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Biocos Emergency Serum - 30ml (Pakistan)৳ 287
Biocos Beauty Cream - 25g (Pakistan)৳ 369
Biocos Beauty Cream - 25g (Pakistan)৳ 369
BioCos Beauty cream (Dubai)৳ 500
Biocos Emergency Whitening Beauty Cream And Serum৳ 790
Biocos Beauty Cream pakistan ৳ 356
Biocos Body Lotion 250ml - Pakistan ৳ 654
Biocos Emergency Whitening Serum & Cream Package (Pakistan)৳ 1056
BIOCOS Emergency Whitening Beauty Cream & Serum - 30 gm৳ 799
Biocos Whitening Body Lotion৳ 850
Bio Cos Beauty Cream + Bio Cos Serum - Pakistan 30 g৳ 699
Biocos Emergency Whitening Beauty Cream৳ 780
Biocos Body Lotion 250 gm - Pakistan৳ 700
Biocos Emergency Whitening Serum Pakistan৳ 286
Combo of BioCos Beauty Cream - 30gm with Emergancy Serum - 15gm৳ 790
Biocos Body Whitening Lotion -250 gm৳ 700
BIOCOS Emergency Whitening Beauty Cream Serum৳ 1024
Biocos Beauty Cream 15g pakistan ৳ 649
BIOCOS Emergency Whitening Beauty Cream - 30 gm৳ 454
Biocos Beauty Cream & Serum - 40gm (Pakistan)৳ 689
BioCos Beauty Cream and serum 40g China৳ 710
BIOCOS Whitening Body Lotion China ৳ 550
Biocos Beauty Cream & Serum(40 gm)Made In Pakistan৳ 650
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The Biocos Cream is considered to be safest, finest cream for healthy skin the Pakistan and worldwide. The specific main features of the Biocos cream are acne treatment, the anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, the dark circles, lightening, nourishing, the skin revitalizer, sunscreen and skin whitening. Apart from all that features of the Biocos cream is mostly used as night cream. The Biocos emergency whitening cream works are the fine nourishing cream as well. According to the Biocos International it protects the epidermises skin and doesn’t make it thin. The epidermis of skin is the delicate part of your fine skin and they are very sensitive. Regardless of other fine beauty cream of the Biocos emergency whitening cream has zero side effects on the epidermis skin. The Biocos emergency whitening cream works as the fine triple action for skin whitening. As we have mentioned very earlier the three major ingredients of the fine Biocos emergency whitening cream as kojic acid, bees wax, and the carnauba wax. These ingredients make the Biocos emergency whitening cream a triple action cream for skin cleansing purposes. The Biocos emergency whitening cream stops production of the melanin that is known as the skin darkening produced of naturally by skin tissues.

So, you must be very excited to buy the fine Biocos cosmetics and makeup. If you want to buy or give a gift to someone the excellent Biocos cosmetics and products and you are searching for the best site to buy the cosmetics in online in Bangladesh then you are at the right and specific place. is the finest and best website to buy Biocos cosmetics and products online in BD at a low price.

The Story of Biocos Brand  

The Biocos beauty fine whitening cream is used for skin whitening and the dark sports removal on the skin. The elegant Biocos beauty whitening cream is manufactured by the Biocos International. The fine Biocos International office is located on the Ferozpur Road Lahore at Pakistan. The Biocos International is claiming that its formula is fully mercury free and is based on the fine Australian cream formula.  

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Biocos Exclusive Products for Women in Bangladesh

The Biocos fine emergency whitening cream stop production of the melanin and removes the extra melanin that is found on the fine skin. The wax inside the Biocos emergency whitening cream is the act as the skin protector and it removes melanin on the skin. By the fine action of removing melanin Biocos emergency whitening cream is very considered safe for use among male and female. So, you will find with you. Here is some exclusive Biocos cosmetics are- 

Biocos Beauty Cream: Wash your fine face with the Biocos fine Beauty Soap and let it dry, then in the Biocos Beauty Cream add one pack of the Biocos Whitening Serum completely and then apply as a thin layer on your face and the leave it over the night. In the fine morning, wash your face with the Biocos Beauty Soap. In some few days, you will look much beautiful more than ever.

Biocos Whitening Serum: Open the Biocos Whitening Serum by the side of Silver or Aluminum cabin and mix it completely in any of the beauty cream or for better results in the Biocos Beauty Cream. Use it on your fine face as a thin layer 3 to 4 hours then wash your face with the Biocos Beauty Soap. Repeat this action very daily until the desired results are achieved. Use a fine and complete serum in any fairness cream, the honey lotion, hand and feet lotion or the body lotion. To increase the fine effectiveness of facial, put five drops of whitening serum in the equivalent amount of the facial once use. Similarly, 25 drops will be added if the facial is composed of the five items. Usage of this serum is very essential to control side effects by the mixture of different creams and formulas.

Biocos Beauty Soap: To eliminate the extra oil and the acne from the skin, wash your face with the Biocos Beauty Soap for 3-4 times a day. Use the Biocos fine Beauty Cream after using the Biocos Beauty Soap for fair and bright complexion and all.

Biocos Hair Regrowth Magic Serum: Break the fine and top plastic pin of the ampule and with the help of this pin, press the very back of the emulsion internally and extract this fine soluble in to your favorite twenty fine gm hair oil or in the Biocos Herbal Hair Regrowth Oil or in the almond oil and then apply to your scalps at very night, in the morning wash your hair well with any of the herbal fine shampoo. For better and unique results, use the Biocos Hair Regrowth Magic Serum in a complete bottle of the Biocos Herbal Hair Regrowth Oil.

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