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Buy Bagrry's Products at Best Price in Bangladesh


Breakfast is often called 'the most important meal of the day', the meal, as the name implies, breaks the time of overnight fasting. Breakfast foods are good sources of essential nutrients including vitamins such as calcium, iron and B, as well as protein and fibre.. Whole grains, unlike refined grains, maintain most of the structure of the grain, keeping the layers that hold the vitamins, minerals and fibre. Bagrrys India Limited (trading as Bagrry's) is dedicated to manufacturing the high-fiber breakfast cereals and health foods. The food-manufacturing company is a retailer around the globe.

A few words about Bagrry's

Shyam Bagri started the company in 1986 to expand the family flour milling business. After five years, by rolling out the wheat brand Wheatex in 1991, Bagri diversified from wholesale market to consumer retail. A year later, it launched Oatex, a packaged brand of oats. 

His newfound awareness inspired Bagri to begin marketing bran wheat as a health food in the early 1990s. Bagri started selling it in 500 gm packs under the brand name Wheatex after some in-house work on how to properly sift and toast the wheat bran.

Bagri felt comfortable enough in 1993 to start a second health commodity, oat bran-the bran extracted during the processing of oats. He went on to manufacture muesli-oats in 1995, mixed with dried fruits and nuts.

It was also in 1995 that the umbrella brand 'Bagrry's' appeared-to go with all the health food items sold by the company. Bagrry's has since added other items, but remained consistent in selling health foods on its own.

Products of Bagrry's

Bagrry's manufactures high quality products such as oats, wheat flour, bran and other cereals. Bagrry's already has 16 muesli varieties but plans to increase the number. This comes in five variations with its recent bran added cornflakes. The company also works on wheat-based cereals and whole-grain sooji products, which meet the demanding health requirements of Mr. Bagri.


This super healthy grain is the principal ingredient in several items from Bagrry’s. Oats, along with a number of other health benefits, are known to help minimize cholesterol, control weight and provide long lasting strength.


The traditional Swiss breakfast muesli is made with healthy ingredients such as British oats, whole wheat flakes, high fibre bran, Californian almonds, raisins, natural honey, freeze dried fruits, natural antioxidants to name a few. Bagrry's manufactures a wide range of muesli with many delicious flavours and to meet your functional needs from managing weight to staying fit.


Bagrry's first product Bran is the outer layer of the grain and is high in fibre and other nutrients. Bagrry's Oat Bran & Wheat Bran are extremely healthy ingredients to restore fiber to our diet and are often recommended by top nutritionists from India.

Quality of Bagrry's products

Bagri uses high-quality raw materials for muesli from the United States, importing raw oats from Northern England and Scotland, and almonds and natural antioxidants based on soya. The wheat bran, white oats, and oat bran are manufactured in Delhi, while the muesli and bran-added cornflakes are produced by another factory in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.

Health Benefits of Bagrry’s Products

Breakfast cereals have emerged as a common item for the day's first meal as they are easier to prepare and offer substantial benefits to health. All the products of Bagrry's are high in fibre and may help in your endeavor to stay fit. Wheat Bran, B Special Slim Muesli, Crunchy Muesli - No Added Sugar, Oat Bran, White Oats and the Oats for India range specifically help in managing weight.

Bagrry’s Oats are wholesome and nourishing. Naturally packed with a type of soluble fibre called beta glucan, they may help reduce cholesterol, manage weight and are also a good source of energy along with a host of other benefits.

Energy to keep you going

High in fibre

High in protein

Helps reduce cholesterol

Helps manage weight

Can help in reducing the risk of high blood pressure.

Both, Bagrry’s Wheat Bran and Oat Bran are very healthy additions to your diet regime and help in a variety of ways.

Wheat Bran is an excellent source of insoluble natural dietary fibre. It has the following key benefits:

Helps Manage Weight

Wheat bran is a good source of dietary fibre. Research shows that high intake of dietary fibre along with regular physical activity may help in weight management.

Digestive Health

Oats is a grain with a variety of health benefits. To get the recommended amount of 3g of soluble fibre from oats, which helps reduce your cholesterol, you need 70g of oats a day.

Bagrry’s Products in 

One the earliest online consumer shopping experience in Bangladesh has a number of  Bagrry’s products with very reasonable price. You will find here Bagrry’s Corn Flakes, White Oats, Steel Cut Oats and other popular products of Bagrry’s.


Fruits and vegetables are among the most important foods for supplying the vitamins, minerals and fibre our body needs for good health and normal immune function.  Dietary fibre is important in your daily diet as it can work like a broom to help cleanse your digestive system and helps it in function smoothly and Bagrry’s is truly obsessed with health. If you are looking for Bagrry’s  products in Bangladesh then browse and go for your convenient shopping.