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Bonfix Diaper Online Shop In Bangladesh - Buy Diaper at the Cheapest Price

By combining its experience and the latest technology for healthy babies, Bonfix baby diapers gathered all the features one would expect from a diaper along with other baby care products.

They generally producing baby wipes, baby shampoo, baby oil, women sanitary pad and adult diapers specially designed for international markets. As a result of continued Research & Development, they also improved quality with a new machine line that product shape diapers which called the gold standard in the premium level and Borneo baby products are now distinguished by their packages and offer unique features that totally meets the babies' needs and keep up with the market dynamics.

According to a global observation of diapers, reliability is the most important factor when mothers are choosing baby diapers products and brands for their babies so we are always taking their steps in light of this fact for now and future.

Quality of Bonfix Products

With a focus on premium quality and customer satisfaction, they have been certified the quality of their products with our certificates of ISO 9001:2008, CE Conformity and many additional tests that were performed by the qualified quality control companies. Customer satisfaction was taken to the forefront and was met also by consolidating the research & development and quality control departments with the works of how to produce the right products according to customer needs.

Some Products By Bonfix

Bonfix Baby Diaper

Bonfix advantage pack 40 pcs per pack. Diapers are their new product with higher absorption capability & rate.

Some Important Features of Bonfix Diaper

  • Breathable & Unbreathable textile back sheet,
  • With inexperienced ADI,
  • Mechanic tapes,
  • Premium permeability,

Properties of The Diaper

It is made of a breathable textile type cloth-like back sheet. 

The total weight is thirty grams per diaper. A special SAP application is implemented in the middle of the core that the baby can use principally.


There is a certain high leg-cuff to stop the leakage. Anti-allergic elastics are present that match the anatomy of baby and permits to move freely. The diaper has mechanic frontal and aspect tape will open-close once more and once more. Also, it has an inexperienced layer that absorbs liquid quickly and stops it back to the top sheet.

Bonfix Baby Lotion 200 ml

Baby Oil Adopts the high-quality oil, that is pure and delicate and straightforward to absorb, and it'll leave a wetting & protecting layer on skin when used, the layer will effectively lock water, and shield the skin from crack and irritation. At constant time, it will effectively soften the dander of the baby.

Some Special Features

  • The special moisturizing formula,
  • Non-stimulation and delicate,
  • Made natural wetness Ingredients.

Bonfix Baby Shampoo 300 ml

Some Special Features

1.Double moisturizing dry hair, anti-dandruff,

2.Smoothens the hair,

3.Supplementary water to inhibit hair resistant,

4.Hair and clean lubrication, simple to massage.

Using Instructions of The Shampoo

Apply a suitable amount of shampoo to wet hair, massage on hair till foaming then rinse off. Twice will better. When shampooing, it can be felt warm but comfortable.

Special Notes

This product is non-edible, so it has to use carefully on babies. It should be placed where a child is not easy to get the bottle. Should be kept in a shaded place and should avoid direct sunlight. If it has gone through the eyes, immediately the eyes should be washed.