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Benelli in Bangladesh


Early years


Benelli was founded in Pesaro, Italy during 1911, which perhaps delivers it the oldest of Italian motorcycle factories in operation. Later losing her husband, the widow Teresa Benelli financed all of the family capital into the business in the belief that it would offer enduring work for her six sons: Giuseppe, Giovanni, Francesco, Filippo, Domenico and Antonio. She further sent Giuseppe and Giovanni to study Engineering in Switzerland. Initially, the business had 6 employees in appreciation of the 5 brothers working.

In the beginning, it was merely the Benelli Garage, which refurbished bicycles and motorcycles but was already equipped to produce every one of the spare parts required for repairs. Throughout World War I, Benelli operated hard fixing machines for the Italian machines in war and during 1919 the first motorcycle was introduced to the public. During 1920 the company produced its first complete engine in-house, a single-cylinder two-stroke 75 cc model, quickly adapted to a bicycle frame. A year later in 1921, Benelli built its initial motorcycle, applying its own engine which had by then enhanced a 98 cc model.

Two years later, employing a version specially designed for competitions, Tonino "the terrible" exerted the track. He displayed exceptional natural talent as a rider and began on a very successful career which fortified the company's exceptional potential for development and production. Riding a Benelli 175, Tonino Benelli won four Italian championship titles in five years: during 1927, 1928 and 1930 among the single overhead camshaft (SOHC) version, and toward 1931 among the double overhead camshaft (DOHC) version. Regrettably, a bad crash throughout a race during 1932 cut short his brilliant career, and on 27 September 1937, Tonino died in a silly road accident.


Beyond World War II


Wartime devastation caused Benelli to persist out of production till 1949. Unsold war motorcycles to be employed by the Italian army were adapted to enhance civil motorcycles and produce income to restart proceedings. When production resumed, designs were yet mostly based on those of the pre-war period. During 1949, Giuseppe Benelli left the family matter to establish the Motobi marque.

By 1951 Benelli was giving a sphere consisting of 98cc and 125cc lightweights and 350cc and 500cc singles. The Leoncino was prepared in both two-stroke and four-stroke patterns. The essential for cheap transport in post-war Italy indicated that these lightweight models became immensely successful. Comparable models were offered by Moto Guzzi, Ducati and Laverda, and the equal economic conditions began to the growth in the prevalence of Vespa and Lambretta scooters. Benelli further sold motorcycles to American retailer Montgomery Ward, who rebranded them as Riverside and marketed them into their catalog.


The de Tomaso years

Towards the edge of the 1960s, the appearance of Japanese manufacturers began a crisis in the European motorcycle industry. The original Benelli company was massively implicated in the American motorcycle market, selling motorcycles below 350cc within Montgomery Ward. The appearance of competition from Japan led to Benelli products losing acclaim as they were perceived as old-fashioned in contrast to Hondas of the epoch which sported overhead cam engines among electric starters, in much the corresponding way as the British motorcycle manufacturers such as Norton, BSA and Triumph were affected in the higher capacity sector.


Early 2000s Rebirth


Benelli S.p.A. lately forayed into the motorcycle market of India throughout a joint venture with DSK Group of India based in Pune where DSK endures 51% and Benelli S.P.A holds 49% and sold higher than 200 high-end bikes within the initial 4 months of launch. Benelli has originated six models in India, in a broad range of engine displacement and price. Incorporates the entry-level Benelli TNT 25 among a 250 cc single-cylinder engine, Benelli TNT 300 with 300cc twin-cylinder engine, TNT 600i and 600GT with 600cc four-cylinder motor, TNT 899 with 898cc three-cylinder mill and the flagship TNT R among 1131cc three-cylinder power plant. DSK-Benelli sold above 3000 units in India beyond 18 months from the start of sales, one-third of them being the Inline-four cylinder engine inline-four engine 600i, presenting them one of the most durable premium motorcycle selling brands in India.


Current Qianjiang Ownership


During 2005 Qianjiang acquired Benelli and is the prevailing owner, designer, and manufacturer of Benelli. They have moved away from the high powered ancient 2000s motorcycles and are currently concentrating on a cheaper low to mid-range portion for the European market ranging essentially from 125-600cc. Primarily aimed at the later 2013 EU law that launched the 3-tier motorcycle license. This law indicates that young motorcycle owners have to constantly get 3 different licenses at age 16, 18, and 20..


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