the leading position in the local market. And most of the Tea lovers looking for famous condensed milk of Danish Brand. 

This Danish Condensed milk is sweetened and scientifically processed under hygienic conditions of using skimmed milk powder, refined sugar, and edible vegetable fat. If you want 397gm Can of Sweetened Condensed milk then visit our site and find it a suitable price range. 

Danish Kheer Cookies 250gm 

Danish Kheer Cookies is the product of Danish Condensed milk Bd Limited Brand. This cookie is flavored with the rice Kheer and pudding type texture of baked cookies. 


Danish Nutri Rich Diabetics Biscuits

There have many Danish Biscuits are available in the market or a grocery shop. Our AjkerDeal site also provides the available of Danish Biscuits in  Danish Kheer Cookies, Malai Cookies, Dry Cake, Max Milk cookie, Milk Marie Biscuits. 

Danish Nutri Rich Diabetics Biscuits is specially offering the diabetics patients who have some restricted to take the sweetened foods items or simply like bite of biscuits.  


Danish Nutri Rich Malai Cookies

Danish Nutri Rich Malai Cookie is the flavor of malai which is full of creamy base and the including ingredients of semolina make the cookie soft better to eat. 

Danish Lexus Biscuits 

Danish Lexus Biscuits are famous biscuits among the other Danish Biscuits which taste like salty and vegetable flavors of great crisp. Lexus is sugar-free biscuits that are recommended for diabetic patients to control the blood sugar level. 

If you want a smooth nutritious cracker to ensure your healthy snacking taste so let’s browse our site and get the affordable price of Danish Lexus Biscuits.