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Crescent Brand Products in Bangladesh

Crescent Group started on its journey during 1977 among only one venture, Crescent Tanneries Limited. The extraordinary success of Crescent Tanneries began the company to extend its horizon to launch three different ventures: Crescent Leather Products Ltd., Rupali Composite Leatherwear Ltd. and Crescent Footwear Ltd. Presently, the group onward with the processing of raw hides and finished leathers further produces leather commodities including shoes, sandals, ladies bags, belt, wallet and key ring for the local and international market. The principal exporting markets for processed hides and leather commodities are North America, EU Nations, Japan, China and the Far East Countries. The group is initiated by its Chairman and CEO, Mr. M A Kader, a leading business personality in the leather business. Since Mr. Kader’s premise as the CEO of the group, Crescent has endured unprecedented success and is growing at a double-digit rate every year. The Groups’ yearly turnover stands at $ 160 million and operates more than 3,000 employees at its facilities.


Our vision is to produce “Crescent” a powerful household brand in Bangladesh in the coming future as well as to enhance the leader in the leather export of Bangladesh. We additionally envision our group as one of the biggest business conglomerates of the country pledged to our shareholders, well-wishers and to the nation at huge.

Crescent Tanneries Ltd.

Crescent Tanneries Ltd. began its voyage in 1977, is located in Hazaribagh, and from then onwards it has entrenched itself as one of the legendary companies of Bangladesh in the tannery sector. Its purpose to be at the top, acting as an origin of encouragement, to be very professional in administering the business and gave it a reason to strive to hatch a remarkable benchmark, which is hard to touch for its competitors, concerning the welfare of its employees and the community. Now Labour and officers are devotedly serving to beat the milestone set by it before.

The outstanding variety of leadership in the top-level management and dedication between the workforce has begun the company in a sustainable position and supported it to get a place in the evoked set of its consumers. Its precise effort to succeed and bother towards the customers showed as a vital source to raise up the remarkable goodwill it holds and its annual turnover deserving above USD 29 million during 2014 is a reflection of how extremely it is accepted among the customers.

The company specializes in meeting the market requirement of crushed and finished leather. Its market is composed of both local and global sections and hence, presenting it as a local and export-based company. Simultaneously with the local market, the company engages the global demand by providing crushed and finished leather toward Hong Kong, China and Korea.

Crescent Footwear Ltd.

Crescent Footwear Ltd. began its journey during 2015 and since then, is consecrated in serving the demands of the local market. It has a tannery in Hazaribagh, which prepares raw materials into finished goods like shoes, sandals, ladies’ bags, wallets, etc. and is provided to the retail outlets it has in places, accessible to the customers. As an outcome of the vertical combination of its factories and retails shops, Crescent Footwear Ltd. can trade quality products at a price, which is much cheaper than its rivals.

As a brand-new concern of Crescent Group, Crescent Footwear Ltd. strives to strive to the optimum level to be famous among its customers. Its commitment and devotion towards achieving a position in its customers’ minds act as a sense of confidence to be endeavoring for its activities. A reflection of its constant effort to be an organized company can be viewed in its annual turnover of higher than USD 200000 in 2014.

Crescent Leather Products Ltd.

Crescent Leather Products Ltd. began its journey during 2005, and since then, it has proved itself as a 100% export-oriented company. It has a tannery in Hazaribagh to prepare raw materials for finished goods, which are reliable enough to suffice the global demand. It manufactures top-class leather goods and exports to the foreign market following the brand name, Nodi.

The company has the reliability of recruiting and working among highly innovative and experienced people to assure the continuous development of the leather goods it proffers to meet the requirement of the foreign buyers. It additionally makes profoundly customized outcomes for renowned global brands and ensures that the products are good enough to assist to maintain the honor of the global brands.

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