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Bizol Lubricant Online in Bangladesh | AjkerDeal



Bizol is a German Oil company. They use the highest German standards. They develop their products with the best raw materials and take advantage of German engineering skills. Bizol offers their expertise in training programs so that the partners can turn passion into real results and also car-lovers can get benefit across the globe. Bizol is approved by famous European carmakers.


The engine of the car is the life of the car. The engine drives the whole car and the car runs on the engine. For this, besides car care, efforts should be made to increase the durability of every part of the engine.

As soon as the engine is started, its parts start rotating. Any part that rotates is corroded. Engine parts need to be soaked in lubricating oil to protect them from corrosion. The method of soaking in lubricating oil is called the engine lubricating system. Lubricating the parts of the engine keeps the engine in good condition and increase performance. Without lubrication, the performance of the engine part does not increase and the engine erodes quickly. Lubrication should be given importance to maintain the longevity of the engine.

Ways to Lubricate the Engine

Lubricating can be done in two ways- through the flush system and with the help of an oil pump. 

The Flush System

The flush system lubricates the engine parts as well as keeps the whole engine cool. Through this flush system, the piston is used to move the Mobil to different parts of the engine. The cylinder is stationary in the engine. The piston moves through this cylinder. Bearings are fixed on the blue. The crankshaft and camshaft revolve around these bearings. When the rotating parts come in contact with the stationary parts, friction between them creates intense heat, the lubrication system protects the car engine parts from this heat.

The Oil Pump System

The engine produces the power of the vehicle through the oil pump. Mobil is in the oil chamber under the engine. The camshaft of the engine is connected to the shaft pinion of the oil pump. As a result, the camshaft is turned on as soon as the engine is turned on. As well as the oil pump is turned on. Once the oil pump is turned on, the Mobil pulls the oil from the chamber to the engine bulb, pushrod, rocker shaft, main bearing, camshaft bearing, big end bearing, and cylinder through a pipe. The heat generated in each part of the engine due to engine running and friction, through the lubrication process, heats the heat and protects the engine from corrosion. Regular lubrication of engine parts protects the engine from corrosion on the one hand and the engine parts on the other.

Points to Be Remembered for Lubricating

The lubricating oils currently available on the market are designed to protect engine parts. To perform lubricating properly, it is necessary to pay attention to a few things in particular.

The first thing to focus on is the concentration of lubricant oil. Using the right concentration of oil can ensure that the engine decays. There are many reputable companies in the market, the engine of the car using oil is good. If the oil concentration is not correct, the engine parts will continue to be damaged.

Also, keep an eye on the oil level inside the pump at all times. If the oil level is right, the engine of the car will be good. The car manufacturer provides a guideline book when marketing the car, which gives specific advice on how often to change the engine oil. The car oil lubricant needs to be changed from time to time as per the advice of the car manufacturer.

No matter how good the engine oil is, it has a fixed duration of the performance. After a certain period, the quality of engine oil decreases. Even if the oil quality is reduced, if the oil is used, the engine power will decrease, the lubrication will not be proper. Parts of the engine will decay quickly. Oil should be changed once every three thousand miles to drive a car.

Some Description of Bizol Oils are given below -

Bizol Green Oil+ 

The Bizol Comb LubriBoost technology is produced with surface-active block copolymers. It prevents oil film from collapsing. The 2D Surface Gel Technology of this oil provides special protection for hybrid vehicles and vehicles with start-stop systems. The main function of the Bizol W-guard technology is to contribute to more fuel economy and control wear. 

Product Description

Bizol engineers have developed new engine oil to match the needs of engine oil in hybrid vehicles or vehicles with start-stop systems. Base Oil is fully synthetic. 

AjkerDeal imports original Bizol oils. To keep your car’s engine good, buy Bizol Engine oil from