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Check Close up Toothpaste Price in Bangladesh and Buy Online

The closeup is a popular oral care brand who first launched gel toothpaste in the market. The closeup brand is launched by Unilever in 1967. It is specially designed to deliver longer-lasting fresh breath, whiter teeth, and a more confident smile. If you would like to buy original toothpaste then check on AjkerDeal Close up Toothpaste Price in Bangladesh.

Close-Up toothpaste is also accessible in the Philippines, Peru, Argentina, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Iran, Brazil, Russia, and Bangladesh. It is one of the top brands in the world. For brand positioning closeup target the youth segment with a lifestyle appeal in its advertising campaigns. They are the first brand who is targeting youth people in the market. 

In 1967 closeup debuted as a clear red gel with a spicy cinnamon taste and mouthwash right in the toothpaste. Now, closeup toothpaste is in positioned as the toothpaste that gives people confidence in those very “up close and personal” situations.

The idea of toothpaste that could give them fresh breath, white teeth and, subsequently, a little extra self-confidence provided instant appeal to consumers. Over the years, Closeup briefly flirted with a few variations, from a green mint-flavored version to a trendy clear gel.

Types of Closeup Toothpaste

There are different types of closeup toothpaste-like closeup ever-fresh gel toothpaste, red hot deep action, menthol fresh deep action, Oxyrush fresh attraction, arctic shock fresh attraction, diamond white attraction, fire-freeze unique dual-colored toothpaste, red hot deep action, menthol fresh deep action, Oxyrush fresh attraction, arctic shock fresh attraction, diamond white attraction and fire freeze unique dual-colored toothpaste.

How You Can Get Real Closeup Toothpaste

If you are planning to buy original closeup oral care products from home, then Ajkerdeal is the ideal choice for you. Not only you will find the closeup oral care products but you will also get other top branded oral care products in Ajkerdeal. We have huge collections and you can get them at attractive prices.  So, log on to Ajkerdeal right away and shop your loveable one.

Closeup Ever Fresh Gel Toothpaste-Red

Closeup ever-fresh red gel flavor is the zesty fresh flavor of closeup This toothpaste theme feels intense. This toothpaste is specially designed to experience the ultimate fresh burst of freshness from closeup.

The closeup ever-fresh gel toothpaste can help you get up to 12 hours of fresh breath. This shiny gel infused with active zinc mouthwash helps you get the best sparkling white smile. Its active zinc can clean deep corners of your mouth of germs, where a brush can’t reach. Its fresh breath will increase your confidence that will help you to make your first move on the person you like. If you want to approach someone you like, start to brushes your teeth with closeup toothpaste. And you will get real closeup ever-fresh toothpaste in 

Closeup Ever Fresh Gel Toothpaste-Green

Closeup ever-fresh gel toothpaste theme is to feel intense with minty fresh flavor. Its deep action can give you 3x fresher breath and whiter teeth.

Its active zinc mouthwash will fight with 99% of germs that cause bad breath and will give you up to 12 hours of fresh breath. It’s micro shine crystals that effectively whiten teeth by removing yellow strains. 

Closeup Fresh Attraction Oxyrush

The effect of closeup first attraction Oxyrush toothpaste is Imagining the adrenaline of glaciers rushing through your mouth. Closeup Fresh Attraction OxyRush gel toothpaste can purify freshness powered by glacier fresh mouthwash formula speckled with crystal frost. It will give you cleans teeth and gums with a cooling sensation; formulated with glacier fresh mouthwash with crystal frost. It will also fight up to 99% of germs that cause bad breath and helps keep your breath fresh for 12 hours. It gives all-day confidence and freshness. 

Main specifications are the category: Shopee/Health & Personal Care/Personal Care/Oral Care, Brand: Close-Up, Formulation: Paste,

Type: Toothpaste, Stock: 1, Ships

From: Batino, Calamba City, South Luzon, Laguna

Closeup Fresh Attraction Arctic Shock 

It has a powerful blast system, that can awaken your senses and can give you clean and a shocking wave of freshness. You can experience a fruity-floral flavor explosion peppered with a capsicum and menthol surprise. Only with Closeup Fresh Attraction Arctic Shock has arctic menthol mouthwash formula and Ice Crystal. 

It cools the gums and mouth with menthol; formulated with Arctic frost mouthwash and ice crystals. It also fights up to 99% of germs that cause bad breath and helps keep your breath fresh for 12 hours. 

Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste

This toothpaste is co-created with cosmetic dentists to give you the power of attraction just when you need it. It has revolutionary Blue Light Technology, that makes your teeth visibly whiter in one brush. It will whiten your teeth as you brush by helping remove yellow stains.

Now whitening is an instant optical effect measured using a digital imaging system. 

Close up Toothpaste Price in Bangladesh 

Browse on Ajkerdeal right away and buy Closeup oral care products. Our all products are reasonable because we care about customer satisfaction.  Choose the products according to Need. If you have the right oral care products, you will be able to take care of your teeth.