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Covercoco London 24K Luxury Gold Ampoule 99.99%Pure Gold (face serum) 30ml-LONDON৳ 374
Covercoco 24k Gold Ampoule & Luxury Diamond Ampoule Serum-30 ML-China৳ 432
Coverco London 24K Luxury Gold Ampoule Face Serum. 30ml- London ৳ 364
Convercoco Luxury Diamond Ampoule Serum-30 ML-China৳ 432
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Wilhelmin Charlotte Catherine, Prince Edward's most beloved princess in the United Kingdom, born in an advanced family, has a thin figure and blonde. She impressed the European royal court and upper society with her beautiful appearance, fashion attire and unique elegance and became an idol among noble women. Princess Catherine, as a makeup trend creator, has her own unique pursuit and appreciation of beauty and art and is fascinated by cosmetic products. She has her own skin care secret. He has set up a laboratory for his beautician George Shan.

In order to fully enjoy their romantic love, Prince Edward created a love fortress specifically for Princess Catherine. He likes purple and is often drunk in the purple garden. One day, a French ambassador presented her a high-end skin care package that could enhance skin's nutrition and beauty with a delicious aroma. When he opened it, he was deeply fascinated. She asked George Shawn to develop a beauty product called CovercoCo, which incorporates her unique fashion, elegance, confidence and dignity into the product. He presented it to his good friends and noble women. So Coverco has become popular in the European royal court and in higher Society.

UK fashion brand Coverco reflects British style, elegance and modernity and represents London's grace and dignity. It's a finely crafted beauty product, a beautiful legend of fashion and elegance as well as a romantic feel! Coverco pumpers and hydrates hydrated skin that lasts for 24 hours and maintains elegance!

Covercoco vital hand cream

Essential Hand Cream with Triangle Essence Carefully hydrates and hydrates the skin.

There are four types of Coverco Essential Hand Cream that are particularly rich in red,

Green and Blue Essence and this is a unique triple repair and moisturizing formula. Compared to conventional hand cream,

These products have a hydrated texture and moisturize to provide rich nutrients,

Repair dull, rough, cracked and crunchy hands, moisturize visible and smooth skin, so that the hands look soft,

Smooth, shiny and pink with a fresh and elegant aroma showing off your infinite femininity.

Coverco body lotion

Perfume scent is the second layer of a woman's skin and reflects her mood every moment. To understand a woman, she needs to understand her scent. Coverco is a British classic such as Chanel No. 5, Chanel Chance, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and Barbary Brit Shear with your aroma of choice. It is spreading the classic notes, infinite femininity and glamor needed for the elegant woman with unique notes and long lasting aroma !!

Premium Coverco Perfume

The CovercoCo Perfume Series always emphasizes the ease of skin, provides a smooth texture for care, and provides an avant-garde and stylish feel that is delicate, sexy and natural fragrance that is unforgettable for women and men.

Maintains 24 hour skin hydrates with lasting scent and maintains fashion and elegance!

CovercoCo, a British fashion brand, accurately reflects elegance, modernity and fashion! It cares for skin that lasts for 24 hours long and maintains fashion and elegance!

It has a feminine scent and is available in classic international fragrances like Chanel No. 5, Chanel Chance, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and Barbary Brit Shear.

Coverco provides intense skin care, whitening, moisturizing, hydrates, smoothes and nourishes the skin. Coverco hydrates the skin and maintains fashion and elegance!

The privacy of hand care

  1. Apply hand cream immediately after hand washing. Wear gloves if done at home to avoid cracks, scratches and dry skin.
  1. Replace the soap with aromatic soap and try to choose a mildly aromatic soap or liquid soap to wash hands. Strong alkalis irritates the skin.
  2. If the skin on your hands is dry and rough, soak in a little warm water for a while, apply the scrub cream on the back of your hands and fingers, gently massage with circular motions and leave it on for 10 minutes. Wash your hands with clean water to soften and soften them.

Recommended for winter hand cream

You often fail to control your dry skin in the winter. Your hands are probably betraying you. Dull, severe moisture deficiencies and wrinkled skin often reduce your charm.

Frequent application of hand cream

Every time you wash your hands, dry your hands thoroughly and apply hand cream. You can apply hand cream to your office, kitchen and toilet and apply immediately as you wash your hands.

Weekend Special Care

Give special hand care over the weekend. Soak your hands in warm water for 20 minutes before going to bed, massage, apply hand cream or emulsion and wear cotton gloves while sleeping. Your hands will be very moisturized and smooth the next morning.

How To Choose The Best Body Lotion

Due to sudden temperature drop, your skin becomes dry in the autumn and winter. The reason is that you fail to moisturize your body's skin over time. Don’t overlook the skin on your body. Choose one type of body lotion that's right for you!

Moisturizing: For rough skin in the autumn and winter, it becomes dry and tight in the lack of moisture, and becomes acne-prone and rougher, so you need moisturizing body lotion.

Shocked: White body lotion aims at dark and dull skin. Sometimes you can't get white skin after winter. To fix this you need to exfoliate and apply white body lotion.

Farming: You have to admit that your skin has become sharper with age. When taking care of your face it is important to take care of the body skin all around so that it can fix cellulite, fatty strikes and flaxseed skin.

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