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BOB Silk Unlimited Eyeliner Gel Pen 3D Liquid Eye Liner Pencil Super Black Fast Dry Waterproof Eyeliner৳ 659
BOB waterproof Mascara Korea৳ 324
Waterproof BOB Kajol ( Original)৳ 691
BOB waterproof Mascara Korea৳ 347
BOB kajal 1.16 gm China৳ 252
Waterproof BOB Kajol ( Original)৳ 500
bob mascara 0.8 gm Thailand৳ 302
BOB Waterproof Kajol-1.5ml-Korea৳ 320
BOB Silk Unlimited Eyeliner Gel Pen 3D Liquid Eye Liner Pencil Super Black৳ 590
Bob Silk Unlimited Eyeliner Gel Pen 3D Liquid Eye Liner Pencil Super Black ৳ 590
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BOB Brand Online Shop BD: Buy Best Quality Makeup Cosmetics 

Beauty always explains according to your appearance. Every person easily affected personal and beauty care products to change her appearance through social media like Instagram, Facebook etc.


Now, In present times every individual is just looking for the right makeup products in global marketize. recommended a list of popular makeup like BOB Cosmetics Brand in Bangladesh. 


About BOB Cosmetics Brand


“The Beauty Of Beauty” Is BOB

While makeup and skincare brand launched their products all year or at certain times people around us just continue to go back to the experts to capture the brand products’ detailed information and benefits. In this sense, people every so often select the Korean beauty brand among top global beauty markets. 


Beauty consumers simply want the skin of Korean celebrities who supposedly use beauty products. Korean Beauty market brand is focused on the trend and innovation that provide some health and skincare benefits, propagated throughout the world through social media and online platforms which included bright colors packagings.       

BOB Cosmetics brand also related to the K-Beauty line. BOB brand name has some variation with other consumers brands like BOB brand is for kids, adults & babies regardless of gender or age accessories products and another footballer’s name refers to Bob Brand who is a Scottish footballer. 

Particularly, BOB Cosmetics Brand referred to  “The Beauty Of Beauty” is a cosmetic brand from Hongkong. BOB cosmetics Brand focuses on a variety of makeup products such as Colours, Shines and Brightness. It has distributed in Thailand by Thai-Rosy Company.

BOB Cosmetics Products     

Korean beauty and personal care brand offer functional cosmetics and their Cultural habits, Foods & drug administration and way of livings make sure the skin treatments of anti-wrinkle, elasticity-boosting, pigment-fading, and sunscreen properties.


K- Beauty products Brand also researched more for better products and innovated the combination of beauty balm cream, BB cream, with an air cushion compact. Korean beauty cosmetics companies popularized with merging of foundation, moisturizer, anti-aging cream, whitening agent and sunscreen in one product.


The BOB products include Finishing Face powders, Eyeliners & Kajal, Lipsticks, plus an extensive offering of Volume mascaras and other accessories Collections. BOB makeup Cosmetics Products are listed below-

  • BOB Pressed Powder Foundation and Highlighters Clear Compact with puffs
  • BOB Loose Powder
  • BOB 24-Hours long-lasting thick Black curling Waterproof Mascara
  • BOB Makeup curling thick mascara eyelashes
  • BOB WaterProof Kajal
  • BOB Waterproof Liquid eyeliner Pen
  • BOB Black Smooth Eyeliner
  • BOB Kill Black Pencil Gel Liner in Ultra Hd
  • BOB Foundation Oil-Control Concealer Makeup Powder  
  • Makeup Fluffy Volume Cosmetics in 3D Black Waterproof Mascara Elongation Curling Eyelash 
  • BOB 5 Colors of Private Label Cosmetics Vegan Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Single Glitter with Shimmer Matte Eyeshadow   
  • BOB Snow-white Skin affinity Powder cake whitening Oil-control Exquisite Lasting Make up Moisture
  • BOB Silk Powder Waterproof
  • BOB Pure Beauty Blusher
  • BOB Makeup Perfect BB Cream
  • BOB V7 + vitamin Complex Better Me Cream
  • BOB Pure Beauty Lip Gloss
  • Active Collagen BOB Cristal Clear Moist Lipstick
  • BOB Active Oxygen Moisture Lip Balm 


Ajkerdeal is one of the largest online shops in Bangladesh where everyone finds a huge collection of branded as well as a local product, you will also find the BOB Cosmetics products from website. Check the Best Cosmetics Makeup products in Bangladesh


BOB Makeup Cosmetics Products Buy From Website Website provided the most influential and top-ranked brands and popularly followed by customers.


We are looking for potential customers to work with. Hope that will be you! Let’s check out the prices in Bangladesh of BOB product.


BOB Makeup Perfect BB Cream

BOB Makeup products consist of younger-looking beauty things and adjust the color skin by their products. BB cream stands with a blemish balm cream that improves skin colors and tries to cover acne, pore, and oil-controls. It can be used as all in one cream of skin treatment, concealer, primer, foundation, and SPF moisturizer.  


If you want fresh, firm and natural moisture look then visit our site and get the BOB Water-resistant, oil-control removes, moisturizer, long-lasting, whitening, natural, concealer, hydrating, brighten, easy to wear BB cream at a suitable price range.


BOB Waterproof Kajal

If you’re a beauty conscious person, then you must be looking for the black eyeliner or Kajal to complete your makeup looks. Kajal is one of the essential Eye makeup products to beautify the eyes and applied around the eye curves to create an aesthetic look. 


If you want BOB Waterproof ultrasoft refill Kajal with lasting curves and length for your eyelashes then browse our site and enjoy your suitable conveniences. 

BOB 24-Hours long-lasting Super Waterproof Mascara

BOB makeup brand has various eyewear products in Mascara and  24-Hours long-lasting thick Black curling Super Waterproof Mascara is creating extremely black, smudge-proof and stretched out lashes within a seconds.


AjkerDeal site offers the luscious lashes given mascara at a reasonable price range.  


BOB Kill Black Pencil Gel Liner 

BOB makeup brand has a Korean made Kill Black Pencil Ultra Hd in Gel Eye Liner that makes the precise line on the eye and give the expressive look.


You can find this original BOB waterproof black pencil gel liner in 10gm at an affordable price from the AjkerDeal site.  


BOB Long-lasting Super Curl Mascara 


BOB Long-lasting Super Curl Mascara makes the elegant eye by the extremely black, smudge-proof, stretched out lashes within a seconds and makes the extensive curl eyelashes.


BOB Ultra Long-Lasting Mascara


BOB Ultra Long-Lasting Mascara which provided the sharp and natural line for your eye and eyelashes.  


BOB 360 Big Eyelashe Extreme Black Mascara 

AjkerDeal offers the best BOB 360 Big Eyelashe Extreme Black of volume mascara at an affordable price range. BOB brand aimed it to provide beautifully attractive & pleasurable products including colourful long-lasting facts.   


BOB Big Eyelashe Extreme Black look of volume mascara gives every woman to emphasize her uniqueness to show the expressive eyes. It has 16 hours of long-lasting and waterproof in eyelashes that make the intense eye looks. 

BOB Clear Compact Powder 

BOB Brand collection has a collection of powder, lipstick, lip blam, Eyeliner, and Eyebrow.


BOB cosmetics provided Kinds of Makeup powders which are BOB loose powder, Pure Beauty powder, Active Collagen powder or the powder that contains Collagen to make your Skin White and prevent wrinkle and skin blemishes.