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CK Menz Cotton Polo Shirt - Copy৳ 450
CK Ladies Watch (Copy)৳ 499
ck plastic frame for men copy ৳ 1050
ck plastic frame for men copy ৳ 1050
2 pcs Roll On Concentrated Perfume (Attor) 6ml each (Axe & CK)৳ 205
Attar Roll On Concentrated Perfume (Attor) 6ml [Fogg, Ck,Ferrari,Axe]৳ 212
ck brand Glass Frame ৳ 1888
Calvin Klein brand Glass Frame ৳ 3250
Calvin Klein CK All EDT for Men 100 ml-USA৳ 4499
CK-102 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Meter৳ 1950
ck Ladies Wrist Watch (copy)৳ 454
CALVIN KLEIN 6ML Attar- 6 ml-BD৳ 230
CK-102 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Meter৳ 1929
CK Ladies Watch (Copy)৳ 600
CK Gents Rest Watch (COPY)৳ 216
CK Gents Rest Watch (COPY)৳ 242
CK Aqua Eternity Perfume For Men-100 ML-USA৳ 5299
CK18S Smart Bracelet Color Screen৳ 2990
CALVIN KLEIN ETERNITY perfume for men- 100ML UAE৳ 1900
Ck premium watch৳ 550
CK Black & Silver Watch with Bracelet (Master Copy)৳ 4300
CK Shake Concentrated Perfume (Attor) (6ml)৳ 157
CK Shake Mini Perfume 6ml - 6pcs Combo-france৳ 491
Ck One Eou De Toilette ৳ 6715
CK Ladies Watch (Copy)৳ 549
CK Ladies Wrist Watch-copy৳ 499
CK GENTS Watch (copy)৳ 450
Ck Summer Attar (6ml)৳ 204
Ck Summer Attar (6ml)৳ 124
2 pcs Roll On Concentrated Perfume (Attor) 6ml each (Axe & CK)৳ 164
Attar Roll On Concentrated Perfume (Attor) 6ml [Fogg, Ck,Ferrari,Axe]৳ 260
Calvin-Klein-Euphoria-Men-Deodorant-Stick-75ml-USA৳ 2899
CK women Watch - Silver৳ 1080
CK12 Smartband৳ 4000
CK Mens Underwear 01 Pcs-Copy৳ 212
CK Brand Boxer 3 Pcs Box Underwear for Men-copy৳ 499
CK Brand Boxer 3 Pcs Box Underwear for Men-copy৳ 499
CK Gents Boxer (Copy) - 3 pcs৳ 399
CK Shake Concentrated Perfume (Attor) (6ml) - 6 pcs Combo ৳ 285
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Calvin Klein Brand Products Online in Bangladesh


In 1968, Calvin Klein and his childhood friend Barry K. Schwartz established the Calvin Klein Limited. It is one of the most popular and unique brands in the world. The company is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, Newyork City. Ck manufactures the leather product, lifestyle accessories, home furnishings, jewelry, watches, perfumes and ready to wear. Calvin Klein is quite famous for the people who like to experiment with the daily challenges in their everyday lives, unafraid of trying something new.

For hot and humid weather like Bangladesh, nothing can suit you than Calvin Klein to wear, spray, carry. Introduce Ck to your lifestyle and see how it moves you. The fabric of the haute couture garments is designed and customized to soak the sweat off leaving a cold, refreshing feeling to the individuals, even in the warmest times of the day. The perfume will diminish the odor produced from the sweat of a hot and humid summer. The fragrance is very strong and durable, sticks to you throughout the day and night. Boosts confidence to be at places you normally would not go to. Some perfumes come in miniature sizes that you will be able to carry in your pockets.

Colognes of Calvin Klein are produced for both Men and Woman, some colognes are made in such a way that both sexes or others are recommended to try it. Although CK had its ups and downs, they remain competitive and a world-class brand in the world. In the global market, CK went head on head with UK designers to conquer the market of the USA. People all over the world are fascinated by CK, because of the lifestyle they promote to people with their products. The appealing collection that designs their life with values that are classy and exclusive.

Calvin produces goods by carefully researching what people will like and need, sometimes even differentiating between the seasonal requirements. They specifically study what a customer looks for, during the day, in the afternoon, outstanding sportswear during workouts, what to wear during sleep, at parties, for fashion, meetings, and so many other details. These accomplishments make it clear that they want to make Ck a global lifestyle and are best at making these possibilities come true in our everyday lives.

Calvin Klein delivers the whole package of comfort and superior components, making customers hard to resist the items they lay their eyes upon. The fabrics are stretchable, provides the most comfortable clothing in the world with the most elegant designs. There are sophisticated leather products like bags, money bags, shoes, watches, jackets, exclusively designed for customers to suit their surroundings, available in all colors along with their signature designs.

The customers usually wish that the price ranges for the products could have been more reasonable, which is hard for Ck to consider. As they went through several losses in the '70s, '80s, and ’90s while battling to be at the top of the global and local markets, which is why it is getting tough for Ck to decrease the cost of their products. The economic conditions of the global market do not leave them with much of a choice to reduce it as well. As they remain and continue to exist in every aspect of our lives.

The products come in all sizes, even in the most miniature form to large and extra-large sizes and quantities, making it one of the trendiest brands amongst youth and all the other age groups. Ck’s specialty to target youths does not prevent them to win the hearts of other age groups, as they say in their taglines, ‘stay young’. No one wants to grow old, no matter how old they look, people find a way to look young. Everybody wants to experience life from the eyes of youth. CK inspires people to do this every day, in every possible way.

Ck is truly a whole package of an outstanding lifestyle. If one gets into the trend, it becomes very hard to stay out of it. In no time you will start recommending people to have their products. Their exclusive watches come in models that are hard to resist, undergarments that look sexy and comfortable, perfumes with a signature CK smell in all of them, and so many other factors that make Ck unique and outstanding when you compare them with other product brands in the market. 

Nevertheless, they are very consistent at providing the world with the goods that any person needs at almost any conditions they live in. If you can manage to afford their products, you will not let yourself down. You will observe significant changes occurring at how much people appreciate your presence, and often ask and admire the products you are indulged with if its Ck.