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D7 USB Mini Speaker৳ 450
D7 Multimedia Speaker Mini USB 2.0৳ 750
D7 Sound Multimedia 3D Speaker System Mini USB 2.0৳ 365
D7-Multimedia Speaker Mini USB৳ 329
D10 Sound Box Multimedia Speaker Mini USB৳ 550
D7 - Multimedia Speaker Mini USB৳ 365
D7 Multimedia USB Speaker - Black৳ 319
D7 - Multimedia Speaker Mini USB৳ 401
D7 Multimedia Speaker 2.0৳ 365
D7 - Multimedia Speaker Mini USB 2.0 - Black ৳ 365
D7 - Multimedia USB Speaker - Black ৳ 364
D7 Multimedia Speaker - Black ৳ 372
Multimedia Speaker for Mobile and PC৳ 383
D7 Multimedia Speaker - Black ৳ 369
D7 Multimedia 3D Speaker System Mini USB 2.0 - Black ৳ 360
D7 Original 3D Sound Multimedia Speaker ৳ 365
D7 - Multimedia USB Speaker৳ 342
D7 Multimedia USB Speaker - Black৳ 425
D7 Multimedia Speaker USB 2.0৳ 409
D7 - USB2.0 multimedia speaker৳ 908
D7 Digital Sound Speakers৳ 1299
USB D7 Multimedia Speaker৳ 390
D7 - Multimedia Speaker - Black৳ 351
D7 Digital Sound Speakers৳ 1299
D7 Multimedia Speaker Mini USB 2.0৳ 423
Multimedia USB Speaker D7৳ 500
USB D7 usb speaker৳ 401
D7 Multimedia Speaker Mini USB 2.0৳ 410
Mini computer Speaker.৳ 1244
D7 Multimedia Speaker Mini USB 2.0৳ 410
D7 Digital Sound Speakers৳ 499
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D7 Speakers in Bangladesh | AjkerDeal


In 1990, Definitive Technology was founded. It is mainly known as D7. Their main objective was to create the finest home audio speakers for users. The company pursued its goal based on the philosophy that along with great sound should come with great designs. Definitive Technology prides on crafting speakers that not only feature stunning audio quality, but also a visual element that users will be proud to display.

Definitive Technology designs its speakers to protect from scratch. They use cutting-edge engineering from the best materials. Definitive Technology has amassed a legendary fan following by continually refining its releasing innovative products and loudspeaker offerings. They have earned the achievement of the best-selling brand of audiophile-grade speakers in the USA and other countries.


The speaker is an output device of the computer. Speakers are used for sound sharpening in computers. Speakers are currently one of the most important parts of multimedia PCs. Many PCs have built-in sound processors and speakers. Most users use external speakers. This is because the audio quality of these is very good and the amplifier is connected so that the volume can be controlled by hand. Many people nowadays use high-end subwoofers and 3D surround sound speakers for better quality sound. The speaker's input jack has to be placed on the sound card jack on the back of the computer casing.

Use of Speakers

Speakers are used in the following cases, such as -

  • Used in telecommunication equipment,
  • Used to generate sound waves in radio and television,
  • Used to convert amplified electrical energy into human audible sound energy,
  • Used to generate human audible sound in public address systems, tape recorders, computer amplifiers, and so on.

Before Buying a Speaker

Before buying a speaker, you need to know what kind of speakers your computer supports. Usually, it is 2: 1, 4: 1, 5: 1 or 6: 1. If you want to play the speaker through wireless Bluetooth from the smart device, you have to buy a speaker that has Bluetooth facility. There are many speakers that can play sound from a pen drive or memory card, you can buy speakers with this facility if needed. Make sure you have a sound control system.


At the time of purchase, you will see that the specification of the speaker is mentioned on the package. Watt, frequency, signal ratio, input-output system are written. If you know the meaning of these, you can decide for yourself which speaker is better for you. Frequency ratios are usually calculated in Hertz. The higher the number, the more noise the speaker can generate.


Sensitivity is expressed in decibels per watt. This indicates how much noise a speaker can make per watt.

Calculation of Power Consumption

Watt power consumption is usually calculated. It indicates how much electricity a speaker works on.

More conventional and more popular branded speakers should be bought. At present, D-7, Logitech, Creative, Microlab, Altech Lansing, Digital X, F&D, etc. speakers are running well in the market.

Taking Care of a Speaker

It can be seen that the speaker often ruins after a few years. If you want to keep the speaker good, you have to take care of it regularly. If you are aware of before and after buying the speaker, you can prevent the speaker from being damaged quickly. Let's take a look at the ways to take care of the speaker-

  • The speaker should be placed in wood or any other non-magnetic environment. It should not be placed inside any metal structure where the magnetic field works. Moreover, it is not right to keep it close to any magnetic field, as it will destroy the electromagnet present in the speaker.
  • The speaker should not be placed in a place where direct sunlight falls. Rather it needs to be kept in a place where it is relatively cold. The speaker should be placed in a place where adequate light and air are available.
  • The speaker should be kept clean regularly. The speaker should be wiped with a thin dry cloth at least once a day. The speaker can also be cleaned with a blower or duster.
  • The main enemy of the speaker is dust. The speaker may become useless due to dust accumulation. So the speaker should be placed in a place where there is relatively less dust.
  • A good quality multiplug must be used to provide uninterrupted power supply to the speaker. Using a faulty multiplug can also have a detrimental effect on the speaker.

Some Products from D7 are given below -

USB D7 Multimedia Speaker

This speaker is a USB Mini active speaker. The code number of this speaker is RUIZU G01 and the item number is 215576934. The speaker is suitable for use with a computer. The speakers are subwoofer speakers with hi-fi Specifications. These are 1 2.Loudspeaker. The size is 2inch, and the power is 4 ohm, 3W. The cord’s length is120cm. 

AjkerDeal has a wide collection of D7 speakers. Among them, choose your desired one and order them easily from the website or AjkerDeal mobile app.