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Cathy Doll Aura Whitening Serum Foam Cleanser Brightening Anti Dark Spot.100ml Korea৳ 491
Cathay Doll white milk shine body lotion 450ML india৳ 1199
Cathy Doll Body lotion-450ml-Thailand ৳ 1099
Cathy Doll Ready 2 White Body Cleanser 450 ml - Thailand৳ 850
CATHY DOLL White Milk Shine Body Lotion - 450ml Thailand৳ 1050
Cathy Doll Acne Solution Serum + Foam Cleanser 100ml Korea ৳ 482
Cathy Doll - White Milk Shine Body Lotion 450 ml Thailand৳ 980
Cathy Doll Acne Solution Serum Foam Cleanser - 100g (Korea)৳ 455
Cathy Doll Acne Serum Foam Facewash 100ml Thailand৳ 464
Cathy Doll White Milk Shine Peeling Body Scrub 320ml - Thailand৳ 700
Cathy Doll LGlutathione Magic Cream For Skin Whitening And Sun Protection-SPF 50 PA+++ (60 ml)৳ 979
Cathy Doll Aloe Ha Fresh Aloe Vera Soothing Cleansing Gel 100ml Korea৳ 455
Cathy Doll Aura Serum Foam Facewash 100ml Thailand৳ 464
Cathy Doll Ready 2 White Milky White Cream Pack - 100ml - Korea ৳ 800
Cathy Doll Jet Lag Easy Eye Liner (0.4 ML) - Thailand৳ 999
Cathy Doll Snail Whip Anti-Acne and Dark Spot Cushion Cleanser 120 gm - Korea৳ 550
Cathy Doll's Acne Solution Serum Foam Cleanser (Korean)-100gm৳ 640
Cathy Doll rose me soothing gel ৳ 1000
Cathy Doll 99% aloe vera & snail serum soothing gel-175gm-Thailand ৳ 550
Cathy Doll White Milk Shine Body lotion৳ 1250
Cathy Doll What Eye Want Eye Love You Eye Serum. Imported From Thailand-15ml-Thailand ৳ 600
Cathy Doll What Eye Want Eye Miss You Eye Primer-15ml-Thailand ৳ 650
Cathy Doll Body Lotion-450ml-Korea৳ 1225
Cathy Doll 99% aloe vera & snail serum soothing gel-175gm-Thailand ৳ 500
Cathy Doll AloeHa Fresh Aloe Vera Memory Cream-50gm-Thailand৳ 1300
Cathy Doll Rose Me Rose Sleep Mask-50gm-Thailand ৳ 1450
Cathy Doll Rose Me Soothing Gel - Korea ৳ 790
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Cathey Doll


Cosmetics are a daily part of our lives. Everyone wants to keep themselves beautiful or To present our personality. Everyone wants to join the beautiful procession. And there is no cosmetics pair to join this beautiful procession. Cathey Doll is a Thai cosmetics name. Not just Thailand. It is appreciated worldwide. In Bangladesh, Cathey Doll has huge demand. Speaking of cosmetics, Thailand is always popular. The cosmetics industry in Thailand is a huge source of foreign exchange earnings. Cathey Doll is one of the most popular brands. There is great demand in Bangladesh too. In there is a huge stock of Cathey Dolls products. You can easily buy Cathey Doll products from at home.

About the Cathey Doll:

The people of Thailand are always aware of the look and the cosmetic industry provides a huge part of the total annual income of Thailand. People from all over the world go to Thailand just for beauty treatments. Cathey Doll is a brand of its own in Thailand. Cathey Doll walks across the country, across the country. They have many types and categories of products. Facial Care, Body Care, Makeup Ingredients, Manicure Pedicure Ingredients, Beauty Accessories & Gift Set. There are different care products for men and women. Thailand is rich in natural resources. And the main raw material in the production of these products is brought from nature. You can easily use it without any side effects.

Product Details:

Cathey Doll has many types of products. One kind of product is used to solve one type of problem in the body.

Facial Care: We burn in the sun all day and return home with dust and sand. These impurities are not removed with ordinary water. As a result, various skin problems can occur. To avoid this, adequate care is needed. Cathey Doll has many types of facial care products that not only remove dirt from the face, nourish the skin, remove roughness of the skin and retain the beauty of the skin. Keeps age low and keeps you attractive.

Body Care: As the weather changes, so does the condition of the skin on the body. So at this point we should be more aware.Cathey Doll has several body care products. Such as body lotion, body wash, acne soothing gel, various types of creams etc. It is possible to get rid of seasonal skin problems easily through these uses. Body care products are also needed to maintain the beauty of the skin of the body.

Hair Care: Hair is one of the important external beauty of human beings. It can be said that hair is a precious human resource. So hair care should be done to have time. If the hair is not taken care of properly, the hair becomes rough. Hair falls out prematurely. Cathey Doll's Hair Care has many products. That will stop you from using your uneven hair. Add nourishment to the hair. Cathey Doll's shampoo or conditioner can be used to nourish your hair. You can also use Cathey Doll's hair gel or spray for hair fashion.

Beauty Accessories: Besides, the makeup material of Cathey Doll is famous for adding more beauty to girls. Cathey Doll's manicure pedicure product is for the beauty of the toenails. Besides, there is also nail color that allows you to easily paint your nails in different colors.

Quality and Benefits:

If you don't take care of your own body, no one else will. Moreover, by expressing one's beauty, one's own personality is also revealed. You can easily take place in the minds of people you know easily through your personality. And that's why Cathey Doll can be your best companion. There is no substitute for Cathey Doll's care products to keep yourself fit or look beautiful. Why get old at a young age? Keep your youth. Stick to your age. Cathey Doll is with you.

Thailand is a unique country rich in natural resources. Most of Thailand's cosmetics industry is a cosmetic industry whose main raw materials are extracted from this nature. The Cathey Doll is no exception. Cathey Doll's products are made up of hundreds percent pure raw materials. Non-alcoholic, non-allergic and produces all kinds of products without any harmful ingredients. So in terms of quality we can trust Cathey Doll. Each product has a specific use period. So we should look at the expiration date of the product and why we should use it.

Cathey Doll's reputation is still intact. Positive reviews from buyers are much higher. In addition to ordinary people, the world's biggest celebrities also use Cathey Doll products. So it can be inferred from how well Cathey Doll has gained credibility.

Cathey Doll Product Price in

There are many types of Cathey Doll products in . Among them is sunscreen cream which costs 1050 tk. Cathey Doll 100 ml Face Wash cost 550 tk. You will find the soothing gel for only around 1000tk  In addition, facial masks range from tk 1,000 to tk 1,500. Besides, body scrubs will be available for between tk900 to 1200tk Besides, you can easily get home delivery all over Bangladesh.


Health is a great blessing of God, the care of which is in our hands. So there is no pair of Cathey Doll to keep yourself healthy and take regular skin care. Cathey Doll can easily take place in your daily used cosmetics and can be your faithful companion. There are many types of Cathey Doll products available in You can easily buy these products online if needed and get home delivery at home.