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Ben nye luxury powder 42gm - USA৳ 455
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Ben Nye Products Online in Bangladesh


The Ben Nye makeup, cosmetics is a fine leader in special effects and the theatrics, a very definite favorite among pros. So who could resist with a staple of 18-shade foundation palette? It is very difficult. But it brings something to the table for all and everyone, like their fine infamous banana powder. The Ben Nye was a nice leading makeup artist for more than forty years in the Hollywood. When watching all your fine favorite classics, you’ll be very surprised to see what films the Ben Nye did the backstage glam for. Ben Nye was the unique makeup artist for Hollywood classics such as Valley of the Dolls in 1967, Gone with the Wind in 1939, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in 1953. But those fine glam looks aren’t all that Ben Nye makeup is all about. He also worked on the special effects makeup for a science fiction 1958 film called The Fly and working on the fly itself. His excellent art was hardly shown in the films, but apparently the fine turkey feathers glued to the actor’s face were a bit too spooky. Yes, you really guessed it and the Ben Nye worked with the one and hollywood superstar only Marilyn Monroe.

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History of Ben Nye Products

The Benjamin Emmet or the Ben Nye, Sr. was an American makeup artist for the exotic Hollywood film industry for over four decades, from the 1930s to the early of 1980s. He worked very hard on over five hundred 20th Century Fox films both in and out of the Hollywood. The excellent Ben Nye Makeup Company was started back in the year of 1967 by Hollywood film industry makeup artist Ben Nye. Its present CEO is Nye's son, Dana. Ben Nye Makeup produces a wide range of professional cosmetic and very special effects products used in the television, stage, and the film performance.

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Quality of Ben Nye Exclusive Make-Up

While the Nye had the right connections, if the fine product wasn't extraordinary, then its popularity wouldn't have taken off. In the fine makeup business, Nye did what he did best. He created the makeup that worked. He created a fine product that made celebrities look better and a product that the makeup artists wanted to use and found easy to use. Putting together a great product with high-quality makeup, the right tools and makeup artists, and the right target audience for the celebrities, the Nye created a very powerful marketing mechanism. This is why the Nye's business was successful and still is. Of course, they having celebrities use their product and it is a definite plus. It brings the wow factor to an excellent product. It provides the very potential for a product to skyrocket. But, again, without a quality product the fine rockets would quickly whimper out.

Ben Nye Exclusive Products for Women in Bangladesh

The Ben Nye makeup is a leader in special effects and the theatrics, a fine definite favorite among the pros. Who could resist with an elegant staple 18-shade foundation palette? But it can bring something to the table for all and everyone, like their infamous banana powder. Some exclusive Scholl products are-  

Shimmer Powder Palette: You can add light-catching highlights in 4 gorgeous Shimmer Compact and shades. The cameo, banana, fine rose and the bronze shimmer fill our refillable palette. Full-sized individual shades are very much available in the Shimmer Poudre Compact series the SHC.

Black Lustre Luxe Powder: The shimmery and lustrous, the black luster and luxe powder adds a dramatic finish to a fantasy. The body paint and avant grade of beauty is ravishing the complement to magic-ake and pro-color.  

Luxury Powders Banana: The warm your skin with the new Makeup Revolution Banana Powder with this excellent banana powder. With a hint of fine color set your foundation and reduce the shine whilst correcting redness and the pink undertones. With a colorful sieve to prevent clumping and to ensure easy application to make sure you shake the bottle before use it is normal for the powder to settle whilst shipping and then therefore may not look full on the arrival.

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