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Best Price of Daelim Motorcycle Brand Online in BD 


Daelim Is A Eco-Friendly Motorcycle Brand

Basically, Daelim brand is recognized as a leading motorcycle manufacturer which is shared with the korea of a biggest market. This brand is based with the new standard, new premium and eco friendly components attached with running R&D to repay their customers beliefs with the better motor products. 

Daelim Motorcycle Brand Is Part of The South Korean Daelim Group

Daelim Motor is part of the South Korean Delim Group, which started making bikes in 1962. Initially, the South Korean Delim Group manufactured bikes at the Kia Industrial Plant, but over the time, now they have their own production facilities. The surface area of ​​this plant is 30.7 hectares and can produce 300,000 motorcycles per year.

Product Lineup of Daelim Motorcycle Group

The current lineup of the Daelim Motor brand includes: E-Five, Delphino, History, S2 125, S2 250, A-Four, Roadwin and Daystar. These two end bikes have a 124 cc engine, 56.5 x 49.5 mm bore and stroke and can reach a top speed of 115km / h. Besides, there are scooters XQ1 Dome, XQ1 Flat,Besbi, motorcycle lines Daystar 125, CB 115, motorcycle parts etc.

The Popularity of Motorcycles in The Transportation System

The position of the motorcycle is right after the car at the moment in the transportation system. Every day 59 crore vehicles as well as 20 crore motorcycles are on the road. From this it is very easy to understand, what is the skyrocketing popularity of motorcycles on this planet called Earth! 

This popularity was not created in one day. There is also a hundred years of history behind it. And it is safe to say that the popularity of motorcycles will not diminish until the discovery of something unimaginable, such as the mechanical wings of man, as a symbol of speed and nobility.

The Purpose And Important Work of The Daelim Group Organization

The purpose of the Daelim Group organization was to search for a niche in the motorcycle business and release lots of vehicles that are likely to exceed most people’s expectations. Since 1978, Daelim Motor Company has created popular and functional models with the help of Japanese manufacturers, but in 1992, the company was able to build a 100cc bike on their own. From the beginning, this company of Daelim Group wanted to focus on quality design work.

The Effectiveness of Motorcycles in The Developing World

Sharing motorcycle taxis or bike rides has also become very popular in the developing world. Especially in cities with heavy traffic, motorcycles are proving to be more effective than four-wheelers or public transport. Countries in the developing world are also trying to build affordable but sustainable motorcycles made with local technology that are suitable for their people. Some of these companies are now qualified to enter the global market.

The Product Line of Daelim Motorcycle Group Is Interesting!

Daelim Motorcycles uses a large amount of financial support from the research department of their organization to improve various parts of the brand. For this reason, Western consumers find this motorcycle very attractive, as most of their users were urban dwellers who needed smaller vehicles to transport them. And so they brought scooters and motorcycles to market.

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Many new jobs are also being created through motorcycle taxis or ride sharing; As a result, the number of educated unemployed is declining, while many are finding ways to earn part-time outside the formal sector through the use of motorcycles. And buy motorcycles based on your convenience by browsing our online site.