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Cute Winter Moisturising Cream 120 gm৳ 125
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Buy Cute Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

Cute is an eminent Bangladeshi brand in the field of personal care product. Since 1972 this brand has been serving personal  care products to their customers. This promising brand is consistently performing so that their customers could be benefitted. They have a loyal customer base who prefer Cute as their regular personal care brand. This company was established by  founder chairman Kazi Mahtab Uddin Ahmed, founder Managing Director Late Kazi Ashraf Uddin Ahmed, Managing Director Kazi Moin Uddin Ahmed and Chairman Kazi Rajib Uddin Ahmed. Not only local markets but also Cute grabs international markets. Customers all over the world consider Cute as a trusted brand. With more than 40 years experience Cute researched customer demand and analysed which products are useful for customers.

In every season Cute comes with different products to maintain your skin from pollution or humidity. Perhaps personal care products are more sensitive than other products. As customers won't compromise in terms of skin care or hair care. They try to get better products from better sources. Cute earns the faith and consistently  gives you the best service for your personal care. Here you will get outstanding support from team Ajkerdeal to accomplish your demand. Ajkerdeal is a popular E-commerce brand in Bangladesh.   It’s a medium for online merchants to sell their products to customers.  Ajkerdeal has almost 400000 products on their website and you can get your wanted products under a solitary umbrella. As a renowned local E-commerce Ajkerdeal consistently doing well and developing their service to customers.

Types of Products:



  • Jasmine: It gives you a relaxing bath everyday. It helps to restore your skin and enhance the elasticity of balanced moisture. It develops your skin immunity and keeps you fresh all day long. Whenever you use this Jasmine Soap it seems you are in a Jasmine Garden. In order to get such a soothing feel you have to use this soap. This soap is made from Jasmine flower flavour and all kinds of natural ingredients.


  • Lemon:  Cute Lemon is a popular soap brand. It has a beautiful fragrance and freshness. Customers prefer this sopa because of its unique fragrance. It develops your skin immunity and keeps you fresh and confident all day long. This soap used different types of natural ingredients like Palm oil,Palm kernel oil,Sodium Chloride,Sodium Hydro-oxide,Lemon extracts,Aqua


  • Neem: Neem Soap is one of the best selling items of this brand   It gained much popularity for its organic value. All natural ingredients like Neem oil,Palm kernel oil,Sodium Chloride are used to make Neem Soap. Neem is a useful medicine for many diseases and Neem Soap protects you from all kinds o0f germs and pollution.


  • Rose: One of the high recommended soap of this brand. You can use this soap as your regular use because it gives you freshness and keeps you fresh all day long. his soap used different types of natural ingredients like Palm oil,Palm kernel oil,Sodium
    Chloride,Sodium Hydro-oxide,Glycerin,Perfume

Hair Care:
Since birth, Cute has been promised to provide the best haircare solution to their valuable customers.The name of Cute Oil crosses the local boundary and spread its name all over the world. Their dedication towards quality reaches them in highest pick and establishes this brand one of the top oil brands in Bangladesh Market.

  1. Beauty Shampoo: Beauty shampoo is a popular item among customers and plays a vital role for hair care. Customers prefer this shampoo for its organic value on their daily life.All Types of natural ingredients like Triethanolamine alkaline sulfate,Lauryl dye meth hail betaine,Coconut diethanolamide, Distilled water,Perfume used to produce this Shampoo.
  2. Coconut Lite Hair Oil: Coconut Lite Hair Oil is an eminent product of Cute . The use of coconut oil helps to reduce protein loss in both damaged and undamaged hair. This oil is rich in lauric acid, has a high affinity for hair protein and easily enters inside the hair shaft, which because of its low molecular weight. Different types of natural ingredients like  Refined coconut oil,Vitamin-E-Acetate,Vitamin-E-Acetate,Perfume,Refined sesame oil are used to produce Coconut Oil.
  3.  Egg shampoo: Egg Shampoo is enriched with natural ingredients like Triethanolamine alkaline sulfate,Lauryl dye meth hail betaine,Coconut diethanolamide,Distilled water,Perfume etc. Nowadays it has become a popular item among customers. 
  4. Lime shampoo: Lime shampoo distinguishes itself because of the light taste of the product and contains a high amount of protein to your hair. It has no side effects. So without any hesitation you can use this product for your hair care. Some natural ingredients like Refined mineral oil,Isopropyl Palmitate,Eucalyptus oil,Essential oil,Emblic,Myrobalans, Hortoki, Boirar Nirjas,Perfume are used to produce Lime Products.
  5. Amla Hair Oil: Amla is enriched with natural strengths and elements. Amla Hair Oil produces from Amla and gives you protection from hairfall and  dandruffs.Customers seek this product and use it regularly. To get better output you have to use it according to instruction and guidelines. It contains  Triethanolamine alkaline sulfate,Distilled water,Perfume,Lauryl dye meth hail betaine,Coconut diethanolamide.
  6. Herbal Hair Tonic: This product is one of the best recommended products of this brand. Herbal Hair tonic is a natural therapy for your damaged and undamaged hair. Customers all over the country like this product and use this as their natural hair therapy. It contains Refined sesame oil,Isopropyl Palmitate,Eucalyptus oil,Essential oil,Extracts of microbalance (Emblic Myrobalans, Hortoki,Bohera),Perfume


Oral care:

1) Fluoride Toothpaste

2) Smokers Toothpaste

3) Gel Toothpaste

4) Pudina Labango Toothpaste

Perfume :

1) Attar Bemisal

2) Attar Chandan

3) Attar Golap

4) Attar Jannatul Ferdous

5) Classic

6) Fantasy

7) First Lady

8) One Heaven

9) Romance

10) Brutal

Winter Care

1) 27 Cold Cream

2) Cold Cream

3) Krack Cream

4) Lipgel

5) Pomade

6) Lemon Petroleum Jelly

7) Glycerine

Price on Ajkerdeal:

 You will be glad to know that you will get all personal care products on Ajkerdeal website at a reasonable price. Here you will get greater support than other online platforms.


Cute is a prominent local brand from the last 40 years.  They  are committed to giving you the finest personal care products. To get this you have to select Ajkerdeal obviously.