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CLEAR Sakura Fresh Anti-dandruff Shampoo 330ml Thailand৳ 510
Clear Anti Dandruff Nourishing Shampoo Ice Cool Menthol, 480 ml, Thailand৳ 750
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Unilever Clear Shampoo and Conditioner Online in Bangladesh

Unilever’s Clear is a leading shampoo product dominating the market in Bangladesh after the millennium. The price range of their solutions are economically flexible. Hence the availability and affordability have become widely popular amongst the society of Bangladesh, India and Thailand. It has international recognition for its service and the popularity for giving the best anti-dandruff, dryness and itching solution for male and female scalps. It was launched in the year 1975 and ever since, they are continuously engineering the most effective solutions for dandruff, itches and boosting the natural health of self-defense on your scalp.

Their priority to customize a divergent solution for variant problems caused on the scalp of different individuals has helped them attain a lot of appreciation from the customers. Clear understands the difficulties are dissimilar from one individual to the other. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Amino acid are the main secret ingredients used in the shampoo for maintaining the right moisture and energy boosts for your scalp. The amount of the ingredients differ between what is provided for a female scalp and a male scalp. The female scalp and the male scalp are very different in nature, making it an important concern for the engineers to formulate the right ingredients for both natures accordingly.

Clear always investigate the problems faced by an individual regarding their scalp health producing customized solutions for different kind of scalps. Sebum, a layer of natural oil produced by the human body to keep the scalp moisturized and healthy. A man’s scalp happens to produce more sebum due to overactive sebaceous glands. Due to this phenomena, the scalp significantly reduces amino acid and lowers the level of ceramide, which is responsible for weakening the scalp barrier that protects the hair from any kind of imbalance. Clear Men, is designed to formulate the restoration of this scalp barrier and boosts the energy of the scalp to provide the freshness the user experiences after the use of the formulated shampoo.

A woman’s scalp loses a lot of moisture making the scalp and the hair to dry up faster. In most of the cases, the production of sebum is proportionately lower on a woman’s scalp, maybe due to genes or hormonal imbalance etc. Due to this, a woman's solution is distinct. A formula is used that helps to produce more glycerine, preventing the scalp from drying up and produce dandruff or flakes or split end roots. This helps regain the scalp’s natural resistance strengthening the hair from root to end.

The level of sebum produced in a scalp differs for a number of reasons, genetic, hormonal imbalances, humidity, diet, bacterial infections etc. Clear customizes and helps customers to choose the right formula for the incompatible problems that occur on your scalp. Clear established their loyalty towards these customers by providing the exact solution an individual needs depending on the problem. Clear also provides customers with tips and tactics to maintain a healthy scalp. They encourage customers to use kitchen remedies if nothing works and also encourages to take help from experts if required.

The users often experience an interrogated robust of freshness. They are more likely to be more confident to show up at parties more frequently. Attend meetings discarding the idea of getting embarrassed in public. A lot of flavors are available to help customers avoid the lack of interest in the product. It is highly possible that you might find the right flavor within the choices provided by Clear. If you are confused to choose the right material, you are most welcome to contact with experts to help you find the perfect good.