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Buy Orignal Crown Cement at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

Cement Factory Limited (Crown Cement) from it an early age has stimulated the cement Industry of the country with variant existence. The top management team of this organization is a dynamic group, where each of the delegates of their imperfection. M. I. Cement Factory Limited (Crown Cement) is the leading cement company in the country, still, the organization with its fruitful technically in both its products well as imperative decision making has created, captured and defeated a big segment of the market of the entire cement industry.M. I. Cement Factory Limited (Crown Cement) by restructuring and pioneering a revolution in the cement company impact the society as a whole, which seem to be their prudent wish. The vision of M. I. Cement Factory Limited. (Crown Cement) is to establish itself as a specialist & leader in the cement company of the country. M. I. Cement Factory Limited (Crown Cement) objective is to dominate the market in which it is participating. The major activities of the company throughout the year continued to be the manufacturing and marketing of cement and environmental products. As a going concern, the financial performance assessment is a necessary tool to grasp the idea of a company like M. I. Cement Factory Limited. (Crown Cement) which led my topic selection as “Analysis of Fund Management System of M. I. Cement Factory Limited (Crown Cement)”.

Concrete Factory Ltd. (Crown Cement) is an open restricted organization and one of the notable makers of concrete in Bangladesh. On December 31, 1994, it builds up with the endeavor to supply top standard concrete to the country. Its image "Crown Cement" has interior notoriety in the nation and out of the country. At the start, the plant was built up with a volume of assembling 600tpd (ton every day) of Portland concrete. With the investment of energy, the market needs of Crown Cement developed each day. The patrons broadened the program multiple times. By dint of standard Crown Cement before long accomplish tolerability at the nation and out of the nation. which improved the fundamental for extending the plant from starting 600tpd (ton every day), 800tpd second unit in 2002, 1400tpd third unit in 2006 and 3000tpd fourth unit in 2011 consequently expanding the total assembling volume to 5800tpd for example 1.740 million metric ton for every annum.

Crown Cement Products

Crown Portland Cement-As per detail of BDS EN 197-1:2003, CEM-1, 52.5 N Crown Portland Cement is an Ordinary Cement arranged by blending clinker 95-100% and gypsum 0-5%. This cement is additionally called Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). Portland Cement is the Cement gotten by intimately blending together calcareous and argillaceous materials, burning them at clinkering temperature up to approximately 1450 degrees celcious and pounding the coming about clinker (calcined item ) at required fineness and at last blended with gypsum to obtain cement. This cement may be a finely ground blend of calcium aluminates and silicates capable of setting and solidifying by a chemical response with water. It may be an official fabric, which is utilized in designing developments.

Crown Portland Composite Cement-Crown Portland composite cement is CEM-II/A-M is a cement comprising of Fly ash (PFA), slag and limestone assigned by the detail of BDS EN 197-1: 2003; CEM -II/A-M (V-S-L), 42.5 N. PCC is the foremost appropriate cement for development in Bangladesh. CEM – II /A-M contains 80-94% Clinker, which is significantly higher than CEM – II/B-M containing 65 – 79% Clinker that will deliver us an additional advantage in quality improvement and increment concrete performance. Both slag & fly ash (PFA) are utilized in PCC. The rate of SiO2 in PFA is higher than slag which is beneficial to pick up more long-term quality and guarantee solid concrete. The hydration preparation of ordinary cement delivers CHS (solid binder) & Ca(OH)2 (non-durable binder). The hydration preparation of ordinary cement produces calcium silicate Hydrate CHS (solid binder) & Calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)2 (non-durable binder). Calcium Hydroxide, ca(OH)2 does not contribute to gain quality. It is the frail portion of response which isn't appropriate for c.


Crown Izonil-IZONIL Plus is an amazing waterproof dry blend that will make a waterproof layer after application whereas it remains breathable with drying impact at the same time. Hydrophobic fixing Izonil Component Plus is the key component that guarantees extraordinary characteristics of the product. IZONIL Plus offers long-term arrangements with evacuating the issues with water spillage on the surface of the divider, roof or floor. It is a progressive arrangement for utilization in buildings where it is vital to secure them sometime recently dangerous impact of water. This arrangement is created from common materials and does not contain any hurtful or inflammable fixings and it is environment inviting in this manner it is conceivable to utilize it for the cover of tanks with drinking water.

Concrete and Building Products-Ready Mixed Concrete, or RMC as it is prevalently called, refers to concrete that's particularly fabricated for conveyance to the customer’s development located in a naturally blended and plastic or unhardened state. Concrete itself could be a blend of Portland cement, water, and totals comprising sand and rock or smashed stone. In conventional work destinations, each of these materials is secured independently and blended in indicated extents at the location to form concrete. Prepared Blended Concrete is bought and sold by volume – ordinarily communicated in cubic meters. RMC can be custom-made to suit diverse applications. Ready Mixed Concrete is made beneath computer-controlled operations and transported and set at location utilizing advanced hardware and strategies. RMC guarantees its clients various benefits.

Crown Cement’s Quality 

  1. I. Concrete Factory Ltd. guarantees good standard quality observing at each progression of production. M. I. Concrete Factory Ltd. (Crown Cement) industrial facility is very much upheld by an amazing in-house present-day research center with the most recent best in class hardware for quality control and ceaseless improvement in the items. Notwithstanding the all-around finished and outfitted substance and physical research center, we have exceptionally qualified remote prepared scientific experts and specialists with long involvement with the field of concrete who are completely committed to their work. Crude materials are tried right now they are imported and tests of concrete are additionally tried every single hour for the hour of creation. For quality, affirmation concrete is tried on shifted parameters. For this, the scientific experts of M. I. Concrete Factory Limited direct the compressive quality test making solid/mortal 3D shapes of various tests age-3 days, 7 days and 28 days, according to ASTM C-150, and 2 days and 28 days according to EN (European Standard) at its research facility. Along these lines, we can convey the best concrete to our clients.

Benefits & Use of Crown Cement

  1. I. Concrete Factory Ltd. (Crown Cement) thinks about the interests of clients, workers, investors, networks, and environmental contemplations in all parts of their activities. This dedication obviously reaches out past their statutory duty to agree to enactment.M. I. Concrete Factory Ltd. (Crown Cement) movement works out positively past the circle of business. As a socially cognizant and capable corporate body, M. I. Concrete Factory Ltd. (Crown Cement) is focused on the improvement of society in general. M. I. Concrete Factory Ltd. (Crown Cement) is engaged with the government assistance program of the corrosive consume casualties and the M. I. Concrete Factory Ltd. (Crown Cement) supported Meril-Prothom Alo celebration has become a national schedule occasion. M. I. Concrete Factory Ltd. (Crown Cement) helps numerous NGO's in their push to make accessible human services to the disservice populace of the Country. M. I. Concrete Factory Ltd. (Crown Cement) is additionally a significant patron of games in the nation.

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