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Ben 10 Kids Watch৳ 382
Uno card Ben 10৳ 178
Ben-10 Wrist Watch for Kids৳ 150
Ben 10 Projector Watch For Kids - Green৳ 184
Ben 10 kids watch৳ 200
Ben 10 kids watch৳ 342
Ben 10 Kids Wrist Watch৳ 225
Battery Operated Ben 10 Train Toy৳ 360
Ben-10 Wrist Watch for Kids৳ 113
Uno card Ben 10৳ 178
Ben Ten Tent House with 100 ball ৳ 2199
Ben 10 kids watch৳ 130
Ben-10 Wrist Watch for Kids৳ 113
Ben 10 kids watch৳ 130
Ben 10 kids watch৳ 149
Ben 10 kids watch৳ 130
Ben 10 kids watch (black)৳ 229
Ben 10 kids watch৳ 130
Ben 10 kids watch৳ 149
Ben 10 kids watch৳ 130
Ben 10 kids watch (black)৳ 229
Ben 10 kids watch৳ 130
Ben 10 kids watch (black)৳ 229
Ben 10 kids watch৳ 130
Ben 10 kids watch (Blue)৳ 199
Ben 10 kids watch৳ 130
Ben 10 kids watch৳ 218
Ben 10 kids watch৳ 130
Ben 10 kids watch৳ 130
Ben 10 kids watch৳ 130
Ben 10 kids watch৳ 130
Ben-10 Wristwatch for Kids৳ 229
Ben-10 Wristwatch for Kids৳ 229
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Ben Ten Toys for Children in BD


Ben Ten is one of the most celebrated television series. This series created by a Man of action studio that was an American writer collecting the specializing brand in various range from comic books, animation, television and films. Since 2000, A man of action studio is best known for their animated action shows, superhero drama, live-action movies and serial comics like Ben 10, Generator Rex and Big Hero 6. Many manufacturer company and retailer creates the best Ben 10 series characters, figures and their kinds of stuff as a toy and many games. 


About Ben 10

There are many toys brands that market a number of toys that defined generations of kids. Toy brands including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Waterbabies, Star Trek, Simpsons, Space Jam, Nano and the Amazing dolls, among others. A number of successful toy introductions followed throughout the 1990s, including Star Trek, Exo Squad, Primal Rage, and Space Jam. For the next eight years, Amazing dolls like Barbi remained one of the most popular doll brands in the US. 

Toy brands produce toys for different categories of children including toddlers, preschool kids, grade school kids, and adults. Ben 10 is one of the most famous animated series characters. Ben 10 series is produced by Cartoon Network Studios so that it responded in huge, gradually became popular among audiences, nominated for two Emmy Awards, winning one for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation" and for these many retailers grossed over worldwide.


Let’s talk about Ben 10 series, it is a 10 years old boy named Ben Tennyson who gets a watch-like alien device called the "Omnitrix". Attached to his wrist, this allows him to transform into various alien creatures most probably in 10 creatures. Then he used these powers to fight evil from earth and space. 

Ben 10 Toys & Products For Children

A toy must be an object designed in one but used in such play. A good toy or arts and crafts also have the quality of mental, creative growth for children. It should be building a children’s solution to a problem and make it as well as enjoyable for them. 

Children’s favorite toy might have been a stuffed animal, a dollhouse, a set of blocks, any types of heroic figures and their pieces of stuff.

Ben 10 series creates many respondents so that, Ben 10 toy line manufactured for the first 4 shows by Bandai Japanese toymaker and largest producer of many plastic model kits and video game company and reboot by Playmates Toys brands.

Basically, Ben 10 is a 10 years boy Ben Tennyson and his activities makes a good impact on children’s thought. Many manufacturers of toymakers, Toymaker businessman and the retail company makes a Ben 10 products like famous Ben 10 watches, Ben 10 alien Omnitrix watches, Ben 10 projector watch, Ben 10 Uno card, Ben 10 bubble gun, Ben 10 school Bags, Box, Body spray, Tent house with balls, Ben 10 rechargeable battery car, Light car, Toy car, Ben 10 Track set alien force, Ben 10 train set and so on.  

Ben 10 Games, products and Toys are exported by famous toymakers across the globe. Ajkerdeal is the largest online shop in Bangladesh and here you will find all kinds of Toy brands. You will check out some of the best local as well as global brands here.

Ben10 products by from has a huge collection of 200k products from a number of versatile categories. It is the only site in Bangladesh where you will find every type of product in every single thing. Below you will find Brand of Toys and other heroic figures and their pieces of stuff if you had the affection of toys and thinking for gifted to a child then visit here and find at a reasonable price. Let’s Explore the section below to learn more about products, the prices in Bangladesh for these products.

Ben 10 Projector Watch

In the series a little 10 years old Ben finds an alien watch, the Omnitrix, which allows him to transform into 10 different aliens. Once transformed, Ben takes on the alien's appearance and powers. The ultimate kid superhero, Ben uses the power of the Omnitrix to help others and stop the bad guys. 

For these reasons, the Ben 10 projector watch is famous for every child. Ben 10 projector watch is digital and material is rubber and plastic with a using left button for projection. If you want that projector watch then go visit Ajkerdeal website,



Ben 10 kids Watch

Ben 10 watch is just for kids because of their imagination, dream and thinking process matched with it. Cartoon Network’s most successful series, running more than 13 years now, the Ben 10 games and the show that they’re based on giving hope to those who dream of saving the galaxy. Here, little Ben is wearing a watch that was very popular. You can find these types of amazing Ben 10 kids watch from the AjkerDeal website. Let’s check out here,

Ben 10 Uno Card

Uno card Ben 10 is the classic card game of matching colours and numbers. This special action card and wild cards playing with excitement , it has 108 cards easy to pick up. You can find it in online shop and playing matching cards with partners. So, buy it from Ajkerdeal with reasonable price


Ben 10 Train Set

Ben 10 plastic train set is also a famous toy product. This Train set is made with plastic material which is safe for children because this train set recommended for three years, age children. It is a battery-operated train and an interesting tool for children. 

Lets’s visit the website to know the price details of the Ben 1o super train set.


Ben 10 Remote Control Car


play is a very important aspect of growth in children so that some toys are small simply handed and some toys are construction toys. A Remote control car is one of the favorites games for every children’s mostly boys.  Ben 10 remote control car is plastic material with rechargeable function and plays with remote control. This car is rotated in 360 degrees that creates an extra joy for children. You will find it in, Let’s visit here.  


Ben 10 School Bag

A school bag is just a bag that is used to transport different materials for school books, exercise books and pencil cases on the back, such as a backpack. If this bag found it in Ben 10 background with a photo of little Ben then every child wants that school bag. 


Ben 10 Tent House with Balls

Ben 10 tent house is very easy to foldable, movable and made with polyester. This House tent found in 120 x 100 size in many multi colors with 100 balls. If you want this multicolor tent house then visit website.


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