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BPM - Deshi Food Brand Online

BPM means Bangla Marketing Product. It is a Bangladeshi brand that manufactures organic products that are useful for a healthy body. Some of their popular products are - Binni rice, Puffed rice, Chira, Kaun rice, Biroi rice, etc.  

Dheki Chhata Rice

In ancient times, the people of rural Bengal were accustomed to eating Dheki Chhata rice. Nowadays, the developed society has named that rice as Brown Rice. Some part of the rice husk remains on the surface of this rice. Because this rice is not polished. So it looks a bit reddish. And because it is not polished, its nutritional value is several times higher than that of ordinary rice.

Dheki Chhata rice contains complex carbohydrate-rich starch and fiber. This rice takes longer to digest so it slowly provides a lot of energy to the body throughout the day. Dhemki Chhata rice also contains Vitamin-B, Vitamin-E, Manganese, and Selenium which enhances Alzheimer's disease resistance and destroys cancer cells. Dheki Chhata rice is high in insoluble fiber, so it is good for constipation patients. Besides, for those who have digestive problems, Dhemki Chhata rice is also good. So judging by the nutritional value, it is better to eat Dhemki Chhata rice than white rice.

White Binni Rice

Binni rice does not have to be boiled. So with this rice Khir, Payesh, Bhapa Pitha, Chitai Pitha, Patisapta Pitha, etc. can be easily made. The surrounding area becomes filled with the smell of various delicious food made with Binni rice. This rice is also very delicious. Binni rice is also beneficial for health. Many people eat this rice to cure diarrhea. This rice does not have to be boiled so it has a high quality of food.

Kaun Rice

Kaun rice has a lot of nutrients. Kaun rice is a grain that is rich in carbs and mineral salts. Every 100 grams of Kaun rice contains 36 calories of protein, 9 grams of water, 63 milligrams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of minerals, 8 milligrams of vitamin B, 300 calories of dietary fiber, 60 grams of potassium, that is 20 percent more than the rice we eat. That is why it is called a superfood. 

Kaun rice has more fiber than any other granular food ingredient. So if you cook and eat any food of Kaun rice, the stomach stays good. Some of the beneficial ingredients in Kaun rice help reduce the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol in our blood. The Potassium in this rice helps control blood pressure by maintaining the salt balance in our body. Kaun rice also contains a sufficient amount of magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron which is especially beneficial for women. Kaun rice has fiber which helps in relieving constipation. It contains vitamin C so various beneficial minerals help in bodybuilding. Kaun has enough fiber. Eating fibrous foods keeps the stomach full for a long time. As a result, there is no frequent hunger. This makes it possible to lose weight easily.

Biroi Rice

Biroi rice contains a lot of fiber. The higher the fiber, the slower the digestion of food in the intestines, the slower the conversion of sugars or carbohydrates into sugars, the lower the blood sugar level, the lower the glycemic index. This rice is recommended for diabetics and heart patients due to its low glycemic index. Reduces the risk of blood vessel blockage, reduces the risk of heart disease, lowers blood fat levels, and sugar levels. Eating 1 cup of rice every day reduces the risk of diabetes by up to 60 percent. Biroi rice is less hungry. Eating Biroi rice provides 10 percent of the daily required fiber. Biroi rice helps in weight control and prevents obesity.

Puffed Rice

There are 56 calories in 14 grams puffed rice, Carbohydrates 12.6 g, Protein 1 g, Fat only 0.1 g, Fiber 0.2 g, Potassium 16 mg, Iron 4.44 mg, Magnesium 4 mg, Phosphorus 14 mg, Thiamine 0.38 mg, and Niacin 4.94 mg.

Puffed rice helps reduce body weight by controlling acidity. The amount of sodium in the puffed rice is low. So it controls blood pressure. The stomach stays full for a long time. puffed rice contains neurotransmitter nutrients. As a result, eating puffed rice has various health benefits including nerve stimulation of the brain. It helps to improve the brain and improve cognitive function. For stomach problems, eating puffed rice or muri gives immediate benefits.


Chira is a very common food. The importance of Chira is immense in cooling the stomach, filling the dehydration, and at the same time satisfying the hunger. There are benefits to eating Chira for patients with celiac disease. It is safe to take Chira for these patients as there is no problem in the absorption of rice protein prolamin and glutelin. Chira has many benefits for kidney patients as it has low potassium and sodium levels. Chira has very low fiber content which has many benefits in preventing diarrhea, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, intestinal inflammation, and diverticulosis.

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