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Boroline Night Repair Cream for Skin - 40 gm: India৳ 150
Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream - 20g India৳ 139
Boroline SX Ayurvedic Cream 40gm Indian৳ 185
Boroline Suthol Prickly Heat Skin Liquid (Indian) -100ml৳ 250
Boroline Suthol Prickly Heat Skin Liquid-100ml-India ৳ 250
Boroline Antiseptic Cream-40gm-India ৳ 183
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Buy Boroline Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh 

Boroline, the first original antiseptic cream of India mirrors the trust of the ages of customers. To three ages of Indian purchasers, Boroline has advanced as a mindful and confided in the individual from the family to whom one goes when out of luck. Family esteems and convention has kept on being a basic piece of Boroline's image profile. Boroline is a really legacy brand.


Foundation of Boroline

Boroline is an over the counter disinfectant perfumed cream sold in India. The item was propelled in 1929 in Kolkata by Gourmohan Dutta, a Bengali shipper. Throughout the years, the brand's ubiquity took off, and it turned into a symbol of national financial independence in a country that was still under the British principle. It is as yet one of the most famous brands in India.

It is a mix of the sterile boric corrosive, the astringent and sunscreen zinc oxide, and the emollient lanolin and is intended to be utilized for cuts, split lips, unpleasant skin, and to treat diseases. It is fabricated by GD Pharmaceuticals.

History behind the brand name & logo

The name Boroline is derived from its fixings, "Boro" from boric powder, which has sterile properties, and "Olin" as a variation of the Latin word oleum, which means oil. The cream is a blend of fundamental oils, waxes and its striking germ-free properties are a consequence of boric powder and zinc oxide.

The logo was deliberately picked for. The elephant implies consistent quality and quality. In addition, too many elephants have propitious centrality. Remembering these qualities, an elephant was picked as Boroline's logo, trusting that it would give karma and spell achievement. The logo got on. In the country heartland of India, Boroline is as yet known as the "Hathi Wala cream" (cream with the elephant logo). 


  1.     Boroline

Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream is a lushly rich night fix cream to recuperate dry and unpleasant skin for the time being. Use Boroline consistently and get up each morning with delicate, glad skin. It may be useful for –

  •         Relax dry dried out lips
  •         Smoothen unpleasant hands
  •         Smoothen unpleasant elbows and scraped skin
  •         Recuperate broke heels
  •         Relax harsh feet
  •         Recuperate broke areolas
  •         Ensure child against nappy rashes
  •         Quickly recuperate activity line marks
  •         Recuperate burns from the sun and scars
  •         Relax constantly dry & irritated skin  
  1.     Eleen:

Perfumed light hair oil which is enhanced with Amla and Vitamin – E. Eleen hair oil is famous for hair treatment.

  1.     Suthol:

Summer Heat carries with it many skin issues Prickly Heat, Rashes, tingles, skin aggravations. Suthol germicide skin fluid gives the best help from all these skin inconveniences. Experience the Ingredient subtleties of Suthol and perceive how every segment in Suthol has been painstakingly chosen to enable your skin to stay new and inconvenience free during summer. Suthol is accessible in 3 variations – Suthol Neem, Suthol Chandan and Suthol Fresh, accessible in Liquid, Spray and Gel. 

  1.     Glosoft:

The rising degree of contamination today hurts your skin each second. The more dynamic your way of life, harsher is the impact of contaminations, residue and grime. Facial consideration being the most significant piece of healthy skin requires our most prominent consideration. pH of Glosoft Face wash is nonpartisan which exists in your skin's characteristic pH run and is most drastically averse to create any corrosive irregularity. Being fluid, Glosoft face wash likewise guarantees least scraped spot, least buildup and a gentler purging. Glosoft Turmeric Glow face washes not just rinses your face delicately it is restorative in its belongings. Containing Turmeric and Glycerin, each wash with Glosoft leaves your face delicate and sparkling. Do this consistently and watch your skin improve much better.

  1.     Penorub:

Penorub Red Liquid Pain Reliever accompanies a one of a kind move on implement. Being fluid, Penorub Red enters profound inside the agonizing territory, conveying its mending properties to give you astounding help.

  1.     Noprix:  

A solution for battling the mosquito danger successfully. Boroline's Noprix – your own mosquito repellent. Splash Noprix on yourself to keep mosquitoes far away. What's more, best of all, Noprix has no synthetics – totally safe to shower on the youngsters. Shower Noprix on garments or on the skin and be sheltered from mosquito bites.

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