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Buy Original Ceberg Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

The helmet is whatever will shield our head from any kind of mishap and it is the most significant biking contraption ever. Style, security, and greatness is a way of thinking that braces a legitimized notoriety for assembling extraordinary looking, top-notch, cruiser protective caps, which brag guaranteed European endorsement ECE 22.05 5, offering all-out true serenity for the everyday rider with regards to total wellbeing.

What is ECE2205?

The four basic types of tests required by International Standards are the shock absorption, rigidity, deformation of the retention system, and the rotation stability.

1)     The "shock absorption test" decides the limit of a head protector to assimilate and disperse the vitality of a blow.

2)     During the test the deceleration of a Helmet checked head from falling free onto an iron block at a given speed is estimated.

3)     The "rigidity test" gauges the maximal and leftover twisting of a cap submitted to horizontal or longitudinal pressure.

4)     The "retention system test" gauges the maximal and remaining extension of the chinstrap of a head protector submitted to dynamic worry at a given vitality. The solidness quantifies the move of the edge of a head protector submitted to a dynamic. 

Caberg Helmets

Caberg is the principal producer to present a flip-up (framework) head protector in Europe, an extraordinary case of a progressing responsibility to joining structure with capacity, and one that proceeds right up 'till today. The honor winning extent is wide and is continually refreshed and restyled, exploiting the most agreeable materials, wellbeing enhancements and specialized achievements, which means each Caberg protective cap looks just as great as it performs. 

Situated in Bergamo, Italy, Caberg was set up in 1974, and the organization's administrative centers have as of late experienced a significant venture into cutting edge structure, creation and testing offices – a fundamental improvement to help Caberg's progressing and developing prevalence in Europe and over the world. Italian plan is synonymous with style, and Caberg's wide head protector run proceeds in that custom with alternatives that spread a wide range of riding from the hustling and visiting basic every day and work runs.

Caberg Products

Caberg produces best quality helmets in full-face, flip-up & jet segments & they obviously maintain all kinds of international safety measures. DRIFT EVO, JACKIE & XTRACE are their very famous full faces helmets. Thousands of motorbike riders wear these helmets all over the world due to Caberg’s consistent quality, looks & technology. In the flip-up segment, they have LEVO, HOURS, DROID, DUKE II, TOUR MAX, SINTESI, etc. FLYON, GHOST, UPTOWN, FREERIDE, RIVIERA V3 are some jet helmet models of them. Besides helmets, they also have different kinds of helmet visors & helmet Bluetooth devices for talking with others while riding especially on a group bike tour.

Benefits & Use of Caberg

Caberg helmet has a very good opportunity to grab the Bangladeshi market as people use motorbike a lot here for communication. Moreover, ride-sharing is very popular here. Besides this group bike riding is also increasing day by day. In this potentially large market, Caberg’s helmet can be a good solution for bikers because of their smart & unique looks, safety, technologies & smart price they offer.

One of the favorable circumstances Caberg has which isolates them from numerous other world-class organizations is that numerous different organizations re-appropriate their assembling, consequently they can't keep a similar premium feel in the entirety of their items. Be that as it may, Caberg still delivers everything at their origin.

Their R&D, producing, testing – all are done in a similar structure. This causes them to guarantee the quality control of each building and furthermore empowers great correspondence at all levels.

Remaining consistent with the root doesn't mean they haven't advanced consistently. Among other Italian Helmet Companies, Caberg was the first to present progressive flip-up secluded caps and some more. They have developed and embraced new advancements and joined it with Italian high-quality materials – bringing about Premium, agreeable protective caps that remain in the class with the pioneers.

All Caberg Helmets are ECE endorsed and all top-level head protectors from Caberg have sharp evaluation. Caberg makes their shells from quality materials like Composite Fiber, HI-IMPACT ABS, and Carbon.

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