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CozieCat Online in Bangladesh

Cozie Cat is famous for producing cat foods around the world. It is a Swiss-based company. They provide Premium Cat Litter to various markets in the world. 

Cozie Cat Cat Litter is a premium product. It consists of a mixture of clay minerals, which are formed by the weathering of volcanic ash. The products are 100% natural and contain no artificial additives. Buying a pack of Cozycat Cat Litter, a portion of the profits directly support projects and campaigns benefiting the animals worldwide.

The main features of Cozie Cat are - superior odor control, max clamp formula, extremely absorbent, 100% natural, 99.5% dust-free, multi-cat strength, active carbon formula, and unscented. 

Taking Care of a Cat

Raising cats is not difficult, but with a little care, cats grow up healthy and beautiful. Cats need to have protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals in their daily diet. In addition to food, it is very important to make the cat drink water. Below is some information about cat food.

The Ideal Food for Cats

Cats are mainly carnivores. Therefore, it is important to have animal protein in the cat's diet like beef, chicken, fish, etc. and the food must be boiled because raw fish, meat contains bacteria which can cause many diseases in cats. Nowadays processed fish and meat are available in the packaged form known as Wet Food and Canned Food. These foods should not contain more than 10 percent of carbohydrate foods such as rice. Dry food is a large quantity of animal protein and a small amount of plant protein. Dry food is not harmful to cats if the food is of high quality and can be fed with plenty of water. These foods contain 35-40 percent carbohydrates.

The diet and quantity of a cat depending on its age and weight. The amount of food also depends on whether the cat is indoor or outdoor, whether it is Spayed or Neutered, and how much it can eat. A healthy and adult cat weighing 3-4 kg needs 240 calories per day. That means 60-65 calories per kg. Each cup of dry food can have 300 calories or more or fewer calories depending on the brand, how many calories are there is written correctly on the packet and 250 grams of canned food is available in 75 grams. In case of dry food, 2 cups and case of canned food 75-gram packets should be given. However, the amount can be increased or decreased as needed.

Cat Food Time

It is better to feed the cat at the same time every day. An adult or 1-year-old cat should be fed twice a day. Most people feed cats in the morning and at night, at 10-12 hour intervals. However, if you eat less, it can be given 3 times.

If the amount of dry food is more, the cat can eat it later, but if it is wet food and canned food, it should be given according to the amount, the remaining food should be removed because the food left for a long time may be spoiled and there is a risk of diarrhea. It is best not to feed dry food to overweight cats, as this can lead to further weight gain. It is important to drink enough water with dry food.

Tips To Feed a Cat

The following must be kept in mind when feeding cats -

The amount of food a cat needs to understand is the age of the cat, its performance, and the state of the environment. The food must be full and balanced so that there is no need to give extra vitamins and minerals from outside. Foods should be kept free of moisture, dust or germs may cause infection. The cat's health was not regularly checked up by a veterinarian.

Cozie Cat Premium Plus

Cozycat Premium Plus is made of natural bentonite that is blended with an active carbon formula for maximum odor control and clumping. The food is available in 10 cardboard boxes. It is good for a cat’s health.

Cozie Cat Classic

Cozie Cat Classic is produced with natural white bentonite, clumping, and strong odor control. The food is available 10 cardboard boxes, 5 and 10-liter bags.

Cozie Cat Food Mixed Flavor

Cozie cat mixed flavor cat food is a mixture of foods. It is good for a cat’s health. It is a 2-liter pack. 

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