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BIOAQUA Rose Petals Essence Toner 250ml China৳ 700
BIOAQUA Snail Cream Snail Repair and Brightening Day Cream৳ 550
BIOAQUA 2Pcs/Set Eyelash Extension Lengthening Black Silk Fiber 4D Mascara Set৳ 320
BIOAQUA Ginger Shampoo for Hair Fall Solution- 400gm-China৳ 850
BIOAQUA V7 Deep Hydration Cream 50 gm - China ৳ 365
Bioaqua Pure Skin Acne Removal Cream 30 g China ৳ 455
BIOAQUA Natural Blueberry Essential Oil Handmade Soap-100gm China ৳ 750
BIOAQUA Pink Cherry 30gm-China ৳ 302
BIOAQUA Activated Carbon Blackhead Remove Peel Off Mask 60g China৳ 275
BRIGHT EYES Bioaqua Eye Essence Roll-on Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Wrinkle Dark Circle Remover (15 ml)৳ 320
Bioaqua Tea Tree Oil Vintage Plant Fragrant Pure 10ml China৳ 550
BIOAQUA Lip Care Moisture Replenishment Lip Sleeping Mask - 20gm (PRC)৳ 248
Pure Skin Acne Serum 30 g China ৳ 500
BIOAQUA Natural Blueberry Essential Oil Handmade Soap Whitening Skin 100gm China ৳ 550
BioAqua Pink Lipcare cream - China৳ 550
BIOAQUA Black Mask Deep Cleansing Peel Off Mask 60g China৳ 275
Bioaqua Pure Skin Acne Solution Serum - 30ml-China ৳ 319
Bioaqua Blueberry Essential Oil Handmade Soap 100gm China ৳ 550
Bioaqua Pure White Toothpaste৳ 550
BIOAQUA Nenhong Pink Body and Face Cream 30ml China৳ 365
Bioaqua Pure Skin Acne Cream - Korea (20g)৳ 392
BIOAQUA Mung Bean Mud Deep Cleaning Acne Treatment Remove Blackhead Oil Control Facial Shrink Pores-20g(China)৳ 140
V7 TONING LIGHT CLEANSER 100 ml - Thailand৳ 364
BIOAQUA Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask 100gm China৳ 365
Bioaqua Baby Skin Whiten Face Sheet Mask৳ 117
BIOAQUA NENHONG Lip Pink Cream 20g (Korea)৳ 324
BIOAQUA Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera Gel 50gm Thailand৳ 448
BIOAQUA B.B Cushion Cream Exquisite & Delicate (15g + 15g)৳ 1127
BIOAQUA V7 Apple Face Mask Fruit Essence Facial Mask Thailand৳ 149
Bioaqua Lip care sleeping mask -20GM-CHINA৳ 365
Bioaqua Blueberries Eye Cream(20ml) China৳ 365
Anself BIOAQUA Pinkish Cream Lip Bleaching Whitening Cream Private Parts Skin Lightening Cream৳ 637
Bioaqua Pure Skin Anti Acne Cream - 30gm (China)৳ 900
BIOAQUA PURE Skin Cream 30g made in korea৳ 500
BIOAQUA V7 Toning Light Cream,50gm China৳ 491
Olive Moisturizing Deep Repair Hair Shampo - 400ml৳ 640
Bioaqua Ginger Shampoo and Hair Mask Package৳ 798
Bioaqua Sunscreen body lotion - 180ml (China)৳ 549
BIOAQUA Pure Skin Acne Cream -30gm-Korea৳ 250
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Bioaqua Products Online in Bangladesh 

Bioaqua is a fine collection of specific scientific research product for Toiletries & Personal Care. Since its strong establishment, it has been well received by consumers for its excellent social reputation, first-rate fine product quality, and rich product categories. It owns a number of fine product brands such as the Park Springs, Pink Cherry, Springs, Image Beauty, Hansong, and Sulan and lots more. International advanced fashion trend element explorer Bioaqua is currently leading the global market. It is a fast fashion for beauty maker. It is also personality beauty trend leader in the market.

So, now you really want to buy Bioaqua products and you are still searching for the best website in Bangladesh. You can buy Bioaqua products online very easily from because you are at the right and specific place. is the largest site for buy Bioaqua products in Bangladesh at low price. So enjoy this beautiful weather and dress up as best as you can and don’t forget to use Bioaqua products.

History of Bioaqua Products

Bioaqua products are originated from the French royal family at the end of the 17th century. It  is also a fine health cosmetics for women. After being specifically designed by the world’s top Chinese designer Marce, it has given a new fine interpretation of its fashion trends. It aims to build the China’s first fast elegant fashion beauty brand that combines the perfect personal fashion, ultimate quality and closeness to the general people. As a creator of fine fast fashion beauty makeup, from its own quality research and development to massive purchases, the Park Springs is very highly cost-effective to meet consumers’ pursuit of fast fashion and health. In real fashion, the willfulness, and purchase. Today, the fine Park Springs has hundreds of designers. They shuttled to very top fashion shows and beauty salons in the Seoul of Tokyo, New York, and the Paris. Capture the cutting-edge pop elements from around the whole world and continue to interpret the fine beauty of creative beauty.

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Bioaqua Exclusive products for Women in Bangladesh

Fashion is an inspiration for all women. Bioaqua products are infinitely stretched fantastic ideas that impact trendy elements in fashion world. To awaken your freedom and nature, truly gain strong confidence, enjoy your fashion with Bioaqua products.

Pink Cherry Lip Private Part Nipple Bleaching Whitening Pinkish Cream: The product is provided with the original ingredients which are thoroughly, very much usable without any rough side effect. It is moreover, has huge amount of fine reputation for its quality that is made you very brighter as well as very shinny. A fine, positive experience, definitely, is got with the decent amount. Apply to your lip, private specific part or any part you want to be pink and cherry. Supplements the skin with fine and essential moisture giving it softness and hydration. The main ingredients are, extracting the essence of the sakura, which is containing the fine vitamin A, B E Delicate pink temptation. The cherry blossom is a very natural beauty skin care of flower; they are rich in peptides and rich vitamins. You should take a skin sensitivity test before using it.

Skin Essential Plant Fragnrant Lavender Oil: Bioaqua skin essence essential oil is very moisturizing and it will improve dry skin. Extract the essence of fine plants. The texture is very mild and delicate and very easy to absorb. The fragrant scent brings out a fine pleasant mood. It can be used for your face, hair, body and also for environmental care.

Pure Skin Acne and Brightening and Best Solution Serum: It effectively regulates and balances the fine skin’s oil secretion. Shrinks very large and noticeable pores and finally improves skin elasticity. It clears blocked pores and dissolves unnecessary oil. It heals acne and pimples without scarring. It repairs damaged skin cause by acne with the salicylic acid. It helps lighten scars and spots. It contains natural moisturizing ingredients such as the aloe vera, snail extract, the ginseng extract, and the hyaluronic acid.

Pearl Delicate Silky Body Whitening Cream: It is a very unique herbal formula with vitamin c, which usually removes black spots around the private parts, removes black spots of the fine armpit, neck, the knee, and elbows, and gives your skin bright, shine and natural colors. In addition, the fine brown sesame seed removes the old fists. Ingredients are water, the pearl powder, seaweed sugar, the ginseng extract, hydrolyzed pearl, the bearberry Gan, glycerol, propylene glycol, the hyaluronic acid, Allantoin, hydrogenated castor oil and perfume.  

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