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Bilmola Sports Item Online in Bangladesh



BILMOLA is a sports gear complete from Siam that produces a unique class of safety sports headgear. consequently, they manufacture a large variety of motorbike helmets with authentic customary & certifications. Whereas BILMOLA increased its international market and conjointly struck the Bangladeshi market. Thus here we have a tendency to area units informing BILMOLA HELMETS – Bilmola Helmet Product & Feature.


About Bilmola

BILMOLA began as a sport helmet project back within the day, however as demand grew, Bilmola accomplished we have a tendency to wear one thing special. Inspired the USA to develop helmets for each rider, from the daily commuters to the track-racers. Today, we've over four hundred active resellers in Thailand alone.Safety is Bilmola's high priority, and every one our helmets certified by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) and ECE twenty two.05 European custom. However, a BILMOLA helmet isn’t simply a protecting shell. It’s a fantastically designed gear with functionalities like magnetic buckles, pop locks, and vents -- that cause you to wish to wear it on every occasion you ride.

After all, Bilmola didn’t become Thailand’s number one helmet company for nothing.


Bilmola Helmets

Bilmola Helmets originating from Asian countries produce quality sport headgear. The whole Bilmola is based by the mother company A.M.R. business CO. in 2008 became one in every of the biggest Helmet makers in Asian country.From the terribly starting they're manufacturing quality products then carrying in-house and International normal Certifications on their product. At now Bilmola is carrying the certification of ECE twenty two.05 and TIS (Thai Industrial Standards).Currently, Bilmola manufactures a good class of entry-level to high-tech sport products. then all of their helmets made below correct normal and latest technologies. thus on Bilmola making the potentiality of being a noted helmet whole internationally.


Bilmola Helmet Product & Feature

Bilmola helmet presently is manufacturing street and athletics kind of helmets for the motorbike riders. therefore they even have a bicycle and alternative sorts of helmets. However here we have a tendency to square measure with the merchandise & options of motorbike helmets.

Currently, Bilmola has four classes of motorbike helmets. Those squares measure athletics Full Face, Flip Up, Open Face and military science standard. Every class of helmets has varied sub-categories and series with totally different color, shades, and options. Here we should always mention all the class and series helmets escort ECE twenty two.05 and TIS certifications.

BILMOLA Full Face Helmets

Bilmola guardant helmet class presently showcasing a wider variety of helmets for the regular traveler and for track racers. consistent with riding mode, rider class and bone form Bilmola have the featured guardant helmets. Here at this guardant models:




Here RAPID, BULLET, ZILLA ST designed & featured for hardcore rider or racers. Whereas the DEFENDER S, DEFENDER, GRAVITY, VELOCE are the standard helmets created for moderate and regular users. Here the ECLIPSE series belongs to the entry-level class. Here all the models and series are certified and featured with its series and functions.

BILMOLA Flip Up Helmets

In the flip-up class Bilmola presently, includes a single series helmet that's somebody R. It’s a flip-up standard helmet that is featured for normal town riding or some reasonably twin journey riding or moving.

The series somebody cavity dedicated feature for optimum comfort of the rider just in case of nerve-racking and long rides. Moreover, with different features, it's a multi mechanical system, 3D comfy inner liner, and integrated shade. therefore clearly it is certified with ECE twenty two.05 and TIS. Once more the series is increased with a large variety of color and shades.


BILMOLA Open Face Helmets

Bilmola additionally produces open face kind helmets. within the open face class, they need regular street open face helmet series. Moreover, they need AN old style kind open face helmets.

Here each the series of open face helmets have a wider variety of color and shades. Additionally, each series area unit is featured with international commonplace features & specifications. Here, of course, the series is below certification of ECE twenty two.05 and TIS.


BILMOLA Tactical Modular Helmets

Bilmola additionally produces a unique class of a standard helmet for a unique style of the user. This series carries the badge plan of action, therefore it’s additionally a standard however not a flip-up sort.

At first sight, it's sort of a full face moving helmet with a wider viewing angle. thus it comes with a wider visor with the narrower chin bar. However, the most fascinating feature of this standard is that the chin bar is removable. thus removing the chin bar it can also be regenerated as Associate in Nursing open face helmet.

Furthermore, the helmet is pin lock prepared with integrated shade. it's enormous air ventilation and in fact, it comes with ECE twenty two.05 and TIS certification. Therefore it’s a pleasant series for the restful rider or tourers.


So riders here is just about temporary BILMOLA Helmets. every class and series of Bilmola Helmets area unit featured with customary & dedicated options. thus BILMOLA is prepared to serve the wide range of riders; therefore get a visit of their showrooms.For Bangla Deshi motorcyclists BILMOLA appointed with Bangladesh for his or her Helmet distribution.Bangladesh has various distribution points in capital town national capital. From there, anyone should purchase Bilmola merchandise and Helmet accessories. Moreover, they additionally deliver their merchandise nationwide with postage support. so riders, BILMOLA Helmet is currently at your door.