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cobra Roll On Perfume for Men 6ml - France ৳ 212
Cobra Body Spray Combo - 75 ml৳ 299
cobra body spay UAE 200 ml৳ 337
Cobra Perfume - 100ml UAE ৳ 455
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Cobra Perfume in Bangladesh

Cobra is a France-based perfume. They produce perfumes ann body sprays both for males and females.

Nowadays, it is impossible for fashion-conscious people to go out of the house without perfume. It is no longer limited to just sweating. Perfume seems to play a big role in expressing one's personality. So different dimensions have been added to the demand for perfume.

Types of Fragrances

Oriental Perfume

Basic natural ingredients are used to make oriental perfumes. These types of perfumes are very useful for attracting attention.

The Essence of the Forest

The fragrances of this genre are made from a mixture of trees and algae. These fragrances, made using mint, oakmoss, citrus-based ingredients, bergamot, or orange fruit, sweet earthly fragrances, etc are mainly used by employees of corporate organizations.

Irritable Mood

Cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, chili, etc. will ignite the mood of the user and everyone around her. Although it has a slightly pungent scent, it is suitable for casual occasions and lunches.

Sour Smell

Fragrances made from acidic ingredients will bring a fresh feeling to the user and the people around her. This type of perfume is more suitable for entertaining people. Fragrances made with ingredients like lemon, orange are more suitable for the day time. Some of these fragrances may also give an intense feeling. However, most of them have a soft and fresh scent.

Green Scent

Fresh fragrance or green fragrance may be the ideal choice for any event during the day. The feeling of new leaves or new grass of spring can be touched by using this type of perfume. The fragrance is sold in the market as ‘unisex’ or for both boys and girls.

The Aroma of the Fruits

Many people also like the sweet taste of the fruit as a perfume. Apple, berry, mango, peach fruit flavors are found in the fragrances of different brands. The sweet smell of orange will conquer the mind in one spray of Prader Milano. Fruit scents will keep the mind fresh during the day in all seasons.

The Fragrance of the Sea

You will find some artificial fragrance in marine perfume bottles. Marine perfumes have added a new dimension to the list of modern discoveries. According to perfume experts, keep this type of perfume for job interviews and formal environments.

Fragrantly Fresh

There are also some preparations before applying perfume. Moisturize the hands and feet. It can hold the smell for a long time. If you have taken a bath before, then there is no point. Night fragrances usually do not last long. If you spray it near the throat, the fragrance will spread easily. The spray should be done from a distance, at least 5 to 6 inches.

Recognizing an Original Perfume

One has to be very careful while buying perfume. Experts recommend buying good brands as well as buying from good stores. Packaging plays a big role in this. The cellophane paper will be a bit heavier. The box will be packed smoothly. The paper with which the box is made is also quite stiff.


Generally, famous brands usually make light-colored perfumes. The serial number of the perfume product will be written at the bottom of the bottle. Will not stick with glue. The bottom number of the bottle and perfume box will be the same. The original perfume bottle is also made of a good glass. If the structure and design of the bottle are not smooth and delicate then it can be doubted.


It is also possible to tell whether it is real or fake by spraying. If the scent lasts more than 15 hours after the first spray, then it must be understood that it is the real perfume. And if it does not survive, then it must be understood that it is fake.

Expiration of Perfume

Like everything else, perfumes have a fixed term. The best way to understand whether an expiration date before buying is to look at how long the alcohol smells after spraying. The smell of an alcohol solvent is found immediately after spraying the perfume. If it remains after 10-15 seconds, then the perfume has expired. Because the real fragrance of the perfume comes out in 10-15 seconds.

Preserving the Perfume

The easiest way to preserve perfume is to keep it at a normal temperature at home. But away from the sun. It is best to use the perfume packet within three years of opening it. If the color of the perfume continues to change or if the skin feels irritated after use, it is better not to apply it.

Some Perfumes from Cobra Brand

Cobra Perfume for Men and Women Limited Edition

The quantity of this perfume is 60 ml. The perfume can be used by men and women. The class of this perfume is Eau de Parfum. The fragrance family is floral and the fragrance segment is premium.

Cobra Roll On Perfume for Men

Cobra roll-on perfume is made for men. The amount is 6 ml. The perfume is imported from France. It is alcohol-free.

The original Cobra perfumes are available at Just search for the product by its name in our website and order it easily.