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Al Nuaim Gold Cigar Ator 6ml - India৳ 320
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CIGAR Perfume and Body Spray in Bangladesh


Generally searching for particular Brands is quite confusing because of their title or name. Whenever we search one brand but found in the same name with various brand’s products and accessories. Mostly know Cigar is a tobacco product for smoking. Here, we are talking about the famous fragrance and deodorant of Cigar perfume body spray. 

A cigar is one of the leading masculine perfume by the Remy Latour brand which is focusing the consumer’s sector with Fragrance, Haircare, Bath & Body, Makeup, Skincare and Home scents products.

CIGAR Is Part Of Remy Latour Brand

Remy Latour is a famous fragrance brand which is part of the French fragrance company entitled by Parfums Parour. This french company of Parfums Parour is an umbrella company for many brands such as Lomani, Vizzari, Gucchi Guilty, Kristel Saint Martin, Obsession, Georgi Valenti, Davidoff, Alien, Armani Code, Shalimar and Remy Latour alongside other designers. Remy Latour is known for both men and women’s fragrance.


Remy Latour brand is established in 1986 in Paris. Remy Latour brand is consisted of around 2000 brands. Their company is best for male fragrance and Cigar is one of the famous for a masculine fragrance. This Cigar fragrance was introduced in 1996. It has the best aromatic scents, intense, and fresh fragrance. Check the Best Mens Perfume Price in BD


Types of Cigar by Remy Latour     

Remy Latour Brand has 12 fragrances in their collection base with unravelling the glamorous scents. As mentioned earlier that Cigar is the most famous in their brand and signature perfume. There are many types of Cigar fragrance inspired by the orient and found for both males and females in their company. Such as

  • Cigar Remy Latour Spray
  • Cigar Black Wood cologne
  • Cigar Black Oud
  • Cigar by Remy Latour gift Set 
  • Cigar Aromatic Amber
  • Cigar Bios De Cachemire
  • Cigar Essence De Bios Precieux
  • Cigar Vanilla Tonka
  • Cigar Silver Essence
  • Cigar Mystic Scent
  • Cigar Jasmine De Grasse
  • Cigar Commander Spray
  • Cigar Nose Noire


Cigar Perfumes Buy from is an online shop has a huge collection of 200k products from a number of versatile categories. It is the only site in Bangladesh where you will find every type of product in every single thing. Below you will find Brand of Perfumes, Cologne, Body Sprays, Deodrants and other brands Fragrances. Let’s Explore the section below to learn more about products, the prices in Bangladesh for these Fragrances products.


Cigar Body Spray for Men

Cigar Body Deo Spray is a mass premium with luscious and succulent opening notes. The cigar body spray is a powerful and fresh fragrance that begins with the fruity notes of bergamot, lemon, pears, prunes and pineapple. It is a long-lasting body spray with 200ml weight of premium quality which makes refreshing feels. Basically, Cigar Body Spray is for Men’s, it sells in more than 90 countries throughout the world. So, Cigar Body Spray is one of the branded products imported from the UAE. That’s why you will find Cigar Deodrants in our country at a reasonable price. Let’s visit the website for purchasing the most famous fragrance of moderate sillage and long-lasting aroma Cigar Brands. Buy Mens Body Spray in BD

Cigar Body Spray For Men 200ML

Cigar Bodysprays and cologne is best for men. It has the middle composition of heated by the aromatic notes of flowers such as marigold, geranium, jasmine and bay leaves. This cologne as the brand’s most popular and well-known masculine fragrance brings a calming sensation and creates an amazing impact on your personality. This Cigar Body spray marketed across the globe with 70 countries for its cool and long-lasting fresh fragrance.


You can find this family woody & spicy fragrance of Cigar body spray collection and many other top global and local branded collection of perfumes, fragrances and their available prices details in the largest online shop website of Bangladesh. Let's check out here.


Gold Cigar Attre 6ML

Attar is better than synthetic perfumes, in Muslim culture many people prefer much better attire than perfumes. Attar is normally known by Perfume oil which do not contain alcohol and has a long-lasting scent. Gold Cigar Ator is the aroma of pure fragrance.   

If you are looking for pure attar and thinking for giving as a gift then visit the Ajkerdeal online shop and get a 6ml capacity of Gold Cigar Attre at a reasonable price.

Remy Latour Cigar Deodorants for Men

Remy Latour brand are produced mostly celebrated fragrances in their company. Their motto is “The choice of Elegance”. For their elegance quality of perfumes forced the many celebrities for choosing their various types of fragrances of Perfumes.

Cigar Deodorants are one of the most celebrated floral, woody and Refreshing deodorants. This deodorant spray has soothing and reinvigorates the sense of individuality by just one spritz. It helps to relax with cool refresh and not affects the skins and does not stain clothes.

Cigar Deodorant spray is the precious signature of Remy Latour. It is built around spices and deep woods extracts. The base notes are created with masculine heart plunges consisted of dark and mysterious woods and adding depth cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, tobacco, and musk. If you want any deodorant for wearing on a special party and occasion with a comfortable basis then visit the AjkerDeal website to buy Remy Latour Cigar Men Deodorant at a reasonable price.


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