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BIC Products Online Shop BD: Buy Blister Razor, Pen, Foam & Lady shaver


BIC is the most popular brand among peoples because it is simple, inventive, quality, affordability, ease of use and quality, and reliable choice for everyone,  everywhere, every time. BIC tries always tries to make products that provide easy answers for everyday needs. BIC is one of the best known international brands family-owned company who is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. The company becomes a world leader in stationery, lighters, and shavers. 

The company’s main theme is products that provide easy answers for everyday needs. BICs aim is to provide consumers their day-to-day lives at the minimum fair price. The company has more than 60 years, and in present, they are having four million points of sale in more than 160 countries

Products of BIC

The company’s main categories are stationery, lighters, and shavers. Products are Easy Blister Razor, Twin Lady shaver, Pen Crystal Ultra, Comfort Foam Classic, Comfort Foam Sensitive, Maxi Lighter Dog Series, Mini Lighter Ski Series, Mini Lighter Sea Series, Maxi Electronic Lighter, Flex  3 Hybrid and 45 Refills, Decor Geometric lighter, Decor Geometric lighter, Comfort Gel Sensitive Soleil 2-1n -1 Shaver, etc.

How to Get BIC Products

If you are looking for quality and affordability in one product BIC products are the best choice for you. AjkerDeal is the largest Bangladesi online selling store where you can get all of your needed items in one umbrella. We have 200k branded collections. You can buy BIC products in any store but if you want to shop from home with quality then AjkerDeal is the best choice for you. Our online shopping process is so easy and hassle-free. We maintain product quality and before delivery, we cheek our products two times. 

BIC Easy Blister Razor

BIC Easy Blister Razor is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. For an extra smooth shave, its blade is made with Nano Technology. A pack contains 6 blades and is a man featuring triple moveable-blade technology for a close efficient shave. The nano-tech blades help individually adjust to the contours of your face for an extra smooth shave. As it is easy to use it is also easy to rinse off easily to stay clean and sharp. It is a heavy curved handle and a soft rubber grip so that it delivers you feel smoothness,  comfort, and accuracy. It can also help you to reach those areas where impossible o reach. If you want an extra smooth shave that this one is perfect for you. 

For an extra smooth shave, this pack of four BIC Flex3 razors with nano-tech blade technology can be a great choice for you. Every blade is made in Europe at BIC's own plants where each razor undergoes over 30 stringent inspections and controls. Its ingredients are PEG-115M, Tocopherol, Polysorbate 20, Aloe Barbadensis, BHT. This awesome Razor is available in AjkreDeal and we have only limited stock. 


BIC Pen Crystal Ultra

BIC Pen Crystal Ultra is perfect for writing on any type of paper. You can also use this one in taking notes, doodling, or setting up a bullet journal. Its ink is made high-quality materials that good in quick-drying and smooth writing. It is equipped with tungsten carbide ball, Ventilated cap and hexagonal barrel that is a perfect sphere, comfortable in handling. One packet contains 12 pieces of a pen of different colors. 


BIC Comfort Foam Classic 

BIC Comfort Foam Classic is a shaving gel for sensitive skin. It is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe vera, Vitamin E will give you a smoother, more enjoyable shave. It is made in travel BIC sized that is the perfect size to fit in your hand luggage and bring on Holiday. Aloe Vera can keep skin hydrated during & after Shaving. Comfort Shaving Gel comes in a handy 75ml container. 


BIC Twin Lady shaver

BIC Twin lady Shaver is made top quality stainless steel blade that is harmless for you. Its head is so narrow head that that can reaches bodies any sensitive areas more easily. It is also made with light and short polystyrene handle that will help you to keep greater control and maneuverability. This shaver has 2 blades for close shaving and five different colors are available for young people. It is specially designed for young people.  This one best for those ladies who is a beginner is using a shaver. 

BIC Prices in AjkerDeal

BIC items are reasonable for everyone at every time. If you will order online through you will also be receiving lots of offers and discounts on our products. You can pay with a bKish and credit card system. So, order now on and get your favorite one at your door within a few days. So order now and get your favorite items without any tension because you are our main priority.