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Clariss Mens Facewash 50 gm UAE৳ 319
Clariss Fragrances Deodorants-100ml-USA৳ 378
Clariss Men Face Wash- Intense Whitening-100ml-Thailand ৳ 338
Clariss Lemon Face Wash - 100ml৳ 266
Clariss Men Face Wash- Bamboo Charcoal-100ml-Thailand ৳ 338
Clariss Neem Face Wash - 100ml৳ 266
Clariss Papaya Face Wash - 100ml৳ 266
Clariss Tea Tree Face Wash - 100ml৳ 266
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Clariss Online Shop In Bangladesh: Personal care, Grooming, Skincare & Beauty care Products

In recent times people make use of the wide variety of items of personal care products and house care accessories products for living a healthy and comfortable life. AjkerDeal site provides various branded personal care, grooming, skincare & beauty care products in popular brands such as Clariss Inc, USA Global beauty brand.  

About Clariss Inc. USA Global beauty brand   

The Clariss brand is attached to Clariss Inc, the USA is a global beauty company with the defining quality of absolute customer satisfaction. These companies produced quality and innovative products for the customers with the strong belief of customer-oriented production is the key to reach out to the hearts of customers.

The Clariss Brand Motto is to continuously develop the innovation required “Clariss” products and to produce differentiated or better products for the consumers. This Brand also involved in the promotion of the products produced and drives to fulfill the various demands and expectations of the purchasers.    


Clariss Branded Products in BD  

Clariss brand stands for categorized beauty grooming, baby care & personal care products with the mission of growing with innovative customer consumer goods. Clariss branded products based on the understanding of application techniques and quality produced products. Clariss Brand products are listed below-

  • Personal Care products categorized in Facewashes of lemon, neem, papaya, tea tree & milk, Organic Face Washes, Hand sanitizer in Green & Pink, Fairness Cream, Whitening Milk lotion
  • Clariss Olive Oil Pomace of Pet Bottle, Glass & Tin, Castor Oil, Almond Oil
  • Clariss Men’s Face Washes in Bamboo Charcoal & Intense Whitening
  • Clariss Fragrance Products in Fragrance Deodorants in Dark, Rave, Wild & Venture, Gas free Deo For Men & Gas Free Deo Women of Naila, Nora, Yara, Zahra
  • Clariss Health Care product based in Black Seed Oil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil  
  • Clariss Baby Care Product consists of Baby Daily Products, Baby Wipes, Baby Feeder & Baby Nipple. 
  • Clariss House Care product included in Air Fresheners, Air Fresheners Premium, Hand wash. 

Their products are merchandise on the retail store markets with rewarding customer satisfaction as well as online stores throughout the world. For their famous branded Clariss products our website also gives you a branded taste according to your sense of choice and taste. 


Buy Clariss Branded Products From

Ajkerdeal is one of the Bangladeshi largest online sites where everyone discovers an extensive collection of brands product, you will also find the popular personal care & house care brand of Clariss Brand products from website. Let’s check out the prices in Bangladesh of Clariss products.


Clariss Fragrance Deodorants 

Clariss Fragrance Products has various aromatic smelling in Fragrance Deodorants for men in Dark desire, Rave culture, Wild forest & Venture fragrances. 

Ajkerdeal provides the Clariss Fragrance Deodorants of Rave culture in 100ml  which gives the intensely refreshing woody aromatic fragrance for making the undeniably fearless man. It also used during every event on a regular basis as well as office wear.  


Clariss Fragrance Gas Free Deodorants For Women 

Clariss Fragrance products consist of Gas free Deo For Men & Gas Free Deo Women with long-lasting presence. Women Deodorant count with women’s choice perfume some of Naila, Nora, Yara, Zahra fragrances. This Gas free perfume reflects the dynamic, sporty and modern texture fragrances with the convictions.  


Clariss Neem Face wash 

Clariss Neem Face washes formulated for face acne, and oil control skin and is well known for purifying and antibacterial properties that kills problem-causing bacteria. 

If you have dry skin and excess oil face then use Clariss Neem Face wash gel for cleanses your skin and get your glowing problem-free, refreshed skin. 


Clariss Face Washes

Clariss Face Washes is part of Clariss Personal Care products. This Face washes Found in a variety of lemon, neem, papaya, tea tree & milk face washes and Organic Face Wash. 

Clariss regular face washes included with ingredients of Neem that gives a deep action to prevent pimples, Tea Tree offers anti-acne prevent pimples, Lemon extract make an anti-acne oil control, Papaya prevents Anti-blemish pigments, Milk extract cleansing deeply, soft & smooth face.   

AjkerDeal Provides the Clariss branded face wash Thailand made in 100ml, which improves deep cleansing and prevents the face acne, pimples and anti blemishes. Let’s Browse our site to get the information of Clariss Face washes price and details. 


Clariss Air Fresheners & Premium 

Clariss Brand has different criteria for products in Personal Care, House Care, Baby Care and Health Care products. Clariss Air Fresheners are based on the House care category products.


Clariss Brand also provides the Air Fresheners premium products of Blossom, Pulp, Rain forest and Bakhoor.  

Ajkerdeal offers the Clariss Air Fresheners consisted of the fragrance of Paris admire, Dark fantasy, Orange, jasmine, Cocktail and Anti-Tobacco which makes your home odour free with one spray. It used as regular air fresheners and constantly freshen your room with various fragrances. 


Clariss Man’s Face Wash

Clariss Brand has some men’s grooming products of Men’s Face Washes in Bamboo Charcoal & Intense Whitening. Which gives the Neno Boosting beads and ultra comfort system of oil defense and pore cleansing. It also helps to detoxification the skin. 

AjkerDeal gives the Thyland made 100ml size in Bamboo Charcoal Face Wash that gives the ultra comfort system of men’s purifying face wash brightened the skin.