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Creation Lamis Ruler Giftset (3 Piece Gift Set ) For him-UAE ৳ 1500
Creation Lamis Pure Black Body Spray 200ml. U.A.E৳ 356
Lamis Dark Fever Perfume for Men 100ml - India৳ 1000
Creation Lamis Diable Bleu Perfume 100ml UAE৳ 650
Creation Lamis Bloom Grove Gif set (3 Piece Gift Set )-UAE ৳ 1500
Creation Lamis Perfume Pure White (100 ml)-UAE৳ 1000
Creation Lamis Perfume Rapid Fire (100 ml)-UAE৳ 1200
Creation Lamis Every Woman- Eau de Perfume (100 ml)-UAE৳ 1200
Creation Lamis Golden Wave Giftset (3 Piece Gift Set )-UAE ৳ 1500
Creation Lamis Diable Bleu Perfume for men UAE-100ml৳ 650
Creation Lamis Perfume Cielo Classico Perfume (100 ml)UAE৳ 1200
Creation Lamis Everyone Noir- Eau de Perfume (100 ml)-UAE৳ 1200
Creation Lamis Just Perf.dreams Giftset (3 Piece Gift Set )-UAE ৳ 1500
Creation Lamis Just Perfect Dream - Eau de Perfume 100 ml-UAE৳ 1200
Creation Lamis Cielo Classico Donna Perfume (100 ml)-UAE৳ 1200
Creation Lamis Senorita Lamis- Eau de Perfume 100 ml-UAE৳ 1200
Creation Lamis Deluxe Limited Edition Silver Fist Warrior - UAE-100ml৳ 1200
Creation Lamis Cielo Classico Nero Perfume (100 ml)-UAE৳ 1200
Creation Lamis Deluxe Limited Edition Cuban Glory-UAE-100ml৳ 1200
Creation Lamis Love You Lots Eau de Perfume - 100 ml-UAE৳ 1200
Creation Lamis Rapid Fire Deluxe Limited Edition-UAE-100ml৳ 1200
Creation Lamis Deluxe Unisex Perfume - 100ml UAE৳ 1200
Creation Lamis Perfume Everyone de Toilette Spray-UAE (100 ml)৳ 1200
Creation Lamis Ruler Oud Pour Homme Perfume (100ml) UAE৳ 1200
Creation Lamis Perfume H4U Classic (100 ml)-UAE ৳ 1200
Creation Lamis Deluxe Limited Edition Dark Fever 100ml-UAE ৳ 1200
Creation Lamis Deluxe Limited Edition Pure Rouge 100ml-UAE ৳ 1000
Creation Lamis Perfume Deluxe Limited Edition Pure Surge - (100 ml)-UAE ৳ 1000
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Creation Lamis Perfume Online Shop In Bangladesh - Buy at Cheap Price

Generally, people are looking for wide-raging recognized personal care and consumer goods products of high-standard that covered with such allurements. Every person is picking out one pleasant scent of personal care products from various brands to illustrate the impression around it.  

Ajkerdeal is one of the largest online shops in Bangladesh where everyone finds an extensive collection of brands product, you will also find the great smell of fragrances brand of Creation Lamis Brand products from website. Let’s check out the prices in Bangladesh of Creation Lamis Fragrances. 

About Creation Lamis Brand

The Scion International group is a family-owned based group established in 1974, it comprises among 14 companies worldwide, involved with primarily in the development, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of perfumes, deodorants, color cosmetics, and personal care products with a motive to runs through everything they do, which delivers the evocative pleasures of fragrance worldwide.

Creation Lamis brand established in 1984 as a dedicated imported and exported brand in Spain and Europe territory. But Creation Lamis Brand is Part of the Scion International LLC Group. This Group is well-known as one of the world’s biggest manufacturers in the world of fragrance, personal care, and color cosmetics brands. 

Creation Lamis is the leading global lifestyle brand with men, women’s collections products of fragrances & perfumes. This brand has a perception of bringing the inspiration of the purest form of a bottled blend that included the most powerful & enduring scents of everyday lifestyle across the world. 


Products Of Creation Lamis

Today, Creation Lamis Brand is one of the leading & recognizable Perfume, Fragrance brands of various categories available products throughout the quality, presentation, durability and price over the International stores worldwide. And most of the majority in classic styling and modern sensibility points have given their products such a broad appeal.

Creation Lamis Perfumes Company’s products deliberate innovative producers and directly sold to consumers worldwide. Creation Lamis best perfumes Product collection for male & female that are listed below-

Creation Lamis Female Aroma Or Lamis Madam Perfumes 

  • Papaver New
  • Catsuit. W
  • Diable Bleu Pour Femme
  • 1999 Pour Femme
  • Fatal Snake Magic
  • Golden Wave. W
  • Jus Perfect Dream
  • Bleu Mist W.
  • Over The Moon & Delight
  • Live In Style
  • Angelic Diva & Golden Diva
  • Garden Of Creation
  • Espy, Read Sovereign
  • Glitter & Damond Love
  • Bloom Grove
  • Halloved
  • Moon Light Waltz
  • Poppy Lace
  • Lorenzo Silvetto W.
  • Lit De Fleurs
  • Dream Flair
  • Twenties Girl

Creation Lamis Male Aroma Or Lamis Knight Perfumes 

  • Colosseum & Colosseum De Ummo
  • Temperature
  • 1999 Men
  • Arrivederci Pour Homme
  • Catsuit Men & Catsuit Friend (Amigo)
  • Diable Bleu By Homme
  • Golden Wave. Men
  • Enzo
  • Solid Ground
  • Hot Blast
  • Urbane Black
  • Just Stripes 
  • Ruler & Ruler The Great
  • Savanna Night & Night
  • Generous Men
  • Lorenzo Silvetto Men
  • Ragazzino
  • Archilles

Their products are merchandise on the retail store markets as well as online stores throughout the world. AjkerDeal website also gives you a branded taste of famous aroma of perfumes according to your sense of choice and taste.  

Buy Creation Lamis Branded Perfume Fragrances From 


In our website provides the best quality in the development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of perfumes, deodorants, colour cosmetics and personal care products for our respective customers who following with the trends and offers at suitable convenience


Everyone Perfume By Creation Lamis

Creation Lamis Brand of most powerful enduring scents that are for males and females. Most of the collection of enduring perfumes are based on the female collection fragrance. 

You will find the best indulge perfume of Creation Lamis in long-lasting UAE made of “Everyone Perfume” from our site in a 100ml size at a suitable price.   

Everyone Perfume Body Spray By Creation Lamis

Creation Lamis has a variety of fragrances and perfumes that suit everyone, with any occasion. “Everyone Perfume Body Spray” By Creation Lamis Brand is found with a long-lasting of bold and sensual fragrances.  

This Body spray is imported from Dubai, UAE and got it at an affordable range of price from our site. 

Poppy Lace By Creation Lamis For Female

Creation Lamis Brand is formed with an indulging yourself with the enchanting & evocative fine fragrance. Poppy Lace Fragrance is for a female that specifically defines the ultimate Aura of Sophistications. 

Our site gives the sophisticated aroma of Poppy Lace Perfume in a 100ml volume size with a blend of vanilla & delicate coffee flavour that entice everyone.   

Creation Lamis of Diable Bleu By Homme For Men

Creation Lamis of Diable Bleu By Homme is the famous product of Creation Lamis Brand for the Men’s Collections Perfumes. Diable Bleu By Homme is a specially designed perfume for men. It gives the soothing and enchanting aroma combination. 

Diable Bleu By Homme perfume is also available in the Body deodorant spray in 200ml that is a unique all-over deodorant bodyspray the aroma of excellent floral extract will keep you awake throughout the day. It also protects the body odour with leave of a seductive and long-lasting effective fragrance. 


Creation Lamis of Cielo Classico Donna For Women

Our site Offers the Cielo Classico Donna By Creation Lamis is the Eau De Perfume Spray For women, it is imported from UAE in a quantity of 100ml size of glass perfume bottles. So go ahead, treat yourself to one of Creation Lamis Branded heady and exotic fragrances today.


Golden Diva For Women By Creation Lamis

Creation Lamis Brand is a magnificent collection of premium fragrances designed for each and every one of us who interested in wearing fragrances. The fragrance of Each perfume is enclosed in and emanates an enchanting fragrance.

Creation Lamis of  Golden Diva perfume for Women is featured with the additional quality of presenting and price-quality. It gives the best aromatic scent what are you looking for. So, Visit Our Site and get the price details of Golden Diva Perfume.