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Blue Deodorant Body Spray For Men - 200ml৳ 297
Bluedio HI wireless earphone bluetooth 5.0 earphone for phone stereo sport earbuds headset with charging box built-in microphone৳ 1466
Bluedio TWS Wireless Earphone 5.0 Headset Bluetooth Earbuds for Phone Stereo Sport Earbuds Headset with Charging Box৳ 1477
Bluedio Wireless Bluetooth earphones Stereo Sport Earbuds mini Headsets with Microphone black৳ 1488
Bluedio F2 Active Noise Cancelling headphones Wireless Bluetooth Headsets৳ 4890
Bluedio T2 Plus Turbine Wired and Wireless Both Supported with Mic, Micro SD Card Slot and FM Radio - Black৳ 2350
Bluedio TN2 Sports Bluetooth৳ 1600
Bluedio T-Elf Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphone-Original৳ 1599
Bluedio T-Talking True Wireless Mini Single Ear Bluetooth 5.0 In-Ear Sports Earbud Headphone Earphone৳ 750
Bluedio TM wireless bluetooth headphone with microphone monitor studio headset for music and phones support voice control৳ 2145
Bluedio T2+ over ear Bluetooth headphone৳ 2600
Bluedio T Energy 2nd Generation NeckBand Bluetooth Earphone৳ 1999
Bluedio F2 Active Noise Cancelling headphones Wireless Bluetooth Headsets with microphones for phones৳ 4790
Bluedio Particle wireless earphone bluetooth 5.0 waterproof earbuds wireless sport tws headset with charging box৳ 1980
Bluedio T6 (Turbine) Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones৳ 5400
Bluedio T-elf Mini TWS Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Sports Headset Wireless Earphone With Charging Box for Phones৳ 1450
Bluedio US Wireless Home Audio Speaker System Patented Three Drivers Bluetooth speakers with Microphone Bass 3D Sound Surround৳ 6500
Bluedio Fi Bluetooth Earphone TWS Wireless Earbuds Waterproof Sports Headset Wireless Earphone in ear with charging box৳ 2100
CHOETECH USB HUB USB-C Multiport Adapter PD Charger 4K HDMI SD Card Reader 2 USB 3.0 Ports 3.1 Type C Dock Station For MacBook৳ 3800
A810BL - Bluetooth Sports Earphone - Black৳ 1450
Bluedio TN Bluetooth Earphone With Active Noise Cancelling Function Wireless Headset৳ 1590
Bluedio T Energy Bluetooth Earphone for Mobile Phones for Running Sport with Microphones - Black৳ 1440
Bluedio Hi Hurricane Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds৳ 990
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Bluedio Headphones in Bangladesh | AjkerDeal


Bluedio is a Chinese headphone manufacturing brand. They produce wireless or Bluetooth speakers, headphones, earphones, etc.


Headphones are audio that can be heard over the ear without being inserted inside the ear. The headphones also have wires attached to them like earphones. Wireless can be run again. It does not use cushions like earphones. Instead, it has a round grip of foam and a handle to hold between the earbuds on either side. So that it can be easily applied to the ears over the head.

Headphones are a pair of transducers placed near the ear that receive electrical waves from a media player or receiver and convert them into audible sound waves. It is also called earphones, stereophone, and headset. Headphones are commonly used in conjunction with Walkman, mobile phones, CD players, digital audio players, BMP 3 players, and personal computers. Some headphone units are self-contained and have a radio receiver. Some more headphones are wireless. These use radios, such as analog FM, digital Bluetooth, WiFi, or infrared signals, to communicate with the base unit. Headphones are usually used to hear solitary sounds.


Earphones are those that are placed in the ear, listening to music, or doing such things. These earphones come with wires of different sizes as needed and have a 3.5mm audio jack on the head that needs to be input into an audio device. It has two mini speakers on either side of the ear and a cushion or rubber on the head to make it comfortable for the ears. The size of this cushion is made according to the size of the ear so that it can fit easily. These cushions are made of several things including silicone, rubber, etc. There is also a mouth pitch or microphone with a volume button in the middle of the earphones so that mobile calls can be made. Now some earphones in the market can be used without a jack. These are called wireless earphones. These usually run using Bluetooth. These earphones are powered by charging. This earphone has to be used by putting earbuds according to the size of your ears.

Difference Between Headphone and Earphone

The main difference between earphones and headphones is their shape. Earphones are good for indoor use and headphones are used for jogging or walking outside. Because when you hear something in the earphones, you can't hear anything around you, because no sound can come out of the ear because of its bud. But using headphones outside is not a problem. Because there is some space in the bud through which the outside sound can come in a bit. This makes it easy to hear the horns of road cars. Also, earphones are best for smooth audio quality. Also, the base quality of the earphones is very good. Headphones have all these features but they have to be very high quality. These earphones and headphones are available at different prices in the market. However, when buying earphones should see the bud. Because depending on what these buds are made of, it will be a problem if it is in the ear.

Common Headphone Problem

Cable Problems

90% of the time the headphones have wiring problems, especially if they are suddenly damaged or the wires with the plugged jack or the side of the speaker are cut and damaged within a few days. Most of the time this problem occurs due to one's own mistakes. The connection can be loosened from the plug or the earpiece, and the wire insulator can be cut and damaged under pressure. Moreover, twisting with the wire can also cause problems.

Taking Care of Headphones

Using Headphone Case

The best way to keep headphones good is to use a good headphone case. The headphone case protects the headphones in many ways, especially providing better cable management facilities, such as earpieces, earcaps, and protecting the headphones from being accidentally shattered. And if you use the case, it is possible to protect the headphones from the dust outside.

Keeping Headphones Clean

In the case of earphones, in which the earpiece is inserted into the ear canal, it is quite normal for the sound to get worse due to the dirty earwax. Also, many people use earphones when cycling, playing sports, in which case sweat can easily cause headphones. Ear-hole earphones need special cleaning, as dirt can reduce sound quality by 50% or more. There is a toolkit for cleaning earphones, which needs to be cleaned carefully.

Bluedio Bluetooth or Wireless Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker is an initiate to a new intelligence era. The Pioneer of Bluetooth to cloud connection technology. It has Hands-Free Experience, Smart Voice Control, Dual Cloud Service, and a Smart Control to the home appliances. It supports Bluetooth 5.0. The Bluetooth has extra Bass with new Attitude. 

Bluedio TN2 Sports ANC Earphone

The Model number is TN2. The style of this Bluetooth is the In-Ear Bluetooth earphone. Its version is V 4.2. The Bluetooth range is 10m or 33ft. The Battery Life and Standby Time is 250 hours. The charging time is approximately 1.5 hours, and the playtime is 12 hours approximately. The earphone has Magnetic Link, Noise Isolation, and Microphone. brought original earphones from Bluedio. So buy and experience the headphones.