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  • ৳ 1096 - 2072
  • ৳ 2072 - 3048
  • ৳ 3048 - 4024
  • ৳ 4024 - 5000
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CURREN Gents Wristwatch (Copy)৳ 410
CURREN Gents wristwatch (Copy)৳ 347
CURREN Gents Wrist Watch (Copy)৳ 338
Current 12 Watch with Date for Men৳ 491
Curren 12 Watch for Men৳ 252
Curren Analogue Wristwatch for Men৳ 250
Curren Analogue Wristwatch for Men৳ 250
CURREN Black Analog Watch for Men ৳ 274
Mens Watch Curren 8123 White B24৳ 990
Mens Watch Curren 8123 Golden B24৳ 1090
Curren Analog Wrist Watch For Men Black- Fashion Flus৳ 229
Curren Watch for men ৳ 221
CURREN - Leather Strap Analog Wrist Watch৳ 2320
Curren 12 Stylish Watch with Date support৳ 495
Curren Leather Analog Wach for Men৳ 275
CRRNEN artificial leather watch৳ 241
CURREN 8355 Stainless Steel watch for Men(WITHOUT BOX)৳ 1850
Curren Stainless Steel Watch for Men - Black৳ 1190
Curren Stainless Steel Watch for Men - Black৳ 1290
Curren Stainless Steel Watch for Men - Black৳ 1490
Curren Stainless Steel Watch for Men - Silver৳ 1290
Curren Gents Watch CR01৳ 275
Curren Gents Watch CR02৳ 275
Curren Gents Watch CR03৳ 365
CURREN Watch For Men-brown ৳ 455
Curren Watch For Men ৳ 941
Curren Watch For Men ৳ 941
Curren Watch For Men ৳ 941
Ladies Wristwatch Curren 9051 (1)৳ 1250
Ladies Wristwatch Curren 9051 (2)৳ 1250
Ladies Wristwatch Curren 9051 (3)৳ 1250
Ladies Wristwatch Curren 9051 (4)৳ 1250
Ladies Wristwatch Curren 9052 (6)৳ 1250
Ladies Wristwatch Curren 9052 (7)৳ 1250
Ladies Wristwatch Curren 9054 (1)৳ 1250
Ladies Wristwatch Curren 9054 (2)৳ 1250
Ladies Wristwatch Curren 9054 (3)৳ 1250
Ladies Wristwatch Curren 9054 (4)৳ 1250
Ladies Wristwatch Curren 9054 (5)৳ 1250
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Curren Watches Shopping Online in Bangladesh

Absolutely mindblowing collection of analog wrist watches that comes in different designs, colours, looks, elegance and style. The watches feature dials that comes mostly in oval and round, with some exceptional combo offers, where it's featured in other shapes like a triangle. The 12 hours dials are featured either in numbers, Roman numerals or dots. They run on batteries and tell time by the continuous rotation of an hour and a minute hand. These Analogue watches are made to suit the formal, informal, adventure, and semi-formal occasions. 

The material of the band used in watches are very durable and stays in a good grip with the skin. No irritation or rashes surface due to the friction with the skin. Some Curren editions offer free attractive formal Tissot watch. And other offers may include free digital watches, LED watches, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Powerbanks, cardholder and Lady’s wristwatches,  in some of the special editions of Curren watches. These offers are only available on, so go to our online shop, the first e-commerce in Bangladesh, to find out more about the offers, and place your order accordingly, watch the good arrive at your doorstep in no time. 

Curren watches allow users of all ages to purchase and appreciate the colours and designs. The stainless steel is provided in the metal body watches to make it durable. Curren is made in China, but the movement of the watch is like the Japanese quartz. Japanese Miyato machines which are used in the high quality watches like Casio. Curren came recently into the market but the quality, affordability, durability and uniqueness that the brand holds quickly took a good place in the competitive global market with the Casio, Fastrack, Tissot, Omega, etc. The brand is more like an underdog, nobody saw it coming but it is here to stay. There are classic, elegant-looking, adventure friendly, advanced technology with multiple dials for various functions for the people who are not afraid to try out new things.

They featured the combination of the offers to show the customers that they know exactly what they actually need to get on through the day. Curren, being a small brand taking a small place in the global market are trying its best to decorate and develop the lifestyle of people who cannot afford first-class goods in the market. Their quality is comparable with the watches that come from high-end watches. The collections are so attractive it is hard to resist. The choices are vast compared to the other watches. The incredible long life of the watches is also the reason why you should go for Curren watches. Some Watches have the function that can display you the times of different zones.

The company sticks to its philosophy of delivering inexpensive watches with impressive quality, a wide range of collections to choose from, well-built design, reliable and life-saving accuracy. Mainly they believe in four virtues that they make sure to deliver, customer satisfaction, good quality, great price and reliability. These characteristics are reflected in almost all the timepieces they make and distribute into the market. The brand tries its best to showcase the class, style, creativity, and durability in all of the watches. Being a Chinese brand, it is completely different than other low budget Chinese watches, as they compete with a number of other international brands, which are from Europe, making their approach to the customers more reliable.

The designs of the watches are made in a way to reflect your uniqueness and status. These great collections allow you to introduce the versatility of the style for all men and women, children or the olds. These vast collections also help you to classify and categorize perfectly the right watch to align with the occasion or event you need to attend to. The affordability may also allow you to buy more than one watch to categorize different watches for different occasions suitably. The level of comfort is a mandatory factor for a Curren watch makes sure to give. So choose the right watches for you today, so that you can start to attend the parties, occasion and events you were skipping all these days.

All the Curren watches along with their specifications are given on our website for you to compare it with other watches. This will eventually help you to choose the right one among the number of watches brand that are in the market. Go to, place your order, and get a hassle-free payment option, and to avoid the terrible traffic conditions in the city.