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Deodorant Body Spray For Men - 200ml France৳ 428
Brut Perfume For Men 100ml (UK)৳ 800
BRUT Original Roll ON body spray for men Italy ৳ 454
Brut Classic Eau De Perfume For Men - 88ml (France)৳ 690
10 inch LED Ring Fill Light Ringlight Photography Beauty Light৳ 620
Brut Original Deodorant for Men - 200ml (France)৳ 350
Brut Body Spray 200ml Paris৳ 293
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BRUT Perfume Online in Bangladesh |


Anyone in their life ever been trapped in a crowded elevator or throng room? They can intrinsically understands that only some few people are gifted with noses which are so finely tuned to fragrance that they can distinguish between scents that allure. They can also understand which ones that merely annoys. That’s way we all need to put perfume on us every day. So, are you searching for the best website in Bangladesh to buy the Brut perfume online then very luckily you are at the correct place. Yes, is the finest site for buy BRUT perfume in Bangladesh at low price. So let’s not wait any more, you can dress up as best as you want and take care of your glamorous appearance with excellent addition of BRUT perfume.

History of Brut

The BRUT was initiated to Paris back in the year of 1960s. Today’s world, it is still one of the most popular fragrance. The men who are personally care brands always preferred by men around the world. Since their launches time the BRUT signature fragrances have been empowered and authorize men across the world to wear its fragrances with ultimate confidence, attractiveness and character. Since then, BRUT has explicate and set the bold, fine standard to prestige masculine perfume for men.

Men enjoy the quality of being individual and masculinity of BRUT. Its strong fragrance suits their robust personalities and it is long lasting from day to night and goes on. BRUT empowers men very much. BRUT giving men a special class and sophistication. The versatile fragrances are available in Eau De Toilette which is spray, the after shave; cool deodorant spray and roll on.  

The BRUT is an icon perfume in the world of fragrance. After the creation of BRUT, soon became the perfume of choice for men around the whole globe.

Brut Exclusive Perfume for Men and Women in Bangladesh

BRUT has seven unique variants. These seven flavors provide the long lasting and distinguishing scent that gives men the confidence they need throughout the whole day.

BRUT Original: The distinctive perfume of Paris for the strong masculine man. They like this series very much. Brut original is pretty much available in Eau De Toilette for men, Eau De Toilette spray, after shave with splash-on, cologne splash-on, the deodorant spray, and roll on.

BRUT Oceans: BRUT Oceans series incorporate an energetic experience that is fitting for all occasions. BRUT Oceans is the enliven perfume of Paris. It is a neat and clean, crisp perfume that keeps you cool and very much refreshed. BRUT Oceans is accessible in eau de toilette (spray), after shave and deodorant spray.

BRUT Musk: BRUT Musk is very dark, woody experience that pulsates to a solely masculine sophistication. The BRUT musk is the powerful scent of Paris for the strong confident man. BRUT musk is available in eau de toilette with spray, after shave lotion, and the deodorant spray.

BRUT Identity: BRUT Identity is the awakening perfume of Paris. For the man on the go, represents the quality of being outgoing with uplifting perfume ready for party no matter where he lives. BRUT identity series is available in the deodorant spray.

BRUT Instinct: BRUT Instinct relieves strain with a comfort swirl of scents. For the man of lifestyle, the relaxing perfume of Paris and it is good. BRUT instinct is very much available in the deodorant spray.

BRUT Sport Style: BRUT Sport Style is the athletic perfume of Paris. It is a crisp and intense perfume with glitter aromatic tones for the casual yet refined man. Brut Sport Style is available in Eau De Toilette with spray, the after shave and the deodorant Spray.

BRUT Attraction Totale: BRUT Attraction Totale is the sensual, exotic fragrance of Paris. The thrilling personality of a confident man is BRUT Attraction Totale. It is a sensual, exotic woody perfume complement with a blend of the citrus fruits notes and the white musk. BRUT attraction totale is available in eau de toilette spray, after-shave and the deodorant spray.

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5 benefits of using BRUT perfume in Bangladesh

  • It will enhance your daily mood in busy Dhaka traffic
  • It will boost your confidence in the office
  • It will make you attractive in
  • It will boost your mental health
  • Sometimes it will trigger your happy memory

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