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Dermofuture Revitalizing Therapy With Vitamin A-15ml-Poland ৳ 1750
Larel Whitening Sensitive Areas Cream 100 ml৳ 1199
Dermofuture Serum With Hyaluronic Acid-20ml-Poland ৳ 1750
Face Scrub With Silk Extract-200ml-Poland ৳ 999
Larel Whitening Face Serum-30ml-Poland ৳ 1199
Larel Dermo Soft Whitening Face Cream 200 ml৳ 1999
Whiten Advance Whitening Serum-50ml-Poland ৳ 2850
Bio-Screen Powder Sunblock SPF 50-12gm-Poland ৳ 799
Dermofuture Shiny Gloss Hair Holding Spray- Netherlands-150 ml৳ 950
Vitamin-C Serum-30ml-China ৳ 2000
Dermofuture Brightening Serum with vitamin C 30 ml Poland৳ 1899
Hyaluronic Acid Serum-30 ml-Poland৳ 2000
Cleansing & energing coconut body peeling-300ml-Poland ৳ 999
Scarsilc Fast Gels for Scar Treatment 20 ml Korea৳ 1500
Larel dermovax specialist conditionar-300ml-Poland ৳ 999
Normacne Acne Spot Treatment-15gm-Poland ৳ 999
Dermofuture Treatment For Increasing Growth And Prevent Hair Loss-30ml-Poland ৳ 1550
Gyntima stretch marks emulsion 100 ml Poland৳ 2750
Dermofuture Hair & Scalp Peeling-300ml-Poland৳ 1599
Dermedic Shampoo To Fight Dandruff & Its Causes-300ml-Poland ৳ 2500
Dermofuture Hair Growth Mask-300ml-Poland ৳ 1499
TuTu House, Skin Friendly Makeup Gift Box for 3+ Kids-Europe৳ 2450
Larel Bio-Keratine Shampoo + Conditioner-400ml-EU ৳ 1600
Anti Hair Loss Shampoo-200ml-EU ৳ 1800
Body White Plus Hand & Body Whitening Lotion 150 ml PRC৳ 1450
Dermedic Hair Growth Stimulating Serum-150ml-Poland ৳ 2500
BIO WHITE Quick Whitening Day-Night Cream 150 ml PRC৳ 1450
Dermedic Hair Growth Stimulating Treatment Shampoo৳ 2500
Normacne Antibacterial Cleansing Facial Gel-200ml-Poland ৳ 1299
Larel Depilatory Cream With Aloe৳ 1200
Dermofuture Hair Growth Mask-300ml-Poland ৳ 1499
Normacne Mattiffying Day Cream-55gm-Poland ৳ 1399
Dermastic Anti Hair Loss Shampoo-200ml-Poland ৳ 1799
Normacne Regulating-Cleansing Night Cream-55gm-EU ৳ 1499
Normacne Pore Minimizing Serum-30ml-Poland ৳ 2500
Dermofuture Power Bee Anti Wrinkle EYE Cream-15ml-Poland ৳ 1200
Dermofuture Power Bee Cleansing Foam 2 in 1-150ml-Poland ৳ 1200
Dermofuture power bee anti- wrinkle face cream-50ml-Poland ৳ 1200
Larel velvety amber cream gel-Miracle touch-50ml-Poland ৳ 999
Dermofuture Intensive Wrinkle Filler-10ml-Poland ৳ 1999
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Bio Xin Cosmeceuticals Brand - Authentic Bio-Xin Skin Care Online in BD |


The Bio-Xin Cosmeceuticals Brand Enhancing The Aesthetic Beauty of Bangladesh

The Bio-Xin Cosmeceuticals Brand is considered as a pioneer in enhancing the aesthetic beauty of Bangladesh. The best quality and the best customer service is the main principle of this brand. With breakthrough technology and innovative products is the main spirituality. The benefits of the Bio-Xin Cosmeceuticals brand combine excellence in all skin care solutions.

Being ethical in all areas of their business and a priority for them, be it in how they work, how they treat others and how they treat them or the products they buy. Bio-Xin Cosmeceuticals start where everyone thinks they are enough. Through this work, they are now one of the biotechnological brands in Bangladesh.

Services, Treatments And Products of The Bio-Xin Cosmeceuticals Brand

The Bio Xin Cosmeceuticals brand basically knows what they are, why and what they are doing. The company is run by highly motivated professionals with special expertise in healthcare, skin care, fitness and nutrition. They seek the latest and most cost effective solution for the customer through their successful research. Their organization with various solutions of skin care, bio technological treatment, qualities of makeup products, fitness.

The Goal of The Bio Xin Cosmeceuticals Brand


Their goal is to spread knowledge about natural skin care, create exceptional products, educate and give back to the community what many will benefit from. They include a wide range of cutting edge technology as well as comprehensive skin care offers, implementing a wide range of world training for each treatment. Another special goal of them is to stand by every human being to enhance the real beauty.

The Company of Bio-Xin Cosmeceuticals Maintains Ethics in All Areas

One of the specific intentions of the Bio xin Cosmeceuticals brand is to launch products that protect health and beauty together as well as improve our quality of life. Being ethical in all areas of business is a special priority for them. They mostly hold the privacy of seeing and feeling bright at any age. With their services trying to embrace the natural beauty of the customer inside and out. 

Company committed to providing customers with state of the art treatment and the highest protection protocols. This brand not only wants their clients to relax and enjoy their treatments and products but also want to see their skin progress! Even they take their clients' responsibilities and relationships very seriously.

Teenagers Skin Care According to The Advice of Bio Xin Cosmeceuticals 

The main cause of problems in our skin is the accumulation of dust and dirt on the skin. Surprising to know, about 90 percent of teenagers suffer from various skin problems. Oily skin is also more prone to acne, so the level of irritation may increase. In some cases, acne can be caused by not keeping the skin clean, but many people's skin is congenitally oily.

All problems but there is a way to solve them. With regular care and a little awareness, oily skin will also become smooth, supple and problem-free. Before touching the face, we must wash our hands thoroughly so that the bacteria and dirt hidden in our hands do not reach our skin.

To dry acne we can use toothpaste or calamine lotion on the acne. Applying these at night and washing them in the morning will reduce the acne scars a lot. We can get good results by making a paste with multani soil, besan and honey and applying it on the skin for 15 minutes and using a good face mask.

It is better not to use makeup until the acne is gone. Wash your face with an oil-free cleanser at least twice a day. And two days a week we can use the scrub. Teenagers can become more beautiful, attractive and confident with soft, smooth, bright acne-free skin by removing excess oiliness of the skin with regular little care.

Bio Xin Cosmeceuticals Is Known Worldwide As The Natural Skin Care Organization

Bio Xin Cosmeceuticals has become one of the most influential and natural skin care institutions in the world. The organization continues to strive to provide the best and up-to-date knowledge to its customers, be it through a single consultation; As well as creating fantastic products and providing top quality raw materials that are natural and great for the skin.

There is a passion needed to deliver a very good product to customers, to learn and share their knowledge, and to inspire that passion in others. The Bio Xin Cosmeceuticals company is named after their years of experience in the industry helping them provide true value solutions for all skin care needs.