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Bela fashion Brands Online in Bangladesh

Bela fashion is a fashion wear manufacturer and marketer who basically are famous for making Indian and Pakistani style dress and sell them all over the world. Bela fashion is working to justify your choice. They are working with pure cotton, pure silk, chiffon, and georgette Bela fashion is providing women clothing only.  Bela fashion is a combination of style and cost. Bela fashion is working with wholesalers around the world. Bela is working with  the largest online shop in BD. Bela fashion is available in Bangladesh via Ajkerdeal.


What does Bela fashion make?

Bela fashion is producing various kinds of women items of clothing. The main categories of Bela fashion are Party dress, Casual dress, Bollywood trend dress, Wedding dress, Winter collection, etc.   All these collections are available in Ajkerdeal., the largest online shop in Bangladesh is providing Bela party dress, Casual dress, Bollywood trend dress, Wedding dress, Winter collection online. The price of the Bela dress in Bangladesh is very reasonable. Ajkerdeal is the trusted source to buy Bela fashion wear online.


Why Bela fashion?

Bela fashion is the biggest store to manufacture famous Indian and Pakistani trendy dresses

Pakistani and Indian dress lovers can get original and pure Indian and Pakistani dresses from different designers. So those who are fond of Indian and Pakistani dresses can buy Bela fashion. Bela fashion is the perfect choice to buy online in Bangladesh. The price of Bela fashion products in Bd is quite affordable in, the largest selling online shop in Bangladesh.

Bela Party Dress:

Party dress is very essential to attent at a party. If the dress for a party doesn't match, it seems too awkward. For the modern generation, the party is compulsory. There may be different parties like parties or Achievements party or anniversary. Different parties require different types of dresses. Bela has a huge collection for party dress made by different designers. Bela party dresses are made in such a way that those dresses look so gorgeous and pretty to attend a party. Designers made those dresses for different parties. If you want to buy a party dress at a very lower rate than you have to visit Ajkerdeal., the largest online shop is a store to buy Bela party dresses online

Bela Casual Dress:

Bela is making lots of casual dresses for women. Those are so pretty and comfortable for every woman. Among Bela casual dress, Borka, 3 pieces, 2 pieces, kurtas are most famous.

These casual dresses are made of pure silk, cotton, and gorget. Bela casual dresses are available in Bangladesh. The price of Bela casual dress in Bangladesh is affordable for every class. Ajkerdeal is providing Bala casual dresses online all over the country. If you want to own a Bela casual dress then you have to go to the website and order your favorite Bela casual dress online., the largest online shop in Bangladesh.

Bela Bollywood Collection:

Bollywood is very famous in the Asian sub-continent. Everyone enjoys Bollywood. Everyone follows Bollywood. In every picture of Bollywood, designers design different styles of dresses for heroine. These dresses are so unique and desirable. Bela is working to reach these dresses to everyone. They took a step to make Bollywood trendy dresses for everyone.

So whenever a new dress has come to Bollywood, Bela makes it for the public as same as real piece. The price of these Bollywood collection dresses are also affordable. You can find Bollywood collection dresses from, the largest online shop in Bd is providing Bollywood casual dresses for women online all over the country. 

Bela Wedding dress:

Bela is also providing wedding dresses for women. A wedding is a very exciting event in our Asian sub-continent. Every girl has their dream about their wedding ceremony. A wedding dress is about a big deal at that ceremony. Everybody wants their wedding dress to be very special. Bela is designing wedding dresses by various designers. Those wedding dresses are so unique in design. Bela wedding dress is now available in, the largest online shop in Bd is selling Bela wedding dress online all over Bangladesh. Wedding sarees, Lehengas are the main target for the bride. If you want to buy a Wedding dress online in Bangladesh go to the website and order your favorite wedding dress online.

Bela winter collection:

Bela provides winter collection., the largest selling online shop in Bangladesh is a bigger store for Bela winter collection.

Bela Kids Item: 

Bela is also making kids items for all ages of kids. Bela kid's items are also available in Bangladesh. is a reliable source to buy kid's clothing online., the largest online shop in Bd is providing online kids collection by Bela at a very affordable price.


Ajkerdeal is providing all Bela clothing items all over Bangladesh at a very lower price and the quality of those products is premium. is the largest online shop in Bd.