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Citizen Ladies Watch CT03 Copy৳ 275
Citizen Ladies Watch৳ 184
CITIZEN 14 Digit Calculator -CT3614৳ 590
Citizen Ladies Watch CT02 Copy৳ 275
Citizen Pendulum Wall Clock৳ 1580
Citizen Ladies Watch CT01 copy৳ 275
Citizen Ladies Stylish Watch৳ 391
CT-512/Others Basic Calculator (12 Digit)৳ 246
Citizen CT-512 Calculator৳ 390
Citizen Ladies Stylish Watch৳ 455
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Buy Original Citizen Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

Celebrating 100 years, Citizens, the pioneer of watchmaking and innovative technology, promote excellence and creativity with a deep-rooted respect for crafts. Citizens look for and achieve successful goals for "Start better now" that improve our lives. In this respect, Citizens unite with companies and individuals who reflect the brand's values, including the Citizen Naismith Trophy, the National Merit Scholarship, and the Good 360.


As "citizens of the world," we are responsible for helping our craft create positive change and ongoing evolution. For more than 40 years, Citizen's eco-drive technology has served as a prime example of how a brand is dedicated to making the world and its environment a better place. A simple yet revolutionary concept, eco-drive protects the energy of light from any natural or artificial light source and converts it into energy. Instead of filling our landfills with discarded clock batteries, use a renewed natural resource.

Our name speaks to our belief of inclusion with a multicultural mindset to create timelines that citizens around the world can enjoy. In 2018, Citizens solidified an alliance with Disney, another powerhouse brand with similar values ​​and ideals. With a long-term partnership in place, Citizens participate in activities that surround Disney Parks, Marvel, Star Wars and more. Citizens is the official timepiece of branded watches at theme parks in both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Also, Citizen launched co-branded watch collections this year with Marvel, Disney and Star Wars.


Celebrating 30 years of CitizensProtest, our collection of professional-grade sports watches with an application for daily adventure. Looking back, we reflect on our rich history of time-consuming innovations; ProMaster has always been inspired by great adventure, with the highest level of functionality and endurance for every section of the air, land and sea. As time goes on, Citizens Falls continues its tradition of bold innovations in technology and style with a new style for 2019.

Satellite Technology

At 25, Citizen discovered a unique technology: the satellite wave. This enables the clock to receive a time signal from a GPS satellite to display precise time and date. Citizen Satellite Wave clocks have the world's fastest * satellite time reception in 3 seconds. Satellite wave timepieces stay up to date on fast-moving motors for watch hands. Three functions are designed to prevent the hands of the watch from moving out of position, playing an important role in enabling our satellite wave clocks to function:

Antimagnetic ** plates protect the motor from magnetism while not interfering with the antenna's ability to receive signals.

Impact detection involves a circuit that detects a shock and immediately applies a brake to the motor to prevent the clock's hand from going out of position.

Automatic hand correction regularly checks the position of the hand, confirms the degree of error, and returns the hand to the correct position.

* Using light-powered analog clocks (according to research data by Citizen Watch Stitch, Ltd.) up to March 28 ** Prevents direct magnetic field contact at 4,800 A / m (5 cm of magnetism).

Bulova UHF movement

On May 25, Miyata of Japan (Citizen Watch) introduced a new advanced movement (UHF 262 kHz) that uses a three-type quartz crystal for precisionist or electron II lines, a new type of quartz clock with ultra-high frequency (262.144 kHz). Claims to be accurate to +/− 10 seconds a year and have a smoother second hand than the one that jumps per second.

Contemporary watches

Citizen Watch also produces lines that feature more modern, contemporary designs than traditional civic labels. Depending on the market, these watches may be labeled "Secret", "Lighthouse" among others.

DCP clamp

The Deployment Clause with Push Button (DCP) is a clip available for many citizens to watch bracelet bands. Clips, like the Caliber 8700, are also used in leather bands as if they were metallic bracelet-style watchbands; However, when the palate is bandaged, the band appears as a normal i-hole and a leather watchband on the link pin.

Other products

It also produces citizen calculators and small electronic organizers. Some non-watch devices, such as handheld televisions and computer printers, have been marketed under the Citizens brand.

During the 9's, several handheld electronic games were sold under the Q&A brand.

In the early sixties, Citizens partnered with Compaq Computer Corporation to create a notebook computer in Japan for sale in Japan called Compaq for the Japanese and Eastern markets.

Citizens bought the Bulova Watch Company for $ 2 million on January 7 and made The Citizens Group the world's largest watch manufacturer. 

In 2016, Citizens acquired the Swiss Frederick Constant Group


Citizen watches, like our watches, are known for the Citizen brand, which is made using high-quality materials with attention to detail and craftsmanship. Designed to enhance your home or office space with contemporary styled desks and wall clocks that compliment both traditional staircase and modern home décor.

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